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Why are Bayern and Dortmund better than the rest?

Started on 11 August 2013 by Jozef
Latest Reply on 29 September 2015 by Roberto.Mancini
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I follow the Bundesliga every week and it is a fantastic league but not for the reason's you'd expect. In reality it's a crap league, however that fact makes it one of the best, if not the best. The standard is so poor that a team could face relegation or be challenging for Europe. No one can predict who will finish where. I can give two examples of this. Yesterday newly promoted side Hertha Berlin destroyed Eintracht Frankfurt 6-1. Last year Frankfurt just missed out on European football and they were a newly promoted side themselves that season. Now Berlin have made them look crap. This could mean the start of something wonderful for Hertha Berlin and it could be the start of something horrible for Frankfurt, or it could just mean nothing. Another example is Monchengladbach. 3 years ago they barely survived the drop. The season after they qualified for the Champions League, albeit they were beaten in the qualifying stages but still. Last year they slumped to a mid-table finish. They've been all over the place and this could happen to anyone, except two.

These two are the ones that led people to believe the Bundesliga was the greatest in terms of quality. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund dominated the league and the Champions league. So the question is, what makes these two better than everyone else? How have they gotten to this level, what method did they use to rise above the others?

Bayern managed to produce a fantastic array of home grown talents before the formation of the Bundesliga. They had dominated the early Bavarian league, however that was not a huge success. What gained them that early success in the Bundesliga was 3 players dragging the team along. They had a young German lad up front by the name of Gerd Muller, a defender called Franz Beckanbauer and goalkeeper Sepp Maier. All 3 had joined the Bayern youth system in the late 50's and this takes us even earlier back. The 3 all wanted to play football because of won thing. Germany's world cup success of 1954. They saw those players and then they knew what they wanted. Munich was lucky to have so many talents in their back garden. The trio led Bayern to success in the Bundesliga and European competiton. The success made all the young Germans want to play for Bayern Munich. They kept winning trophies without a real period of major falter and then when prizes for winning trophies got bigger, they gained more and more money which they used to sign even bigger players, so that they could win more trophies. That leads us to their brilliance today, not only that but the ability to attract people like Pep Guardiola.

Dortmund have gone about it a slightly different way. As most of you are aware, Dortmund have only become major success in the past 4 years. After their Champions league triumph in 1997, they received a lot of money. However they used this money quickly and badly. Spending £23 million on players like Amoroso. Their victories dried up and they lost money fast. This lead to being on the brink of bankruptcy. Dortmund's money was running out fast and they weren't getting the wins to generate more. Then an unlikely source came to their rescue. Who might that be? It was Bayern Munich. They lent Dortmund £3 million pounds just to get back on their feet a little.

Then came the three wise men: Carsten Cramer (Marketing director), Hans-Joachim Watzke (Chief executive) and Michael Zorc (Director of football). These 3 tuned Dortmund into a business, a brand name if you will. They revitalised the way Dortmund was run and helped make them popular. Then when they got some money they spent it wisely. They did not go and bring in loads of players from around the world, they did what would help maintain the image of Dortmund while also building for the future. Yes, they invested all of it in youth systems, Youth systems which made Mario Gotze, Marco Reus (although he went to Gladbach and then bought back) and more promising players. However this was still not enough and tis is where Klopp comes in. Klopp's know how in the transfer market is second to none and he rarely goes chasing big stars from all over. What he did was resurrect people career's and pick out unheard of youngsters, such as Marcel Schmelzer. The left back had spent 4 years at amateur side FC Magdeburg. Suddenly he was placed in the first team of a Bundesliga side. Another example would be Robert Lewandowski. He was not the only one to spot to the Pole, with Blackburn ready to strike a deal. In the end he preferred the option of Dortmund because of their image and newly found quality. He paid £$ million for someone who is now worth around £35 million. He saw he had talent, however Klopp was able to enhance that talent and turn him into someone who scores 4 goals against Real Madrid. Can you imagine where he would be if he had chosen to join Blackburn. There are other examples of this like Sven Bender, Mats Hummels, Roman Weidenfeller, Ilkay Gundogan and many more.

Klopp has recently slashed the cash. That's because he feels he has to in order to be successful on the European stage. Will Klopp be able to continue his transfer wonders alongside the big money signings.

So now I pose a question. Will Dortmund be able to continue their success on all fronts and how long will it be before Bayern Munich lose momentum?

In my opinion Bayern will continue to be dominant until they severely reduce the price of players in world football. Dortmund might meet their end a lot sooner because of all the attention they are getting from all over the world. Their image will be damaged and they may be forced to splash out on unproven players. However I cannot be certain, only the future will reveal.
Great read
Im a fan of bundesliga as well!

but i think the unpredictable stuff is a good thing. Bayern have the history as the more dominant force, and in most leagues that is and always will be the case that big teams keep on going.

Otherwise you have to also take into consideration that the playing style in germany contributes to the level of equality and in-equality. Cause of the direct football style you can see bad teams do well.

Yes in recent years we have seen dortmund and bayern take a leap forward, whilst we miss seeing the likes of bremen, HSV etc. but i think thats the beauty of the german league the changes teams going up and down.

I agree bayern havent had much of a "downer", but comparing to other leagues the competetiveness in "matches" is higher than any other league.

Even though we got 2 dominant teams now, compared to several years back where we had a few more fighting at top, it has become a bit like the other big leagues.

I must admit, i do miss the days where u had the big derbies like Bremen - HSV, my god those matches were crazy, we had wolfsburg who suddenly were doing great, stuttgart had their years as well etc. Now the same hype isnt there and that i agreee on!

Some have fallen like hertha, who would have thought things would change that much!
If I was say, manager or chairman of Mainz, I would try to follow the example of Borussia Dortmund as it clearly has worked and it takes the team to the top. And if they keep going like Dortmund have then they csn also massively improve the quality of the league and the national team. If the quality was high, and anyone could win it, then it would be without doubt the best league in the world.
The used to be so ...Wolfsburg is coming up like the 2nd power thanks to their VW administration .Hekking and Allofs are doing a great job.

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