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Jevnaker: From nothing to glory

Started on 19 July 2013 by Henna96
Latest Reply on 10 September 2013 by Stocke
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2014 Pre-Season

The new season is up and rolling and we are now ready to fight for the title!

Pre-Season matches

Viking 2 - 3 Boca Juniors
Viking 3 - 0 Hinna
Nest-Sotra 1 - 1 Viking
Viking 5 - 1 Bjerkreim
Viking 1 - 1 Vålerenga
Viking 3 - 2 Ålgård
Randaberg 1 - 2 Viking
Mandalskameratene 1 - 2 Viking
Skeid 0 - 2 Viking


Transfers Out:

Patrik Ingelsten (ST), free transfer
King Gyan (CM), free transfer
Johan Lædre Bjørdal (CB), to Vicenza on a free transfer

Transfers in:

Thomas Grøgaard (LB), from Odd for a deal worth £130,000
Diangi Matsuiwa (ST), from Telstar on loan
Ivan Klasnic (ST), free transfer
Fausto Rossi (AML), from Juventus on a free transfer. Joins the club 1st July 2014

André Danielsen's move to Hércules fell through and has later signed a new contract with Viking.

Season expectations

The board's expectations are:

- Fight for the title
- Reach the cup final
- Play attacking football

Fixtures in March

Viking - Molde
Haugesund - Viking
Viking - Brann
Lillestrøm - Viking

Match of the month:

The new season starts off with a bang almost right away when last years winners Brann visits Stavanger to meet Viking for an early derby. Viking had an unimpressive end to the season and the trophy slipped out of their hands. Can Henrik Steinnes's men get their revenge this year, or will it once again be Rune Skarsfjord and Brann who will lift the trophy once again?
Hope those transfers work out for you, so you'll be able to win the title this year.
2013-08-04 03:25#125156 yuttra52 : Hope those transfers work out for you, so you'll be able to win the title this year.

Thanks mate!

March update

The new season has officially kicked off! We have played four matches with various results, and a new signing joined us on deadline day.

Match reports

Viking starts off the season with a win

Viking 2 - 0 Molde
Berisha (57' 76')

Viking kicked off their new season against Molde in Stavanger, and it was the home team that dominated this game. Viking came to a lot of chances in the first half, but did not manage to score. In the second half, Viking kept on looking for a goal and in the 57th minute, Veton Berisha scored his and Viking's first goal of the season. Twenty minutes later, Berisha scored his second goal of the match.

Henrik Steinnes, manager of Viking, met the press for a post-match press conference. "I'm glad that we started with a victory. Molde is a very strong side and beating them is a huge confidence boost for the next matches." "What are your thoughts on Veton Berisha's performance today?" "He was outstanding today. He truly deserved his MotM award something the two goals proved."

Other results from the first round:
Stabæk 0 - 0 Brann
Odd 0 - 0 Sogndal
Rosenborg 3 - 2 Sandnes Ulf
Sandefjord 0 - 1 Haugesund
Start 2 - 0 Strømsgodset
Tromsø 0 - 3 Lillestrøm
Vålerenga 0 - 1 Hønefoss

Two in a row for Viking

Haugesund 1 - 2 Viking
Khalili (20')
Thioune (72')
Berisha (81')

The Battle of Rogaland took place in the second round of the league when Viking travelled north to Haugesund. Jostein Grindhaug's men won the last time the two teams met, and Viking's season went downhill from the defeat.

It did not look like things were going to change when Aram Khalili put Haugesund 1-0 up 20 minutes into the game which was also the score at half time. Henrik Steinnes must have said something quite inspirational during the break, because it was a totally different Viking team playing in the second half. They pushed on for an equaliser, and the hard work payed off. Makhtar Thioune scored after 72 minutes to make it 1-1. And good became even better when Veton Berisha scored his third goal in two games and secured Viking back-to-back victories in the league.

Viking manager Henrik Steinnes was happy with how they turned the match around in the second half. "It is never easy to play against Haugesund away, but the way we won the game today really made me proud of the team."

