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Gary Neville: A Young Manager's Journey

Started on 26 July 2013 by sTedDarzZ
Latest Reply on 7 August 2013 by sTedDarzZ
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Tough group there, but you should at least be able to make 3rd place spot.
hopefully yeah
ok here's the deal, my fm crashed and my last previous save was before the draw, i know this may sound like an excuse to get an easier group but im being honest. Anyone that has been on chat a little earlier can vouch for that. i tried several times to get the same draw again, so i wouldnt have to do this, but after what seemed like forever trying it became apparent that it wasnt going to happen. I will edit my story accordingly.

Cheers and apologies :)

Another pre-match trial, Gary surveyed the blank faces staring back at him, he knew that few of them had understood a word he had said, and those that did weren't listening. He saw Callum McManaman looking back at him, they had developed quite a close relationship, as the only 2 fluent English speakers in the group, they shared the same struggles. Gary had never thought that he would view a player, someone so young, as his best friend, his only friend in truth. Callum had never thought he’d see his boss as his closest mate, but that’s how it had turned out.

Gary decided that something had to change, he needed a mouthpiece in the group, the rest of the squad wouldn't listen to Callum, it needed to be someone higher up than them. One night, driving through a Turkish summer storm, the likes of which he had never seen before, it dawned him.

“I need a new assistant!”

He muttered under his breath to himself. Gary had not brought his own staff in, for one because they all lived in England, none spoke Turkish and he had wanted to keep things as familiar as possible for the players, he knew they still held their old boss in high esteem.

His current assistant Ismail was a broad man, a father to anyone that would let him be, kind and generous. Gary had gathered. However their conversations were limited and had been few and far between as a result of the language barrier. They had no real relationship to speak of; Gary felt nothing when he told him of his decision.


Mr Fidan of Antalyaspor has switched allegiances and will now work for Fenerbahçe, having expressed his delight at the prospect of working under new manager: Gary Neville.

“I’m delighted to be hired, to work for a top team like Fenerbahçe is a dream for anyone in football and I have been impressed by the ambition Gary Neville has shown.”

Closer to Gary’s age and with a decent grasp on the English language Şinol Fidan seems the perfect fit, what’s more he’s a natural motivator, Gary is hopeful that he can cure the team talk troubles. Mr Neville may even learn a thing or two.
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Fenerbahçe S.K’s good form under new boss Gary Neville continues through September, now they must replicate that in Europe to be in with a chance of securing a place in the knockout stages…

Gary’s boys smash 5 past Bursaspor, in a thrilling match, from Fenerbahçe’s perspective.

A solid away win against one of Sarı Kanaryalar’s main rivals in the league.

A humbling defeat at the hands of Feyenoord, but there is still plenty of time to make an assault on the top of Group E.

”It’s always disappointing to lose, I hate it…but if that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t be in this business. The lads gave it their all, it’s always hard to come away from home in Europe, unfamiliar surroundings with a hostile crowd like tonight’s, so I’m not to disheartened by the result here.”

A disappointing result at home, against a team that Fenerbahçe really should have killed off, having been 2-0 ahead.

Neville got the boys straight back on the wagon with a comfortable away win at Orduspor.


Fenerbahçe claim top spot in the Turkish premier Divison and the bookies favourite for the title look to be good value for their short odds.

A defeat to open their Group E account leaves Fenerbahçe at the foot of the table, with a lot of work to do to get back into contention.

Honorary Scouser and a serial opponent of Neville’s during his playing career, Dirk Kuyt tops the goal scoring table with 7 goals in 9 games.

Topping the assists sheet is fellow Englishman Callum Mcmanaman with 4 assists and with 5 goals to couple that he loks o be an inspired signing for the laughable fee of £2.5m.

So, with Turkey finally beginning to feel like home Mr Neville must try to continue the form his side have shown early in the league season, and find the missing piece of the puzzle in continental competition.
A good month well done! Feyenoord are a good side so losing to them isn't that bad! Keep it up
Cheers, yeah not too bad especially away :)
I protest your story. Fenerbahçe is team with hestory of bribeing and game fixing you doing a story like a team unbeliveable. And I am speaking as a Turkish citizen Fenerbahçe sucks !
there'll be no match fixing with Neville as boss dw :P
Im enjoying this a lot is this in classic or is it the skin?
it's the skin (FMC)


Gary felt a twinge of sad nostalgia as he watched the Manchester Utd. team coach arrive at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, a coach he had ridden in so many times in former years. He faked a smile as he saw the familiar faces dismount from the coach and smile back at him; Gary thought about what he’d left behind, a steady job at Sky, Friends and family all around, the English language! Gary began to walk cautiously towards the coach, unsure of how he would be treated; as an old friend, or a new enemy? Fergie looked at him, with eyes that spoke a thousand words, Gary had mimicked Fergie in all aspects of management and saw the old master as a father figure a teacher, he felt a bit like his apprentice.

”Stop flattering yourself.”

He spoke to himself, in his head, but in those fond wrinkled eyes, he knew that ‘Sir Al’ saw their relationship just the same. The apprentice extended a hand in greeting to the master.

“Since when did Gary Neville become polite?” Sir Alex joked.

”Since a handshake became the only way of communicating for him!” Gary was quick-tongued as ever and he wasn't exaggerating, he was really struggling with his new language, mostly he just pointed, nodded or shook his head, it was frustrating but he'd learnt enough to get by.

