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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

New job
Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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Attacking midfielder Forward
more info:
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RIP Josip Kuže. Forever in our hearths!

Mr. Diazepam's at Maksimir after a bad results in France SC Bastia


After a long time, Sir. Diazepam Maminjo has been back from France to Croatia after he get offer from from Mr. Zdravko Mamic, chairman GNK Dinamo offered him a one-year contract with salary of 5,500£ p/m. The reason for job was departure of coach Kronuslava Jurčić. Reason Jurcicevog departure is yet unknown.
Upon instant arrival Sir. Diazepam Mmaminjo immediately turned to his job, talked with a player with very clear expectations of Mr. Zdravko Mamić. Expectations are like the last seven years is too lift the trophy in the league and win Croatia Cup. Also requests are controlled attacking game and investing and selling young players. There are also expectations of the team to get at least in the the Champions League qualifiers.

Sir Diazepam Maminjo, after a long wait he came to do the job at GNK Dinamo but with a visible nervous that despite the demands of trying to hide his usual calm style.
Before departure of Krunoslava Jurćić the club players reinforcements arrived, separated 24 year-old attacker Halil Soudan born in Algerie (Portugal), career began 7 years ago in ASO Chief after that season 11-12 was sold Vit. Guimaraesza for £700k. In last season he achieve four goals in 16 appearances in Guimaraes.

From Portugal came also and Ivo Pinto 22 year old defensive full back. Time unquestionable most of his career spent in the Portuguese club and was four years on loan Gil Vicente, Vit. Setubala, Sp. Covilha and Leiria where the end was free back in FCP and for the price of £875k purchased GNK Dinamo Chairman Zdravko Mamić.
It is also third in line received the Portuguese 22 year wingback Ruben Lima, free transferred before one year loan at Hajduk, injury will keep him away from the start of the season in Dinamo.

There is also a loan to Dinamo from Leverkusen, 23 year Chilean Junior Fernandes, his form grows from season to season and its on loan to get first team expirience. 2011/2012 he came from Uviversidad de Chile where he scored an impressive 8 goals in 17 appearances for De Chile. Leverkusen bought it in 2013 for £4.1M and is currently borrowed GNK Dinamo until the end of the season and likely he will be the first in line to stronger matches.

Also not to be left out Bakary Sale, 22 annual central defensive players who came from CFR Cluj for amount of £177k.

Important role in The Blues ranks should be Josip Simunic 34 year defensive experience defensive player with 95 appearances for the national team and certainly heart of Dinamo defense. In the middle should highlighted great 25 year technician from the Brazilian, Sammir, and there will be sure in rotation already a Croatian football star, 16 annual Alen Halilovic which people are already calling the future Messi.

With Soudani, the attack would probably complete a great 23 year atacking winger Jakub Sylvestre from Slovakia and 22 year ("tovarcina") Duje Cop. Key middle would probably manage 21 year Zvonko Pamic who after moving trough lot of clubs in Croatia and Germany came to the Blues from Leverkusen for only £200k pounds and will probably be one of most important link for Dinamo team.
Ademi, Jerko Leko and Luiz Ibanez will certainly compete for the first team but it is still to be seen.

On the goal should be Pablo Migliore by Matija Diazepam try to stop him to go back to Argentina for personal reasons, Diazepam knows his quality and is sure that he will do everything to let him stay. Quality option on goal and little time is danger of course.

It should be mentioned that Lee Adyy upon arrival of Diazepam at Dinamo went out off club. The reasons for this are still not completely known but around the club could be heard that in the first training Diazepam and Lee didnt find a common language.
Sir. Diazepam Maminjo first spoke to colleagues, and decided to check for some players to get, defense due to lack of players during the season where they will be needed for a lot of rotation representatives and qualifying for Europe. Also priority of look for young talents is always priority of Diazepam so he immediately decided to purchase three scouts - Marcos Augusto Farias, Miltos Karatzas, Karl Allgowera, mostly to scout Argentina and neighboring countries for young talents.

After getting acquainted with Sir Diazepam, team manager still didnt came out to the press conference and after little weird situation in squad there will sure be some questions. After arival players have the next day went in hard training with Diazepam there, two games to start league and two games with rival Hajduk that awaits them in the Super Cup and the league in such a reversal that Sir Diazepam is under pressure and knowing him, he would try all calm down.

Before the arrival of Sir Diazepam, Jurčić Dinamo led made good results in Maksimir welcomed the Pumas de la UNAM and sent them home with four on goal. Three days later, they hosted Zenit and played a very good game ending 2-2. After leaving of Jurčić, The Blues and Diazepam are already on trip to take preperation match vs NK Medimurje, who where delegated in second division in season 2009/2010. Last season they ended 13 with 28 played games they won 5, 7 draw and 17 lost with -29 goal diference. Three days after that, Maminjo and squad are going to Koprivnica for last preperation match before new season.