Other results from the second round:
Brann 2 - 1 Sandefjord
Hønefoss 0 - 0 Stabæk
Sandnes Ulf 2 - 4 Start
Sogndal 2 - 3 Tromsø
Strømsgodset 1 - 1 Odd
Molde 0 - 0 Rosenborg
Lillestrøm 2 - 2 Vålerenga

Brann too strong for Viking in a slow match

Viking 0 - 1 Brann
Stokkelien (19')

Already in the third league round we got to see the first Best in West derby. Viking had won their first two matches of the season and was looking for their third against arch rivals, and last years winners, Brann.

The game itself was quite boring and the only thing worth writing home about was Mads Stokkelien's magnificent finish in the 19th minute. He recieved the ball right outside the egde of the box and smashed it into the top corner.

Viking manager Henrik Steinnes was disappointed after the match. "It was a poor display really. Niether sides wanted to play football today, and the match was decided by a lucky strike. Very disappointing."

Other results from the third round:
Tromsø 2 - 4 Strømsgodset
Odd 2 - 1 Sandnes Ulf
Sandefjord 0 - 0 Hønefoss
Stabæk 3 - 0 Lillestrøm
Start 3 - 1 Rosenborg
Vålerenga 4 - 0 Sogndal
Haugesund 3 - 2 Molde

Viking not able to beat 10-men Lillestrøm

Viking 0 - 0 Lillestrøm

After the defeat to Brann, Viking were hoping to strike back with a victory against Lillestrøm. The game started slowly with few chances for both teams, but Viking's hopes grew when Lillestrøm striker Fredrik Gulbrandsen made a terrible tackle and was sent off the pitch. Viking played just over a half against ten men, but could not convert their chances into goal.

Viking manager left the stadium without seeing the press stating that there was nothing to talk about.

Other results from the fourth round:
Odd 0 - 1 Start
Haugesund 0 - 0 Hønefoss
Stabæk 1 - 3 Strømsgodset
Tromsø 1 - 2 Rosenborg
Vålerenga 2 - 1 Sandnes Ulf
Brann 2 - 0 Molde
Sandefjord 3 - 1 Sogndal

League table

Transfer news

Viking confirms Kind Bendiksen deal

Viking has confirmed on their official website that they have signed the 24-year old midfielder Thomas Kind Bendiksen from Tromsø in a deal worth £130,000. Kind Bendiksen was signed on deadline day and was reportedly in contract talks with many clubs. Viking manager Henrik Steinnes is looking forward to see his new signing in action. "He truly is a great footballer, and I have high expectations for him. He will be a very important player in the squad."

Fixtures in April

Hønefoss - Viking
Sogndal - Viking
Viking - Strømsgodset
Sandnes Ulf - Viking

Match of the month:

Viking will only have to travel 10 miles when they meet rivals Sandnes Ulf. Sandnes Ulf shocked everyone last season by finishing 4th in the league, while Viking finished just above them on goal difference.
Lykke til i år. Gøy å lese en norsk historie :)
2013-08-04 20:53#125327 Racsiofy : Lykke til i år. Gøy å lese en norsk historie :)

Takk! :)
Henna96's avatar Group Henna96
10 yearsEdited

April update

One word: Terrible.

Match reports

Hønefoss shocks everyone by thrashing Viking

Hønefoss 3 - 0 Viking
Onstad (13')
Fuhre (63')
Di Vita Jensen (68')

If you before the season said that Hønefoss will thrash Viking, you would probably get laughed out. However, this was just what happened when the two teams met at AKA Arena. Kristian Onstad scored the opening goal in the 13th minute to make it 1-0 at half time. The second half consisted of Viking pushing for an equaliser, and a Hønefoss team that was super effective. In the 63rd minute, Lars Fuhre doubled the score with a magnificent strike. Bad went to worse for Henrik Steinnes's men five minutes later when Kenneth Di Vita Jensen scored Hønefoss's third for the evening.

Henrik Steinnes was furious when our reporter spoke with him. "Piss poor perfomance tonight. We should beat teams like Hønefoss any day, but we didn't manage it this time. It really pisses me off."

