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Started on 3 December 2007 by Bole_
Latest Reply on 27 March 2008 by Bole_
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Let's talk about trainings.
here is very good recommendation about coaches for seven stars training.
Strength : Fitness > = 18
Aerobic : Fitness > = 18
Goalkeeping : Coaching Gks >= 18

Tactics : Tactical >= 18

Defending : Defending = 18 & Tactical>= 18 or
Defending = 19 & Tactical>= 14 or
Defending = 20 & Tactical>= 10

Ball Control : Technique = 18 & Mental>= 18 or
Technique = 19 & Mental>= 14 or
Technique = 20 & Mental>= 10

Attacking : Attacking = 18 & Tactical >= 18 or
Attacking = 19 & Tactical >= 14 or
Attacking = 20 & Tactical >= 10 or

Shooting : Attacking = 18 & Technical>= 18
Attacking = 19 & Technical>= 14 or
Attacking = 20 & Technical>= 10

Set Pieces : Technique = 17 & Mental + Attacking >= 39 or
Technique = 18 & Mental + Attacking >= 36 or
Technique = 19 & Mental + Attacking >= 33 or
Technique = 20 & Mental + Attacking >= 30
also here are training schedules i am using.
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Hey! Yes I will also recommend this, it is in the official manual, and will seriously help your players in training. :)
Ok, nego kako da otvorim ove fajlove koji su u boletreninzi.rar?
pa raspakuj ih u my documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2008/schedules
i pokreni ih u igrici.
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and how about scout and assisstant manager ???? What ability they need for good Job???? im looking for a good assisstant Manager and some scout.
scouts must only have 2 statistics good. that would be judging player ability and judging player potential. if you find a scout who has 19+ in both stats, apart from the fact that he will tell you a very accurate opinion about the player... he will also give you all scout results at once (usually you have to scout a player twice to get all the info)

about the assistant manager, I usually go for tactical knowledge, but most importantly, I try to get an assistant with 7/7 stars in 1 at least training domain as well.
well it would be useful for assistant to be good in motivating(if you choose him to do team talks).
of course tactical knowledge is very important.
but as you know assistant manager takes control of youth team,maybe it is good that he have "working with youngsters" high.
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i just dont get it how to make the 7stars training...

i pick arsenal and it's hard to make 7stars training for senior squad.

what's the uses of the rar file actually???
i intend to post a training guide soon, but for now a quick advise to make 7stars in any training domain is to hire staff with 18-20 stats in certain fields.
for example, goalkeeper training, you will need a goalkeeping coach who has 18-20 grade for this.
for 7stars in tactics, you need a coach who has 18-20 in tactical coaching, etc...
a proper detailed guide will follow, maybe tomorrow :wink

about the rar file, personally i didn't test it yet, but i guess it should be a file to import in your training, with custom training schedules for your teams.
rar file is training schedules that i am using.
it increase my players CA for 15-20 per season.
i mean 15-20 for young players :)
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i know...but i cannot understand what you write at the save file...
it is in your language?? hehehe
As promised, here's a quick guide on "How to get 7 stars in all training categories". I posted it in the blogs, and it would be interesting if you could start using blogs too :wink

Bole_ I need your feedback and guides to correct the post, you seem that you know more than me on this training domain :yes
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may i know?
what is closing down??? :con
sorry for language.
here is translation :)

Stoperi-Central Back
Bekovi-Full Back
Zadnji Vezni-Defensive Midfielder

and just one note about trainings.
it is a good idea to increase attacking training for DM,CM,AM,LM,RM because attacking training increase their passing and creativity,and these players is very important in creating chances.

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