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A Bolt From The Blue

Football has never been faster!
Started on 10 July 2013 by Ziechael
Latest Reply on 16 August 2013 by Nathaniel
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Another excerpt from Usain's autobiography

This was going to be one the hardest meetings of my life, and I've met Mario Balotelli!

It was the end of the first week and I had some serious changes to make in the setup of the staff at Montego Bay United. I had reviewed their performance reports for the past season and there was some problems that would need addressing immediately if this team was to become the dominant force in Jamaica.

The staff filed into the board room with mixed feelings evident on their faces, some seemed worried and some seemed pleased to see me, one of the advantages of fame I suppose.

After the usual meet and greet, general chit-chat and other such pleasantries it was time to get down to business. I outlined the agenda and couldn't sugar-coat the fact that there was to be a 'who stays and who goes' element to this meeting. That soon put worried looks on all of the faces assembled… apart from my sister Sherine, who, acting as my PA knew that mom would be furious if she was one of the lay-offs.

I outlined the plan for the coming season, league hopes, cup hopes etc etc but couldn't delay the inevitable any longer.

"Gentlemen, I have been reviewing the resources available to the club and there are several areas where we are sadly lacking, not least of which, financially."

Now they started to look really worried…

"It is my aim to set this club on a path which will ensure it's future financially but to do that first there has to be some cut backs."

I then started the process of laying certain people off, a moment I had been dreading since I had called the meeting. First to feel the cut was Arturo Yee-Sing, our Head (and only) Physiotherapist. While a competent and fully qualified physio he wasn't managing to get our players back on their feet in a time scale I would expect. Having been involved in the sports world for most of my life I knew there were better options currently available for us.

Next was Christopher Anderson, our Head (and only) Scout. He had made too many bad calls on players in the past couple of seasons and simply didn't fit with the future vision I had for the club… not that I put it like that to him of course.

Finally Praveen Kennedy, our Head of Youth Development. While good enough at his job there simply wasn't room in the budget for a HYD and the Under-21's Manager we already had in place. Sadly, for Praveen, Hugh Soloman was more essential in the short term as he knew the youngsters inside and out and would be able to develop them himself just as well as Praveen could have.

I ensured that the people suddenly finding themselves out of a job were aware of the support the club would continue to offer as part of the redundancy package, as well as suggesting a few other clubs on the island I had contacted who were looking for people in these areas, I allowed them to head off to clear desks and inform their families.

That particular phase of the meeting over I wanted to move on to more positive things. I reassured the rest of the staff that their jobs were safe and outlined the extra-duties I was assigning them. Next up was to outline the new staff structure.

We would soon be joined by a new Physiotherapist, Rogerio Grajales, a man I had worked with when training in Jamaica in the past.

The scouting team was to be increased to it's limits, a new Chief Scout Marcus Valentine whose excellent grasp of tactical analysis would be pivotal to our match preparation. Under him would be Delane Shalhoub and Kirsh Lucas, both excellent at identifying current and future stars as well as having a great rapport with the youngsters coming through the various systems.

Last but not least we were finally going to have a specialist first team coach at the club, Jared Borgetti. His all-round abilities would hopefully compensate for the lack of help he would have… now all that was left to do was find a goal keeping coach, the only two on the island already had lucrative contracts with our rivals, typical!

Great couple of updates really liking the story :)

Transfer Window Opens

With the transfer window finally opening up clubs all over the world are looking at the weak points in their teams to see who could plug the gaps. Often considered the most exciting part of the season, the summer transfer window can be just as decisive as the final matches of the league.

Surely there can be nothing more satisfying to a club than seizing a rival club's target, especially if that player goes on to play a pivotal role in the up coming season.

Only time tells who will win in this battle of the cheque books!

Mario Samuels - Released on a Free
Iton Scott - Released on a Free
Omar Christie - Released on a Free
Neil Lynch - Released on a Free
Tristan Bernard - Released on a Free
Nicolie Barrett - Released on a Free
Omar Reid - Released on a Free
Lesley St. Fleur - Released on a Free
Wilfred Smith - Released on a Free
Curtis Palmer - Boy's Town - £500
Rohan Bernard - Waterhouse - £0
Cordell Simpson - Cavalier - Season long Loan, £500 at end
Winston Wilkinson - Wadadah - £500
Graeme Green - Highgate United (JAM) - Season long Loan
Shoulda bought Lionel Messi. Some unknown kid who could be pretty good.
2013-07-13 09:53#119710 Kane : Shoulda bought Lionel Messi. Some unknown kid who could be pretty good.
I looked into him... but he simply wasn't good enough for the league of extraordinary losers i'm putting togther ;)
2013-07-13 10:56#119711 ziechael :
2013-07-13 09:53#119710 Kane : Shoulda bought Lionel Messi. Some unknown kid who could be pretty good.
I looked into him... but he simply wasn't good enough for the league of extraordinary losers i'm putting togther ;)

Ah, extraordinary losers? Torres is worth a shot then :P
2013-07-13 10:02#119715 Kane : Ah, extraordinary losers? Torres is worth a shot then :P
Strangely enough i agreed a deal for him but the board vetoed it as they didn't think he was good enough for us!

Pre-Season Results

The season kicked off with a series of friendly matches, firstly against the reserve team to allow Usain to evaluate the team effectively. It was a close match with the only goal coming in the final minute of time added on. This suggests either a really well rounded squad strength… or a generally poor squad.

The rest of the matches showed real promise despite being against lower league opposition. Three wins and a draw suggests that the tactics being trialled showed real promise for the coming season.

But would tougher opposition be as easy to overcome?

Pre-Season Star
Fabian McCarthy

Not only scored a couple but performed like a trooper in the defence as well. Often in dangerous positions he would still get back to scupper the opposition.

Some nice signings and an interesting start to this story. I will be following.
Really nice start, some of these Jamaican club names are so random :P
Thanks for the comments guys, due to extremely important family business this story is on hold for a short while... it certainly isn't over before its truly begun though i promise.
For anyone interested, this story will be back but probably not until the League of Champions has finished in the next week or so :)
That's great Zeich! I really like your stories!

With the season about to start and the budget all but gone the final squad has been announced to the media:

Key Players

Captain - Keneil Moodie

Vice Captain - Orlando McBayne

Duwayne Kerr


Wilson Lopez

DeShaun Woolery

Troy Smith
Soo glad this story is back, really like it. Seems like you've got some decent players that can hopefully perform in the league for you! :D

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