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FOOTBALL ICON: Will you be the next star?

Started on 12 August 2013 by Seni
Latest Reply on 22 August 2013 by AlexTHFC
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How bad was my injury in the end? :(

Shock in the FOOTBALL ICON camp!

Absolutely shocking news has come out of the FOOTBALL ICON camp based at La Masia today! The following players have been kicked out of the competition due to them not only lying about their age but showing the competition officials fake passports:

Connor Wisely
Santiago Munez
Bruce Smith
Usain Bolt

Due to bone X-Rays by Barcelona's medical staff and alongside with the immigration bureau visiting La Masia to check all the player's papers, these playrs were caught red handed and have been exposed. Its shocking to see events like this involve such young footballers and in a prestigious competition like this.

The director of La Masia, Xavi Llorens, has spoken out about this incident, he said:

"Its a truly horrible thing, especially as some of these players have incredible potential and quite frankly could of won the competition, its a real shame and disgrace to not only their countries but to the sport we play called football".

Meanwhile, the other 25 players have been granted temporary Spanish citizenship as the new season draws ever so close. As long as they are in Spain and participating in this competition, they will be considered as Spanish citizens.

Hopefully, events like this will not repeat itself in this competition, or in this sport, or in any other sport, its a truly embarrassing and disgraceful thing. The four players were deported back to their respective countries this morning and have left La Masia.

The real reason

Basically we had too many players and to many non-Europeans to register for the season. Therefore I had to not register the members I consider to be fairly inactive.
I feel honoured to be considered an active non-European!
2013-08-12 21:47#127507 ziechael : How bad was my injury in the end? :(

Well, you're out for another two weeks
Not a bad start for Alou, but he's injured! Is it bad?
Their on to Usain Bolt! First lying about age, next PED's for the world records ;)
2013-08-12 21:53#127514 Seni : Well, you're out for another two weeks
2 weeks isn't the worst i suppose but not the greatest start for me lol
Toon: Its not bad , you'll be back very soon

Bourani: Haha :p

Ziechael: Yeah not so bad, could be even less!
TheStyleR's avatar Group TheStyleR
10 yearsEdited
Usain Bolt has never lied about his age, has never shown false documents. He will break his own record 9.58 to prove that Barcelona have missed their greatest talent!

Bolt. Usain Bolt.
2013-08-12 19:33#127551 TheStyleR : Usain Bolt has never lied about his age, has never shown false documents. He will break his own record 9.58 to prove that Barcelona have missed their greatest talent!

Bolt. Usain Bolt.

I'm pretty sure he lied about his age...
2013-08-12 21:53#127483 Seni :

International call ups

I'm proud to say that, 21 out of the 29 players in the Barcelona B squad have been called up to their respective national sides. Congratulations to all of them! For those who haven't been called up, they shouldn't be unhappy. They must keep their heads up and work hard continuously.

Hopefully there will be no injuries while they're on international duty.

Yay i got into the England u21's!
Yes! The Jamaican Harry Potter stays in! But doesn't play :'(


Pre-season in FOOTBALL ICON is very important. It gives the players a chance to get use to playing with each other. Also the players will get use to playing in this climate and the coaches here at Barcelona will be able to see which players have talent, who should play where.

All the players did extremely well in pre-season, some players doing much better than others. However, a few players are still injured such as Ziechael, Andrew Heskey and Matthew Wells. Alou Ayale has successfully recovered from his injury. If the injured players don't make it in time for the beginning of the new season, they could face elimination.

Here are fixtures and results of the pre-season

Now that the real competition is about to start, who do you think will win and why?
Unfair! I didn't play a single game! -_-
2013-08-13 12:14#127678 AlexTHFC : Unfair! I didn't play a single game! -_-

yes you did, you always came on in the 2nd half!

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