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Mansfield Town F.C - A Womens Touch

Started on 24 June 2013 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 6 July 2013 by Ziechael
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Why Mansfield Town?

I love Mansfield, I've had a season ticket for 12 years and i can remember every game I've been to. There a club that will always be in my heart no matter what. I've decided to finally do a story on the club i support as I've not really had chance to do a proper story, only my Manchester City one and i got quite bored of it.

So what's been my highs of being a Mansfield fan in 12 years? I can go on and on but I'll give you a few of my best ones. I traveled to the new Wembley stadium last year to watch us in the FA Trophy final against Darlington which we lost but it was still a fantastic day out and i got to witness my team at Wembley. The next was traveling to Newcastle about 5 years ago in the FA Cup 3rd round when we was in League Two, Graham Souness was the manager of Newcastle then and it was 0-0 right until the 86th minute when Alan Shearer shattered all our dreams and equaled a record on his goals scored, I can't quite remember the record he equaled. This next one some of the players I've seen progress from Mansfield and now/was playing at a much higher level, even some in the Premier League, Alex-John Baptiste, Lee Williamson, Liam Lawrence, Bobby Hassell, Derek Asamoah, Stephen Dawson.

Now onto the lows.. And I'm only going to give you one but it's the worst. We had a chairman called Keith Haslam (his name will remain in my head until i die) He sold all the best players and pocketed all the money which totaled in around £1m and sunk us to the non-league and after hours and hours of protest by the fans he eventually gave the club up.

Mansfield fans protested and protested every game of the season with the hopes one day he'll leave the club including myself i honestly hope no club has to go through what we did again it's horrendous.

These signs was a symbol of Mansfield they was all around the ground, all around the town, the police even warned anyone else who was caught putting the signs up would be prosecuted, the whole of Mansfield hated the man they was on bus stops, sign posts, lamp posts, shops, everywhere.

This was probably the best day of my life if I'm honest it was around 2pm, 1 hour before the kick off and around 5,000 people marched all the way through Mansfield Town on the road which was obviously escorted by the police and the cars was stopped shouting so many chants about Haslam.

Some of the guys in the ground with the shirts saying Halsam out, it was interesting to see the away clubs also coming to the ground with the shirts saying Haslam out and i believe it was Wrexham.

This was the day it had gone too far and the day we got relegated to the non-league which was 5 years ago Keith Halsam finally got assaulted by the fans which i believe, made him realise it had gone to far and just months after that he finally sold the club on.

Great start JK! Will be following :P
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HamoudiLFC: Thank you mate!
Poor old Keith Halsam :p Great opening to the story will be following :)
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Paul Cox Contract Terminated

CHAIRMAN, John Radford today released a statement to the public via stating current managed Paul Cox as today been dismissed from his managerial role.

"Mansfield Town can officially confirm the departure of manager Paul Cox by mutual consent. Paul Cox has done everything we asked of him since he arrived last year but the board feel it's time for a change and we wish Paul Cox the best of luck in the coming future"

"I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all of my staff and players for their professionalism throughout my time at the club. Finally I would like to thank the fans for their support and to wish everyone connected with the club success in the future."

In a statement released today John Radford stated aren't taking any applications for the current managers job as they've already got someone in mind who will take over the club and will be announced within the next few days.

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Mansfield Appoint CEO Carolyn Radford As Manager

The football world and especially Mansfield Town fans are shocked that chairman John Radford as appointed his wife Carolyn Radford to succeed Paul Cox as the Mansfield manager. Carolyn Radford as no experience whats so ever but everyone knows she will have full backing over husband and chairman John Radford.

“I am delighted to accept this hugely exciting opportunity, the club has a clear vision for success both on and off the pitch and I am committed to making a significant contribution. Everyone will doubt me and i fully expect them to but I love this club, i was the CEO and i know the ins and out like the palm of my hand, my husband will help me along the way and i know i have the full backing from him"

The question is how do Mansfield fans feel about losing Paul Cox, an experienced manager in the lower leagues over a women who's never managed a football match in her life? Well we caught up with some of the fans. "I have no idea what's going on here one minute we have a great manager and now a women" "I'm absolutely fuming with the board in this appointment, John Raford is obviously thinking about the wrong kind of balls"

Carolyns first press conference will be held in a few days.

