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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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Highlights from first leg on Maksimir

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8 yearsEdited

Little Details before Rapid Wien

Kramarić: In Austria will be crazy, but i do not worry, we can win.

Austrian's are dangerous and we will have very hard work, but from when i was little i was learned to cope for win. Yes i hope i will be in first eleven, say's Kramarić and judging by Dinamo boss it's looking he will surely play.

Dinamo is only one match or goal for entering the Champions Cup and even Rapid Wien boss Kurz know that after 2:2 in first leg on Maksimir. On 'Modri' is big challenge and they will need to give all to get trough into most prestigious competition. Before today training in press journalist Boy Waterman and Andrej Kramarić are given their look on next match.

Boy Waterman: I am very happy with Diazepam even tho we had problems at start. I did not know how drug can lift manager or people to manager, manager to people how he know to say...

You cannot know when he is down, when up, but when we need to hit ground he is sometimes too much up.

How are you feeling to be first GK in HNL?

It was kind strange to me. This country is still having lacks of "niggas" how Diazepam says in joke. He even saying to all that he is nigga so i dont know, it does not concern me too much, Diazepam was keeping me relaxed and from which i seen this year and espeacialy on youtube last year versus Inter Zaprešić... man, he is real deal when we talk about people and players.


- It is sure that in Austria there will be full stadium and great ambient and yes i am concerned but i am with my players training day by day and i know we can get good result there.

About them, what seems to you as most threat?

- I do not know, and if i know, i must not talk about it.


I do not fuck around with stuffs. Boyd is the one, thats all i can say. - Clearly sayed Dinamo boss and visible druged.

'Defence could be the key'

Austrian Rapid Wien Kurz sayed - Pamić could give us trouble.

- He is very good player, and we will need to stop him. I have seen him in action and on tapes and he have great future in football if he continue like that.

About Dionamo?

They play great as we. They like to be creative but i think we are stronger and we will go for score from start - sayed Kurz.

Diazepam - Our hopes are free kick's and corners if you ask me. We are taller and bigger compared to them, bigger head's, into nets -sayed Diazepam and addded - defense could make difference.

We caught Halilović little stressed asking how he feel when knowing that he will start with first eleven.

- We are not going with bus in Austria -


Halilović - Ask Boss, i have nothing to add.
my friend your fantastic work. great topic ...
2014-10-07 20:09#195811 jozitocarlos : my friend your fantastic work. great topic ...

Thnx mate.
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GNK Dinamo boss Diazepam'll again "under fire" after he probably reached the top of "insanity" Three days before the game put all the players in two truck cargo's truck. He was driving by himself and there was Boy Waterman on his right.

Diazepam'll already summoned to court after a huge mistake close to the hotel where the dwell Dinamo players will stay before match. A few meters near the hotel Diazepam carelessly crashed into a fence and then hit by a car ... not realizing that at that moment disengage trailer with players and also not seeing the car behind him who was driving by the woman Marian B. 38 years old woman who. She says she could not believe that the truck did not stop after he crashed into a metal fence.

- As if he was drunk - Marian B. 38 - and when I saw that people's coming out of cargos i thought that it was immigrants, until I realized that they were football players.

Fortunately Dinamo players run without injury, ambulance and police responded immediately and found themselves in the place of events while the Diazefam'll doubt that the second trailer was adapted for loading drugs. Dinamo's coach was caught close to the hotel a little further in a company that does business with carrots and tomatoes, and he and the self-employed reported on an investigation to determine what it is about stoping, going back etc...

Dinamo coach was immediately tested on different levels and they found a large amount of amphetamine high quality.

Dinamo's coach did not want to comment anything on the scene and is currently in police with Waterman who also did not want to comment anything about this case. Also, all other players are invited to witness what was happening inside the cabin which was incorporated lamp, ball and two speakers placed by unknown persons with which Diazepam ll paying players.

After all, what is the coach of Dinamo made ​​here seems no longer any turning back for him at the club but is still early for charging only for driving in a drugged state and carelessness on the road and delinquency. It is also not clear to anyone since Diazepam'll have a driver's categories related to the truck.

The investigation is ongoing and we expect soon the testimony of all who were in this incredible circus apparently was planed by Dinamo coach.
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Before sleep Dinamo players sayed what they know and what has happening and after that picked by Zoran Mamić to restaurant's and Hotel.

Diazepam, Ademi and Boy Waterman has been taken to police station so that they can take details and set charge. Its still unknown will Diazepam ll will need to take charge in Austria or handled by Croatian authoroty's (my english] ... damn . . .

After midnight Ademi and Waterman went to hotel to join team clearly stressed about what happened while Dinamo boss for how much we know is still in police station.

Also to police has come and Zdravko Mamić and he too did not went out yet.

We catch Ademi and asked him what has happened.

- Well, our boss was very nerveous after last match, we are even not sure did he sleep ... he was in constant touch with almost every player and from my view i think that he really wanted to show us how to win but on totaly wrong way... He wanned us to see life of truck man and also saying that his friend will make windows so that we can see job which is very hard. On the end we did not have windows, only little holes so we were unable to see anything. Only thing which we had was balls inside cargo and music plus talk from Diazepam ll. - sayed Ademi and added - many players did not react too good on that and i think this is first time Diazepam ll make biggest mistake in his career.

- Do you see him as staying manager in Dinamo? - I think that this went too far so i do not belive but he was never attacked us... He was good with all of us and many players respect him so its very hard to accept that he will leave club even tho many players and me are still in shock.

