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Started on 2 December 2007 by limited_edition
Latest Reply on 3 December 2007 by Bole_
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I am playing with nk Dinamo (croatia) and i got in my first season 15 mil€ transfer budget, i have spent only 3€ and in the start of mine second season i got a message that my new transfer budget is 80,000€ and my wage budget is increased for miserable 5000€. The club's balance is increased for only 2mil€. Where did 10 mil€ gone? I'm going crazy, is it a bug in the game or is just the club president a thief and a idiot?
I was planing to bring 3 new players that i really need but now I'm screwed. Its not fair because i have accomplished even more than they asked me in the beginning of my contract:@:@:@
Unfortunately, the transfer system and finances management are still problematic.
You might also notice that for a player you want to buy, the team who is accepting offers for him, will accept lower offers from other teams, but it will ask almost the double amount of money from you.
Hopefully SI will give it a better go in their next Patch :O_o
This reminds me, I should start a topic with known bugs, that are still in the game.
so there is nothing that i can do about it now?
limited_edition : so there is nothing that i can do about it now?
maybe you could try cheat your way there, by using one of the real-time editors available (FM Modifier or MCFM).

you could also, add new manager(s) and assign to team(s) with money, and take all the money from them by selling them not needed players in your team.
I know that's an old trick, but it always works. :yes
i know about it but i wont cheat, I really set my goal on making it honest:(
pomiri se sa tim.
svaki predsednik na balkanu je LOPOV.
vidis koliko je ustvari ova igrica realna :)
limited_edition : i know about it but i wont cheat, I really set my goal on making it honest:(
I totally understand, but unfortunately there's no honest way to get past the game bugs :no
jebiga, a dogurao sam do četvrtfinala kupa uefa
pa dobar si.
jbg zajebali su igricu,ima mnogo bagova.
meni doku*cili ovi domaci klubovi pa igram sa Barnetom(engleska 4.liga)
ali izgleda da se opet pojavio bag za moj mi se desilo na FM2005.istice mi ugovor i ja ono zatrazim produzenje a oni se ne javljaju uopste,i istekne mi ugovor.videcemo,mada tad na FM05 posle isteka nisam mogao nigde da se zaposlim.e sad ako je i sad tako ima da popizdim.
a da pocinjem iz pocetka,uh sa Zvezdom ili sa Napredkom, ili mozda sa Dinamom.To bi bilo dobro,posto nikad nisam uzimao hrvatski klub a uvek loadujem hrvatsku ligu.jbg

daj boze da nije bag :)

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