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Western-super-Mare's climb up

One BIG change!
Started on 6 August 2013 by boa3532
Latest Reply on 11 August 2013 by boa3532
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Craig Laird is OUT!

Famed International player Emily Disaster, whose playing brilliance was cut short by a career ending injury at age 22 is named the new Head Coach

When the president of Western-super-Mare was asked why he hired a young lady to lead his club, he responded that it was high time a change was made and felt Emily would be able to lead his club to fulfill his dream.
Nice start mate...Good luck for the season. I will be following!

Emily Disaster banged her head on her desk. She wished she had a chance to hit the gym and beat the tar out of a punching bag….

She had just met the current coaching staff and was appalled by the lack of professionalism in the club… How does a club allow an assistant coach as play for the club as a striker? Or employ a head scout that couldn’t even judge if a roach was worthy of the underside of a shoe.

She showed the entire staff the front door and began reaching out and offering staff positions… They were not great hires, but far better than what was currently mucking up the operations.

She attempted to hire a fitness coach, a second scout and a third coach for the training grounds, but was stonewalled by the powers that be. Surely one day she could persuade them to open the purse strings, but today was not the day to fight that battle.

Her new staff….

Roger Ashby -Assistant Coach, he’ll be replaced by the time the club makes promotion, no doubt about that.

Bob Boyd – Coach, not a glamor guy, but will get some training done

Kevin Donovan – Coach, decent on attacking skills and teaching those skills

Dave Pemberton – Head Physio, can’t ask for a better hire at this level.

Mal Liptrott – Head Scout. There were better guys, but they laughed when I offered them a contract.

Emily headed to the training ground and after watching the team work out and a scrimmage, she felt a little better, the team had a core of solid players, but there was a glaring need at Left Back, as in not one player is able to play the position. She should be able to find a player or two on loan.

She headed back into her office to figure her next move and get ready for her first friendly match against the Stoke reserves in 5 days time….

Current senior squad....

Friendly Match today! Western-super-Mare to face off with Stoke Reserves...

That own goal almost hurt... It was a simple pass from CB Laird to GK Irish, both INSIDE the six-yard box... Still not completely sure who was at fault for the own-goal. Officially, Laird has the own-goal, but the keeper just whiffed trying to clear it.

Til next time...

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