Other results from the fifth round:
Brann 0 - 1 Haugesund
Lillestrøm 3 - 2 Sandefjord
Molde 0 - 3 Start
Sandnes Ulf 0 - 0 Tromsø
Sogndal 1 - 1 Stabæk
Strømsgodset 0 - 2 Vålerenga
Rosenborg 3 - 0 Odd

Another loss for Viking

Sogndal 2 - 1Viking
Santos (4')
Solberg (42')
Thioune (64')

Viking was hoping for a win after the embarrassing loss last round, but once again they disappointed. Sogndal and Ricardo Santos went 1-0 up just 4 minutes into the game. Stian Solberg doubled the score for Sogndal a few minutes before half time. Viking and Makhtar Thioune managed to pull one back, but could not prevent a second defeat in two games.

Viking manager had to face questions about his future in the club. "Of course it is natural to ask if I'll be leaving the club with these poor results. The results the club is not living up to the expectations of the club. Hopefully the board will be patient and let me continue."

Other results from the sixth round:
Sandnes Ulf 0 - 1 Stabæk
Hønefoss 1 - 1 Brann
Lillestrøm 0 - 1 Haugesund
Molde 0 - 0 Odd
Strømsgodset 1 - 1 Sandefjord
Rosenborg 1 - 1 Vålerenga
Start 4 - 0 Tromsø

Five games without a win for Viking

Viking 2 - 2 Strømsgodset
Gundersen (27' 40')
Berisha (41')
Thioune (79')

Viking's bad form continues as their streak without a win has reached five games, but managed to get a point from todays match. Strømsgodset's Mads Gundersen put them 1-0 up in the 27th minute. The same man scored Godset's second for the evening in the 40th minute. Veton Berisha have Viking hope for a point by pulling one back just a minute later to make it 2-1 at half time. In the 79th minute, Makhtar Thioune scored Viking's equaliser and the last goal of the match to share the points.

Viking's manager said he definetly saw some positives from todays match. "We managed to come back from being two goals behind. It's not a lot of teams that manage to do so. Thioune's form is good at the moment and scores important goals for us. Hopefully we can get a win soon."

Other results from the seventh round:
Stabæk 1 - 5 Rosenborg
Haugesund 1 - 0 Sogndal
Hønefoss 2 - 1 Molde
Sandefjord 1 - 0 Sandnes Ulf
Tromsø 0 - 2 Odd
Vålerenga 2 - 0 Start
Brann 2 - 2 Lillestrøm

Important win for Viking

Sandnes Ulf 0 - 1 Viking
Thioune (53')

Last season Sandnes Ulf and Viking were two of the teams that fought for the title. This season Sandnes Ulf are struggling in the relegation zone and Viking are currently a mid-table team out of form. The match was charachterized by the weak form the two teams have. Nothing particularly exciting happened until the 53rd minute, when Makhtar Thioune scored the only goal of the game.

"It was an important win for us. We needed it after going five games without a win. It is hopefully a confidence boost for the team." Viking manager Henrik Steinnes said after the game. Steinnes is according to Sky Sports sources not safe in his manager role at Viking stadion, and the board is considering to fire him.

Other results from the eighth round:
Sogndal 1 - 2 Brann
Lillestrøm 6 - 2 Hønefoss
Odd 0 - 1 Vålerenga
Rosenborg 1 - 1 Sandefjord
Start 4 - 1 Stabæk
Strømsgodset 4 - 0 Haugesund
Molde 2 - 1 Tromsø

League table

We are not in form and underachieving. Hopefully we can turn things around very soon

Fixtures in May


Start - Viking
Viking - Rosenborg
Viking - Odd
Viking - Vålerenga

Norwegian Cup

Høland - Viking, 1st Round
2nd Round
3rd Round

Match of the month:

Can Viking beat the current league leader Start when they meet for one of the classic derbys in Norwegian football? Viking has underachieved this season and manager Henrik Steinnes is under hard pressure. Start has surprised many this season and is currently in 1st place, but will not accept a defeat to rivals Viking.

May, June and July

Well, May was a good month. June and July was disappointing....