That evening Gary shared a glass with his old teammates, Scholesy and Giggs, and the gaffer Sir Alex. They discussed his new life, his new job, tomorrow’s match. He was pleased greatly and lightly amused to hear that the boys at United had all adopted Fenerbahçe as a 2nd team, and half of Manchester with them, Kathie from reception had even bought herself a pair of Fenerbahçe knickers! She always was a character, Neville remembered fondly. Gary was pleased to be remembered but the thought of old friends, Old Trafford and the Trafford Training Centre made him pine for home. Where was home? He thought, Istanbul? Or Manchester?

That night Gary went to sleep wishing he was somewhere else, England.

The match itself was tight, Gary was pleased, he had been worried the side would be well and truly turned over by his old club. In reality they were far from it and enjoyed great spells throughout the match. Gary had made sure thy all knew how important to him this game was. In the end United made the only breakthrough of the game following a weak clearance from Stoch which allowed Robin Van Persie to show his poachers instinct and finish coolly. So a memorable day for Gary finished in defeat, but not disgrace.


A month of ups and downs for the rookie manager; struggling to find his feet in a strange new country.

A first point in Group E for Fenerbahçe, a home match Neville might have expected to win, but a point is nothing to sniff at.

Another win under Neville’s belt, the form continues…

A wasted game that could have been won, a draw that could come back to haunt Fenerbahçe at the business end of the season.

”Sure, it was an emotional day for me, but I’m happy with life here in Turkey, I just want to succeed with Fenerbahçe. It was good to see old friends and I’m sure I’ll share a drink with Sir Alex later, but life goes on and I’m fully concentrated on life at Fenerbahçe.” A clearly emotional Neville, ever the professional on what was surely a tough day for him.

After a minor blip Neville’s lads got straight back to the form that had seen them rise to the top of the Turkish Premier Division.


Continuing in their inspired form early on in the season Fenerbahçe find themselves at the head of the Turkish Premier Division. Neville continues to reiterate that he is taking each day as it comes, but surely it can’t be long until he’s thinking about a title?

Fenerbahçe still lie at the bottom of Group E, progress has been made and progress is nothing to sniff at. Gary is now hoping that it won’t be long until draws turn into wins.


Good form accelerates into great form and European dreams begin to become a reality…

Another solid win under the belt for Fenerbahçe…

Another emotional day for Neville as he revisits his old mucking ground Old Trafford, the place he plied his trade as a rock solid Full back, the place he learnt everything he knows, home?

”I’d really like to thank everyone here at Manchester Utd. I never realised it before but since moving away to a foreign country and starting a new life I’ve found myself thinking more and more of Old Trafford as home, thanks to everyone for what was a the time of my life playing here and I’m sure we’ll see eachother again soon.”

A point against a very strong team, perhaps Gary’s main rivals for the title. A win at home would have been nice, perhaps expected, but a draw is good enough.

An important win against Eskişehirspor who had leap-frogged both Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray, following their draw, to claim 1st place. Fenerbahçe smashed 5 past them to re-claim top spot and show why it was theirs in the first place.

A maiden win for Mr Neville in Group E, a solid home performances puts any doubters of his calibre to bed, Fenerbahçe finally look like they deserve to be their.

Fenerbahçe continue their good form to ensure they remain top of the Turkish Premier Division.

A good win for the team, away from home, and a good performance to go with it.


Fenerbahçe remain in pole position in the Turkish Premier Division following a brief absence from top spot.

Their win against Feyenoord sees Neville’s boys rise from the foot of Group E and has given them a real chance of qualification.

Dirk Kuyt has held on to his position as top goalscore with Callum McManaman coming in at second place. McManaman’s form has slowed allowing Miroslav Stoch to claim his top spot in the assists tally with 6 to Callum’s 5.


Having been making a profit on a monthly basis and in a very secure financial position the Fenerbahçe board show faith in Mr Neville by providing him with and extra £2.5m to spend on the squad

“Callum is a quality player, he’s shown that but he’s not a goalscorer, he’s the provider in truth, he needs a partner. Dirk has scored the lion’s share of our goals this year but he’s ageing daily and in truth he’s a winger not a stiker. I’ll sign a striker with this money, one that can bag some goals.” Gary planned in his head on his drive home from the meeting; he’d discuss it with Şenol in the morning.


Courtet is the front runner to provide a partner for Callum McManaman, however amidst rumours that Fenerbahçe do not have the funding to match Stade de Reims evaluation of the player Bobadilla has advanced to offer a rival for the open post at Fenerbahçe.

Gary had been working night and day tirelessly for the past week, he was exhausted. Gary had realised that he would never be able to create a good enough package fto prise Cortet from Stade de Reims with the money he had available, plus Bobadilla provided a more athletic physical edge to his play, that would pair well with McManaman up front. Gary was pleased with his choice. Now he had to lock horns with Basel over their main front man, Bobadilla.


The striker has agreed a deal that will bring him to the Istanbul outfit for 4 years; it is thought he will be used as a partner for creative striker Callum McManaman. The deal struck between the 2 clubs comes to a fee of £3.5m, spread over several years.

Despite not being the most technically gifted of player Bobadilla has been capped for his country, Mexico. What he lacks in technique he makes up for in physicality and flair, in theory he is a perfect partner for Callum McManaman and his presence will ease the pressure on McManaman’s young shoulders. Bobadilla will join up with his new teammates when the transfer window opens in the New Year and has already expressed his eagerness to move clubs.
Some great updates here mate I am enjoying this a lot

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