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Undeveloped countries in Football Manager What happens to them??

Trying to find out what happens to countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh after maybe 40-50 yrs game time...
Started on 13 August 2013 by marc07ex
Latest Reply on 13 August 2013 by mike14991499
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Being from Nepal, I wish to know what happens to undeveloped countries in long-term. Countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and other similar undeveloped countries in term of football are concerned here. Do they even progress or the Game Engine just ignores them??? Do they ever create regens good enough to be in good leagues like eredivise or portugese league, let alone Premiere league and la liga??? What happens to their domestic clubs?? I have never had a save to go on for more than 5 years but I want to know how they fare in saves which are about 20-30 or hell even 50 years game time long. Just curious to see if they even make it to the lower european leagues or if the nations reach to the Top 100 ranking as well.

If the game engine lets this country to develop and let the country have some progress in the game world or do they just let them stall forever. And also if there are some good players from these undeveloped countries you can upload a screenshot here. Just curious about these teams and if they progress at all.
I'd say it's pretty realistic. I don't know for Asian countries, but European ones can join EU, progress and develop some quality players. Of course you can't expect Nepal to win World Cup any time soon, but some players should make at least minor impact in bigger leagues in a couple of seasons, possibly one or two of them get signed by semi-famous clubs.

In the season 2028-2029, I notice several more or less exotic African countries are doing well on World Rankings: Mali 22nd, Algeria 24th, Tunisia 26th, Gabon 41st, Botswana 46th... Ivory Coast is even 3rd. Asian countries are not as successful (Nepal 190th), but they produced some quality players, most notably one Brunei guy and several Afghan. Keep in mind I don't have these regions selected as active.

And I guess it's much down to luck, as a world class player can emerge anywhere. I had several players worth over 30M€ from small and/or exotic countries like Slovenia, Cyprus, Bolivia, Costa Rica...

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