Match results



Start 1 - 2 Viking

Viking 1 - 2 Rosenborg

Viking 2 - 0 Odd

Norwegian Cup

Høland 1 - 4 Viking (1st Round)

Moss 0 - 2 Viking (2nd Round)

Viking AET 3 - 2 Sandnes Ulf (3rd Round)


Tromsø 4 - 3 Viking


Norwegian Cup

Viking 1 - 2 Alta (4th Round)


Stabæk 2 - 0 Viking

There are more matches in July. However:

Viking manager Henrik Steinnes sacked

Viking have confirmed the sacking of manager Henrik Steinnes. The club performing below their season expectations was the main reason for the exit chairman Thomas Langnes said in a club statement. "The results that Steinnes has delivered are not our standards at all. The expectations set before the season are miles away from what the club has achieved so far this season. We wish Steinnes good luck in the future." Henrik Steinnes was, not surprisingly, shocked by the decision to sack him. "I have spent only a year and a half in the club. I thought the board were patient as this was a long-term project of mine. I am very disappointed, but will hopefully not be without a job for too long."

Now what?

As I have been sacked, there are now two options I want your opinion to decide:

A. Find a new club on the current save and continue this story
B. End this story and start a new one

Please give your "vote" so I can get a quick answer. Thanks.

Steinnes appointed as new Jevnaker manager

Former Viking manager Henrik Steinnes has accepted a job offer from Second Division side Jevnaker. This is Steinnes's first job since being fired from Viking. It looks like he is aiming lower this time and maybe trying to build a team from scratch. He joins Jevnaker as they are preparing for the 2015 season. The boards expectations are reported to be fighting for survival in the Division.

Pre-season & Transfers

The pre-season is done and my new club Jevnaker is ready for the new season!

Pre-season matches

Jevnaker 1 - 0 Nybergsund
Kolbotn 0 - 3 Jevnaker
Jevnaker 1 - 0 Strømmen
Jevnaker 4 - 1 Drammen
Jevnaker 2 - 2 Skeid
Jevnaker 2 - 1 Ullern
Jevnaker 0 - 1 Skedsmo
Vollen 0 - 2 Jevnaker


There were made a lot of signings as the squad only consisted of thirteen players when I took over. No one has left the club. Here are the signings, all on free transfers:

Øystein Lundblad Næsheim (25, AMC)
Preben Mankowitz (24, CM)
Joakim Bjørnerud (21, RM)
Kristian Thune (22, CB)
Diego Barria (22, ST)
Rune Hammer (42 (no, I am not joking), CB)
Håkon Olsen (23, LB/LM/AML/CM)
Kristoffer Trandum Nordlie (20, LB/LM/AML)
Vegar Tangen (17, CB)
Lars Emil Stormo (24, GK)
Arnt Vika (18, CB)
Ole Casillas Henriksen Johansen (21, GK), what a name eh?

Fixtures in April

Skarbøvik - Jevnaker
Jevnaker - Moss
Sprint-Jeløy - Jevnaker

April update

It has been a while since I’ve updated my story, but here it is.

We have kicked off the season, but after a great opening game it went worse afterwards

Match reports

Flying start for Steinnes

Skarbøvik 0 - 4 Jevnaker
Barria (13', 42')
Lafton (58')
Vika (90')

The season opening fixture marked Henrik Steinnes's first official game in charge for Jevnaker, and what a start he got. Jevnaker went to half-time with a 2-0 lead after two goals by Diego Barria. In the second half, Lars Lafton and Arnt Vika scored one goal each to make it 4-0 at full time.

"It was more than I could have expected from the lads. They were outstanding today." Steinnes said in an interview after the match.

Jevnaker quickly down to earth

Jevnaker 0 - 3 Moss
Duus (45')
Aasmundsen (58')
Nikodemussen (90+1')

After a flying start, Jevnaker was quickly struck by reality when they went on to a defeat against Moss. It looked like to be goalless at half time, but just before the whistle went, Aksel Duus sent the away team 1-0 up. Stian Aasmundsen made things worse for Henrik Steinnes's men when he sent Moss 2-0 up. Stian Nikodemussen scored the third goal of the match in extra time to secure Moss a 3-0 win.

Two defeats in a row for Steinnes

Sprint-Jeløy 1 - 0 Jevnaker
Christiansen (27')

In a boring match it was the home side who got all the points after a Stig Christiansen goal in the 27th minute. This was Jevnaker's second defeat in a row. However, manager Henrik Steinnes is not worried. "It looks bad on paper, but there are still a lot of games left to turn things around."

