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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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  • U19 HAJDUK vs U19 DINAMO



Frank de Boer after Zdmek sacked


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...Napoli / Juventus remix and other and other's...

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  1. MATCH


whomp em mate
2015-04-28 08:44#212138 walkinshaw : whomp em mate

Thnx mate, we will do our best.
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  • TODAY / TOMOROW = when i wake up... on Maksimir

- If you have a ticket, broadcast from twitch around midnight here -

The sale of tickets for Dynamo

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On this day 104 years ago founded GNK Dinamo

It will be a club of all stock symbol for locals and some are so named - Civic. With such a guiding principle, exactly 104 years, April 26, 1911, established the first Croatian citizen sports club on whose foundations formed Dinamo.

Three times in its history Dinamo knocked Hungarian MTK, but I was just a people of Zagreb today Druk Administration - MTK. In March 1911, in Zagreb launched on the idea of founding the football club with a strong Hungarian prefix, names Grab Magyar friction club, abbreviated Grab MTK. There was a fierce reaction of citizens and athletes of Zagreb, who, with the then strong HAŠK and Concordia, felt the need to set up another football club, which would also represent all the social estates. HAŠK was leaning on the academic community, Concordia has represented high school youth ... So, on the wings of defiance and resistance objects "mađaronizaciji" and the idea of establishment of the Zagreb MTK, April 26, 1911 established the Civic. The premiere was a public meeting in Zagreb athletes held April 9 in New pivana in Draškovićeva street and there it was concluded that it has to start with the preparations for the establishment of a new club.

But three days later convened the Constituent Assembly foretold the Hungarian club, whose Management Board should form a state railway employees. The idea was to skip and HAŠK and Concordia and thus become the first club of the city. The paradox is that the project is meant to Grab MTK is a member of the Hungarian Football Federation. But the whole this action, due to the great resistance of Zagreb athletes, however, failed. The second public meeting on the topic of preparing for the establishment of the Civic was held April 13 in the restoration Matkovic in Frankopanska 8, in the area of today's theater Gavella. Sam is a constitutional meeting of the club, therefore, held April 26 in Budjejovačkoj restoration of the building of the First Croatian Savings Bank, on the corner of Bogovićeva Street and Flower Square.

One hundred years later Dinamo on a regular election is the annual Assembly and officially became - GNK Dinamo. Name Civic as it formally became part of the club's identity which is so symbolic and leaned against the tradition of the popular pre-war club in Zagreb.

Accord signed five titles of the Yugoslav League and one in the NDH. Dinamo on it leaned Four Cup and the league Yugoslavia, where the fifth, the court recognized the 1979, still leads in the football archives. The HRT is a 16-time champion, and this season has the opportunity to round up a series of 10 titles. Maksimirski club today is among the few in Europe which is a string of a series of eight consecutive participation in groups of European competition. The series is still ongoing, and we hope that in this segment pushed to the "tens". In the former Yugoslavia blue are seven times won the Cup, and 12 times lifted the trophy and the UEFA Champions League with five won the Super Cup.

In history, of course, especially towering Cup Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, the competition from which sprang the UEFA Cup, today's Europe League. Blue won the trophy in 1967, and four years ago has given way to the finals. Citizens, in turn, can boast victories against Liverpool came from 5-1 or 1-0 against Barcelona away

In the Civil trophies we have counted those in irregular-fought contests, such as, for example, titles and the Croatian Slavonia, Cup and Championship of the Zagreb Football sub-federations which later served as a qualifying round to join the national ranking events. Blue, for example, in 1940 won the championship Croatian-Slovenian league whose teams temporarily left the Yugoslav championship. The following season, by agreement with the Alliance, however, and played 10 rounds of the Yugoslav league where he also was a Civil champion.


Diazepam ll - "Revenge! Thats only i can say"

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  • Dinamo Diazepam ll before Napoli clash on Maksimir.

Diazepam ll, one more history for club, how you feel?

Well to be honest i am nerveous.

You feel your team is underdog?

Of course they are but i still cannot forget that 9 matches where they didnt have a single win, nothing was working there.

So, what do you think about de Boer?

Well i think he is good manager just like he was like a player.

Do you think it can be advantage he came now into club?

Nah. i was on almost every match after we had break and was already comment Zdemek who managed to put Napoli in situation where they are in league. Nothing seems to work at that time... than they lost against Sampdoria after he was sacked, when d Boer come all come to cotrol but they are team, players and their fans leave for that club and i didnt notice no back down after Zdenek was sacked. So after that i was thinking we can break them, yes. That was not true, he will give them big boost and you can bet in that.

What was on last press when you criticise strikers?

Well they didnt react good obvious but i think its nothing they cannot manage...

Many managers says that was backward toward the game, what do you say?

I think they should look their teams.

Yea, but still..

Yea but still i do not want about it.

So to be clear, you feel there is no way you went with good result on Maksimir?

No i didnt say that, i know that they have more quality so i can say we will not rush from start just because of that. Every player and whole team will need to collaborate to get something from that match because there is no single invidual player in Napoli on who i can say "he is weakes link" or "he is biggest threat".

So will you put all behind ball?

I will not talk about it. We have a plan and even our formations looks 4411 we will run out with tweak.

So after you criticise attackers, can you tell us who will be forward?

I will not say that but i can say he will be behind ball.

Someone was saying that you will need wonder to get in Napoli and wait penalties.

.. no, no, i just sayed that we were training penalties..

There were rumors that Maradonna will come to match. Is that true?

I do not want talk about it because few of my friends will come to match. But your question is fcked one, right? You think i am stupid right?

No, no.. it was just question.

Well keep it for yourself.

You sayed that you would be much more happier that first match was on San Paolo.

Yea i did. I mean, when we came there i can promise you.. we will be in hell.

About tranfsfers...

Yea well we get few players in the team but i would say to some morons who are write, Santos and Godoy are great deal and you will see that.

How are your love habbits?

They are still my love.. do we need to talk about it now?

There again looks problems after Prenga and Bequiraj injury.

Yep, it reminds of when i came to club after Mamič gives me a chance.

How are you with him?

Well i consider him bigger than Croatia and us i sayed, he is man who can do almost anything not only on Dinamo and for me i think he made Croatia with Dinamo. Not peoples from politics but just him. Number one chairman if you ask me so we talk sometimes and if i need help i can ask him for advice like all boardroom.

Ivica Olič?

Its great he come to us, we were all suprised and we are happy he came here to end his career.

You had problems to set Jos Simunić in Dinamo like coach how much we heard..

Bullshit. All i can say. Joe is Joe.

The stadium last news says only 28000 peoples. What do you say on that?

All i sayed from when i am here.

People do not like football any more and had no money. How much board room working on putting price down people do not coming. Mamić tryed all.. didnt work.

So, hope you will manage your nerves on match. Good luck.

Thank you.

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West BBB is coming back!


Maradona noticed in stands ... Godfather also...




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