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FMSCS August: The New Odense

Started on 31 July 2013 by a_esbech
Latest Reply on 28 August 2013 by a_esbech
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FMSCS – The New Odense

Story: You will be taking over Odense Boldklub in Denmark. 18 months ago they sacked their manager and director of football. It was done in order to change the concept of the club from paying for older foreign players to bringing in young Danish talent. This meant that last season OB ended up in 10th place as the transition was taking effect.

Your Mission: Take Odense Boldklub back to the top of the Superliga using primarily Danish talent. You will start without any transfer money, but selling a few foreigners might give you the dough you need. You are allowed to adjust the sliders any way you want.

The Manager: You can add a manager with the nationality of your choice. Reputation should max. be Professional.

Time span: You will play only one season. You must save your game before the 1st of June when you upload the save file. Any days beyond this will result in a penalty.

Deadline: 27th of August

Save file: This save HAS to be used.

• Win the league: 100 points
• 2nd place in the league: 50 points
• 3rd place in the league: 25 points
• 4th in the league: 10 points
• 5th in the league: 5 points
• Win the domestic cup: 50 points
• Reach the semifinal in the domestic cup: 25 points
• Reach the quarter final in the domestic cup: 10 points
• For every point in the league: 1 point
• For each foreign player at the club: -5 points
• For each Danish National Team player: 10 points
• For each Danish U21 Team player: 5 points

NB! The points for the League and the Cup are not cumulative.

Required Screenshots (7 in total):
• Superliga standings when the season is over
• Your final cup match
• Your first, reserve and U18 teams – these should display the primary country of a player
• The Danish national and U21 teams
Remember to put the screens in spoilers.
As for saving, you are expected to have a monthly autosave, which in total should add up to 11 saves. Any number saves beyond a reasonable amount will be subject to point deduction at the teams discretion.
I will give it a shot maybe :P
Maybe!! Should be definitely.
Does it count if the foreign players are sent out on loan? I can't seem to cancel David Lofquist's loan to get him off the squad.
Is he on loan in or out of the club? If you can send me a screenshot i'll see what I can do for you.
2013-07-31 21:30#124373 ebEliminator : Does it count if the foreign players are sent out on loan? I can't seem to cancel David Lofquist's loan to get him off the squad.

Yes it counts. Wait till the 1st of July, then it is possible (It was for me)

Diarra and Anier seems to me to be the biggest challenge and might be the decider in this challenge.
Question, Do I have to sell all foreigners?
2013-08-19 12:31#129336 Nathaniel : Question, Do I have to sell all foreigners?

No you can keep as many as you like. Just note that it counts towards your score. A rule of thumb could be, if you believe that keeping a foreign player could mean you would get 5 more points in the league, then you're even in terms of points (but could get further in any competition).

Also if you're the only entry, you'll get 100 points, regardless of what your score is ;)
I'll be entering the September one, so there'll be 2 people contesting :P
Have you done this one though?
The Challenge has ended with no participants. Quite easy to count the scores now.

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