League table

After a good first game, the two others ended up with two defeats. There are still a lot of games left of the season, so nothing is settled yet.

Fixtures in May

League matches:

Jevnaker - Frigg
Jevnaker - Elverum
Strindheim - Jevnaker
Jevnaker - Førde
Jevnaker - Vålerenga 2

Norwegian Cup:

Sola - Jevnaker
2nd Round
3rd Round

May update

Despite an unexpected cup exit, this month has been quite good.

Match reports

Early cup-exit for Steinnes's men

Norwegian Cup 1st round

Sola 2 - 1 Jevnaker
Lafton (27')
Odden (51')
Bruhaug (54')

Sola was supposed to be an easy match for Jevnaker, but it turned out to be a tough task. It looked good at half-time for Jevnaker going in with a 1-0 lead after a Lars Lafton goal. However, in the second half, Sola got an equaliser when Jevnaker's Andreas Odden got unlucky and scored an own goal. And just three minutes later the game was turned around when Hans Petter Bruhaug scored Sola's second goal and secured them a 2-1 victory.

Goalfest end in a draw

Jevnaker 4 - 4 Frigg
Bergundhaugen (7')
Lafton (9')
Vika (26' 78')
Trandum Nordlie (28')
Andresen (58')
Naved (82')
Bakkehaug (86')

It was truly a game to remember at Jevnaker stadion this afternoon, giving us a total of eight goals split evenly between the two teams. It was Frigg and Jo Eivind Bergundhaugen who opened the show after seven minutes. Jevnaker responded quickly with an equaliser just two minutes later. Arnt Vika gave Jevnaker the lead after 26 minutes, and just two minutes later, Kristoffer Trandum Nordlie scored another goal to make it 3-1 at half-time. Erling Andersen pulled one back for Frigg in the 58th minute, but Arnt Vika made it 4-2 with his second goal in the match in the 78th minute. It looked like Jevnaker would go away with all the points, but two late Frigg goals made the final score 4-4 and the teams got one point each.

Smashing victory for Jevnaker

Jevnaker 6 - 0 Elverum
Lafton (2')
Barria (22')
Thune (36' 54')
Avdimetaj (39')
Tandberg (41')

Jevnaker delievered an outstanding performance this afternoon, scoring a total of six (!) goals. It kicked off with a bang when Lars Lafton smashed a 30 yard free kick in the back of the net after just two minutes. Diego Barria doubled the score in the 22nd minute. Kristian Thune scored Jevnaker's third from a corner. Three minutes later, Reis Avdimetaj scored an own goal. Just before half-time Niclas Tandberg scored to make it amazing 5-0 at the break. The second half was affected by the big lead from first half, but Kristian Thune scored his second, and Jevnaker's sixth, goal to finish it all of at 6-0.

Goalless draw at Strindheim stadion

Strindheim 0 - 0 Jevnaker

Lafton hero in extra time

Jevnaker 2 - 1 Førde
Holmen Johansen (74')
Andersen (86')
Lafton (90+2')

It was a thriller ending to a boring match when Jevnaker and Førde met. The first goal came after 74 minutes when Kim Olsen Holmen Johansen sent Jevnaker 1-0 up, but Førde got their equaliser in the 86th minute with a Henning Andersen goal. It looked like the match would end in a draw, but in extra time, Lars Lafton found the back of the net to secure Jevnaker three points.

Solid victory for Jevnaker

Jevnaker 2 - 0 Vålerenga 2
Barria (8' 52')

Henrik Steinnes's men pulled together a solid performance this afternoon against Vålerenga 2. It stated out well for Jevnaker with a Diego Barria goal after just 8 minutes. Barria scored his second goal in the 52nd minute to make it 2-0. A joy killer was that right back Andreas Odden had to leave the field with a broken leg, and is reportedly ruled out for 6 months.

League table

We are currently seated in first place, but with only a one-point gap and with a lot of matches left.

Fixtures in June

Rosenborg 2 - Jevnaker
KFUM Oslo - Jevnaker
Jevnaker - Levanger
Sad that this has ended :(

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