Eternal derby



Hilal Soudani

Junior Fernandes

Arijan Ademi

Alen Halilovic (already future star in Croatia)

Nice copying and pasting :P Good luck with the story!
thnx Arvind :)
Croatia (and former Yugoslavia for that matter) was interesting until the late 80s. The trick was that it was illegal to leave the country to play a sport professionally until the age of 27, which is why there was some sustained success in Europe (Dinamo's UEFA Cup win in the 60s and the runner up. FK Crvena Zvezda's Champions League win). So, the key players which Dinamo, Hajduk, Partizan, Zvezda, and Sarajevo normally sell... well... they didn't.

This produced one of the most competitive leagues in Europe, perhaps of all time. In 40 years, there were 7 different champions... It also produced so many rivalries in the top flight alone that it was absurd. Hajduk alone had 4 major rivalries... not to mention Dinamo and whatnot.

Now, in real life, Dinamo are essentially buying the title (no offense intended) but with it comes a big stagnation in Zagreb. The last title that Dinamo celebrated was won in front of an empty home stadium, and, in FM, Maksimir averages a little over 2 000 fans for a 35 000 capacity stadium. This is, if anything... optimistic. So, while Dinamo wins every title in the book (except the cup... they can't seem to fix win that), Hajduk has a much larger support, attracting 20 000 people for even the smallest of opposition. This is Dinamo's largest problem. Because, while it may be easy to win the title, the average attendance will take YEARS to fix

Thought I'd provide a bit more background. Best of luck
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Thought I'd provide a bit more background. Best of luck

You did, thnx tbednis. But you are my eternal rival and there is nothing i can do but to comment so... this was realistic "tovar's" :) manager looks on Dinamo. But, do not belive him in all in my story :). Dinamo is going to Champion cup and you know it, your club do not have money even for grass! Thnx for reply mate and good luck with your club.
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thnx Justice for coding fix.

First Press Conference from Diazepamn ll.

How you feel like a new manager of you'r favorite club?

I must admit that i am nervous a little, i was managing Blackpoll, SC. Bastia etc... so after that coming to my favorite club where there is quality more than in any other club in Croatia maybe i am overacting for be so nervous, any way history showed that you can have great squad but not fulfill their expectation so i will not be calm on pitch against any team in HNL 1, HNL 2,3 and in Europe.

Do you belive that you can get in Championship Cup with Dinamo?

Well, i think it depends, it will sure not be easy but i think we get to Euro Competition we just need to belive. About ULC, well i think we will need luck and be prepared.

You are lacking of defenders and many experts waits names you will bought. Do you have any in mind now?

No, i just came in club and will surely check all option to find best who suits the club.

There are rumors that you want D. Antolić back in club is that true?

Yes, i was talking with all board, i want him back in Dinamo.

Will you look for new goal keeper after Miguero left?

Yes, but i want to see what Krešić can do, also we have young talented Zelenika and i think he will be on goal for year, two... who knows..

You are playing super cup against eternal derby after Shirak, do you think you will take it?

Sure, we will do everything to take it, we are playing at home and i think there would be no problems if player's will be concetrated.

Peoples saying you do not like "Tovars" and that you hate them more than anything on the world?

Well its not that i hate them more on world but in whole universem, yes.

What do you think about Tudor?

I think that he is number 2 tovar on my list after Igor Štimac. Wish him all luck but he will not get single point for me, on Puljud or Maksimir.

You are favorit 4312 formationlate, will you use it in Dinamo?

Yes, but not in all game of course, if you have only one tactic with twitch it does not work every time depending just on shouting to attack, defend, hold, also with more formation its harder for next team to know your plans.

This season Rijeka, Lokomotiva and some other clubs have your players on loan becase of too many players in squad, what do you say on that, will it be harder season then ever?

Well i think that it could be, yes, but not for my team because i know players on loan and that gives me advantage. Also yes, we have many players and we will sell it few if we get a good offer.

Are you sure of taking title and Croatian Cup?

Well it's my job and thats why i am here, also board expecting that from me so yes i will do whatever i can to take all i can in Croatian competitions.

Are you satisfied with transfer budget?

Yes, it's great and its above all other's club so its like a bonus because we have many talented players and i will not need too much because i do not want to remove staffs and players which are now in Dinamo.

You and Zdravko Mamić?

From him you can learn more that from any journalist, he is a great man possible to motivate players by himself, so whatever people think they probably never was in football and will not understeand Dinamo transfers and other. This is team for future, maybe not one, two... but for few years, you can expect Dinamo on top in Europa. Thank you.

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Nice start here mate :)
thnx P-Kiddy
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Dinamo get Shirak in Champions Cup Second Qualifying Phase


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After win in Čakovec vs Madjimurje we stayed a little there just visiting castle . After that we were back to Maksimir to prepare for fixtures and for me to take first press conference. In Cakovec i seen that fixtures are not very kind to us because there will be for sure many rotation plus we working hard on tactics and other. Because lacking of defence we are lookin way for manage that problem but are other problems because there is not only lack of defensive problem we will need many rotations vecause of fixture.

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