- Do you think there was something about drug work there?

- No. I mean, Diazepam ll in most cases know what he is doing so going like this and do some job with drug, i think no.

- Why Waterman has been given place near Diazepam in truck?

- Because Diazepam hate racism totaly and he wants to be more friendly with Waterman. He is good, first black goal keeper in Croatia and since situation on balkan is how it is we all watch on Waterman, he is last who saving net if something go wrong and in this match that could be a proven point.

- Did you feel better after you all went out of truck?

- sure! - added Ademi, we were alive and happy but some are in shock tho but we are harmonized and i think it will be all ok, but i would be more happy if Diazepam did not do what he did and i must add that he wanted to pull out best of us in wrong manner but you know... he really wants to repeat last season and i think he was and is in very nerveous state.

- You almost all die... - No, we cannot look it like that, he was driving slow and from Waterman i heard that Diazepam was drive very safe but he did not cover that one mistake and it could take life or lifes and in that point he wanned to show us how lucky we are to be football players and also how only one mistake could end our Championship Cup Qualify and for that we must be very concetrated in all, defens, middle, and attack... plus they have advantage and we must score so of course... this will be very hard game and in that i can see Diazepam ll "mistake and nerves".

Thank you.

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Austria Trend Hotel Park Royal Palace Vienna


Dinamo Players settle in Park Royal Palace.

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Dinamo players on training next day, Boy Waterman also was on pitch and did not want to comment Diazepam ll story with truck while Dinamo Boss still not came to hotel and did not been seen going out of police station.

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Diazepam ll - I am not his level but i cannot be good with guy who was pretending that he almost get hearth attack after incident with Mamić, also i think he will need luck.

Dinamo youngsters on great run after dissapointing last season. Can they be stop

Another great game by Dinamo youngsters. We were expected to ask Dinamo Boss about great run because he was talking about under 18 and few times went out with unhappy results and after much talking about changing coach or coaches he taken way talk with Zdravko Mamić to build better facilities for youngster and it should be over for few months that give's even more interesting question about what went wrong last season if right now they cannot be stop...



...Probably first team players who will come out from Rapid...

teams comparison and other

Stadium with 17.500 seats hours before match... we still did not found Dinamo Boss but Zoran Mamić says that he and Nenad Krošnjar went to see Dinamo Boss who, how they sayed is not anymore at police station but in Hospital.

Zoran Mamić

Nenad Krošnjar

Many media tryed to get after that to Diazepam ll in Wien Hospital but no one did not see him and by one of our journalist says that he checked was he hospitalized and nurse sayed that he is not on hospital computer list.

Day after - he sayed - Day after i went again to check and there was police standing close to reception nurse, when i asked question to other nurse she sayed that she cannot know that?! While i was say can she check computer trying to tell her that she is lie, police man told me to stand back.

Day before match

Highlights from first leg

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8 yearsEdited

Diazepamll's avatar Group Diazepamll
8 yearsEdited

Few hours till today match Rapid fans are on street starting to get ready for secoind leg. Journalist have reported that they seen Diazepamll coming into Office even tho he missed morning training. We try to get to him but we were unable because of police who was with his feet. We try to get information inside police but did not made to get any information about Dinamo Boss charge and next process.


Before Match Dinamo BBB has without no specific reason did start fight against Rapid fans damaging cars, street and other. Police was not ready for Zagreb huligan's so they did not react too fast. All was monitored by ordinary peoples and even Dinamo players. The fans were also chanting against Dinamo board room still unhappy with result in Zagreb, Maksimir, where Dinamo get a lead 2:0 in first 10 minutes but after than Wien R. has comeback with 2:2 and now wait match with "big" advantage. Dinamo knows that they must score but with all what has happened before match its question can pšlayers think on game.

They probably forget about Kapfenberg

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Diazepamll's avatar Group Diazepamll
8 yearsEdited

Peoples started to coming on a stadium.

And from here we can see Dinamo Boss, we did not get to him since so much happening from coming to Austria.

Any way here we can see also Halilovic coming out on right while looks Kramari? will take left flank.

On Rapid not too much change from Maksimir but Hoffman will surely miss Kurz.

Lets check what we have from information.

And almost all ready... There will be minute of silence for Kobasica the dog.



Players still did not went out on pitch... stay tuned on ...

?op almost scored

And Penalty, did not see exactly what happened but look Ivo Pinto made tackle on let us see ... hm ... Diazepam is saying something to referre.

And Schaub scores from spot 1:0 (3:2)


Not a minute and Dinamo is back on track by hearth of defense so called Boštjan Cesar!!! Dinamo Boss sited down after going goal down but right now saying players to push much us they can.

Can Dinamo score in next 12+ minutes?

Rapid Wien - Dinamo 1:1 (3:3)

And thats it all over here. Rapid Wien going into to Championship Cup and Dinamo home, surely not in truck.

Statistics tomorrow, i am sad.

Sportklub Rapid Wien 1-1 GNK Dinamo (Champions Cup Champions Playoff

SK Rapid Wien's draw with Dinamo on a fine summer's evening at Gerhard-Hanappi-Stadion saw a number of players continue their ever-present runs for Die Grünen this season.

Schaub had no trouble in scoring from the spot when Ivo Pinto conceded a penalty. Experienced centre-back Bostjan Cesar equalised for GNK Dinamo after 78 minutes with a deftly executed finish.

SK Rapid Wien win the tie on away goals.

Player of the Match: Bostjan Cesar (Dinamo)
Attendance: 17,500

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