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Poacher or otherwise?

What role do your recommend for my striker?
Started on 24 July 2013 by Reecy101
Latest Reply on 31 July 2013 by Ziechael
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Hi, I'm currently using 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1) with an attacking mentality and a fluid philosophy, my current setting are:

GK - Defend
LB/RB - Full Back - Support
CD - Central Defender - Defend
DM - Defensive Midfielder - Defend
CM - Box to Box Midfielder - Support
CM - Advanced Playmaker - Attack
LW/RW - Winger - Attack
ST - Poacher - Attack

I feel that my ST isn't playing the right role for this formation and philosophy. What do you guys recommend I use to get the most out of him.
Depends on the striker really, he might be the perfect poacher but like you say he might not be getting the best out of the wingers etc...

Sadly changing him to a target man might make him better but the player might be the worst target man stats wise.

Are your wingers coming in field or pushing down the line?

Down the line means you need a target man really, coming in field means a poacher should be a good call.

It really does depend on a lot of factors but looking at your formation and role assignment I would have expected poacher or target man upfront, if poacher doesn't seem to be working try target man... just make sure the man you put there is right for the job!

Good luck
Thanks for the info Ziechael. My wingers mostly go down the flank, sometimes they cut it but not that much. I'm currently using Chelsea FC, just my 1st season in game really but I have Fernando Torres, Daniel Sturridge and I just bought Radamel Falcao and I'm set to sign Fernando Llorente on free transfer once the season ends. Sturridge and Falcao have Poacher as their best role while I think Torres has Complete Forward. Llorente on the other hand is a Target Man.

I think I'm gonna try Target Man for a while and see if I get a bit more goals out of my striker. I'm mostly winning matches by 1 - 0, some 2 - 0 but the goals mainly comes from my CD's scoring headers, shots from LW/RW every now and then and shot's from my CM's. While I'm still winning and I managed to maintain an unbeaten run for quite a while. I would like a bit more goals though.

Or maybe I should leave him as a Poacher but switch to Inside Forwards for my wingers, especially since Eden Hazard is better at IF than W.
Yeah sounds like a plan, Torres should work well as a target man as well thanks to his arial abilities.

I do agree as well that if you are planning on playing Sturridge or Falcao it would be wise to set your wingers to a more creatively central role to try and feed them along the ground instead of crossing balls in... although Falcao should be reasonable in the air.. meh!

Keep us informed :)

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