8===================D ~~~~~ (.)(.)

:P Sorry to leave a stain
Nice start mate.
wow, she looks weird. Good luck with this JK, your last story was great it's a shame you didn't stick with it.
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DeanByrne1995: No not poor old Keith Haslam, he's a dick.

lolbaconboy: Leave as many stains as you like ;)

wellsy1498: Thanks mate.

The Special one: She's awesome!
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Mansfield Manager Carolyn Radford Is A Retired Escort

Mansfields recently appointed female manager Carolyn Radford used to be an escort. Glamorous Carolyn Still, 29, enjoyed steamy dates with scores of male punters before landing the top job at Mansfield Town FC. Carolyn was on the books of two sexy agencies and was said to have “met men at different times of day and night”.

Carolyn, believed to be originally from Lancashire, is thought to have been first lured into escorting as a politics student almost ten years ago. She signed up with an agency called Lucy Brookes, posing for raunchy internet photos as “Luella”. The money she earned is believed to have gone to pay off debts and she later headed to London to work as an account manager for top fashion labels Bulgari and Gucci. Later she moved back to Leeds — where she had worked previously — and held a job with crisp makers Seabrook’s before returning to escorting in 2009.

Sources revealed she signed up with another agency, McKenzie’s, one of the biggest in Britain. This time she worked under the name “Brooke” and received rave reviews from punters who hired her for hours at a time. Last night the shocked manager did not deny our story when we put it to her. Instead she told The Sun: “I haven’t had a hunky-dory life at all. I don’t even know what to say. For me, it’s just very overwhelming.”

However a pal revealed she had been “very good” as an escort and that men had paid her huge tips. The pal added: “She used to meet men at different times of the day and night. It helped bring in a lot of extra money.” Carolyn is thought to have quit escorting last year.

Speaking last week about her new role, she said: “I intend to add vibrancy and fresh ideas to our approach off the field. I want to wake sleeping fans.” Apprentice star and West Ham vice-chairman Karren, now 42, was made Birmingham City’s managing director at 23 in 1993. She battled sexism from players and club officials to begin with. But eventually she won respect for her no-nonsense approach - with ex-Blues manager Barry Fry later describing her as “one hard b*****d”.

Speaking after landing the job, she said: “I don’t feel it’s appropriate at this stage to comment. “This has been a genuine appointment. I have worked hard to get where I am.” McKenzie’s agency hit the headlines in 2007 when Cristiano Ronaldo and current Man Utd star Anderson romped with FIVE girls from the firm, including Tyese Cunningham and Gemma Storey.
haha, great update JK. I wonder if she'll be good in the transfer business, she might be able to pull of some deals.
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Carolyn Radfords First Press Conference

Mansfield Towns new manager Caroyln Radford will be officially unveiled at her first press conference today. Please welcome Carolyn Radford...

J: Matt Wells, BBC Sport. Hello Carolyn, how does it feel to go from the CEO of the club to the manager, that's quite some leap considering you've never managed a squad before?

CR: I know it's a big leap but i basically ran the club when i was the CEO, i interacted with the players and i think I'm more than capable to do a good job here.

J: Benjamin Seddon, The Non-League Football Paper. How much was you're rate for being a escort? I'm quite interested.

CR: Was that really necessary? I'd like you to leave.

J: Alper Yanarate?, Skysports. Realistically what are you're ambitions for this season? and where in the league would you like to finish?

CR: Realistically I'm going to shuffle the squad around and bring in some new players and staff with the help of my husband John and i want to get promoted back to the league where we belong, whether it's automatic or in the play-offs.

J: Neal Hasan, NY Times: Take off your top.

CR: Get out.

J: Joshua Bean, What do you wish to achieve in 10 years at the club?

CR: Like John said when he first took ownership over the club i want us to be in the Championship in the next 5 year and 5 years from that we will be in the Champions League final.

"Take off your top." I am just brilliant :D
"How much was you're rate for being a escort?" just brilliant

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