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attn. of forum admin

Started on 14 December 2008 by wanderley.lxmbrg
Latest Reply on 16 December 2008 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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yesterday I wrote a post for my problem about running of scout 2009. but today I noticed that someone deleted the post..

who and why? why nobody returned me any information...

is this place/forum wrong?
is the post unnecessary?
is the post bull shit?
what ?
No idea man but if you post the problem again ill try my best to help you now
Probably there are threads about the same or similar problem somewhere around here, admins are doing a really hard job, forum has many new members and if all of them are constantly making new threads the forum will become too overcrowded (it's all ready a bit overcrowded)....

So my advice, use the search button to find something about your problem,if there are not, try posting in some thread that has similar topic with your question...

Plus there are loads of topics about FMScout 2009, so search a little...
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i'm guessing your problem was about geniescout2009 in which case the answer is you have to pay
...or maybe red just got drunk and entered a deleteing frenzy.he is capable of these things:|
sun_becali : ...or maybe red just got drunk and entered a deleteing frenzy.he is capable of these things:|
I'm sure thats it:con
Deleted's avatar Deleted
thanks all,

My problem is about error masages. I can't run the program because getting anerror message (something like bound error) while loading process and so I can't open the game file because getting another error message (memory address error). I have all net Frame versions including 3.51 too. also FM RTE works well.

I can't find any topic about this, so I wrote a new topic.

Any advice?
ehm, your having problems with what now?

if you cant your game then you have to check on your memory, maybe add some "RAM". or you have a bit too many programs installed while starting FM.

You might have badly installed graphics? if not you might just need to go to preferences and "untick" the "skin cache" box.

If nothing of that works re-installing FM will work for sure.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Hi Red,

My problem is not about running FM2009, it is about FM Scout 2009. I wrote this in my deleted topic !!

FM 2009 runs good. Also my HW configuration is quite OK for this programs (2 GB system mem, 2 ghz Core2Duo processor, Intel GMA X3100 video with 384 Mb mem). there is no mem resident programs except antiviruses. Skin cache (could not be related with scout 2009) already unchecked..I also tried to run scout 2009 standalone regarding if there is unsufficient memory, but still got error messages..
omg i already told you that GENIE SCOUT DOES NOT WORK FOR ANYONE!

it full of problems etc
It works for me, and I haven't done anything, besides extracting it, but it's rubbish, really is, last one was better...Well, anyhow, I don't use it almost at all, I just want to brag that I can use it while loads of you guys can't!!! :p:p:p

haha, and Red, one guy posted a new FM Scout problem thread....DELETE IT!!! haha....:):)
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thanks _dusan_ :)


if the users of this forum are writing/talking about the missings or bugs of scout 2009 (like nobody can see the "sale value" and some user are giving an answer which is "some money should be paid to genie"), that means many users can run and try to use program. Otherwise nobody can write about the problems. is that OK ?

I know that my english is not perfect. But I can read and I can understand and I can interprete what I read. But unfortunately you did not understand what i've mentioned before about my problem and deleted my post :(

anyway, forget this post and thanks to can delete this one also.
well im sorry if i didnt understand, but ur problem from the start was about genie scout. and there have been 100's of replys about genie scout and there is a thread about it already.

its nothing i got against you or any users. but i get frustrated when people start making a lot of threads for nothing. Im just trying to keep the forums as clean as possible.
come on guys.take it easy.

red i know it is hard to take care of this forum.

wanderley.lxmbrg you should not get angry,the thing is you already have topic for must understand that many people starts threads about the same thing many times,and we then have a real mess,and red army must delete those threads.
now ,the thing is,he could send you the link of thread where you can post your problem,rather than just delete your thread,but that would be just his good will.

dont argue about these stupid things.

btw, Red how many moderators is on this forum ??????????????????
if there are several moderators,it will be good to split the work, for example:

Utilities & Tools,General Forum - Moderator 1
FM09 Online/Steam,Graphics & Interface - Moderator 2
Players & Staff,Tactics & Training - Moderator 3
and every moderator take care of his part.
I can delete posts yea, but I keep on having the feeling I will get shouted at if I do. Althopugh yes That is a good idea like.

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