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Started on 3 December 2007 by Bole_
Latest Reply on 27 March 2008 by Bole_
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Hi Bole and everyone,

I am still new for FM. I want to know on how to use your training file in my game?do I need to copy and paste it somewhere? How to change the training schedule and program?

just open .zip file and extract files in My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2008/Schedules/
then in game go at training players panel,and import these trainings in game.

about modifying schedules,it is important that you adjust it for your will not work the same with any team.of course it also depends of your tactics.
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Hi bole,

thanks for your post. I'll try it now.
of course you must aply players for that schedules
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krayziethug : may i know?
what is closing down??? :con

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Closing Down is the setting which tells your players to run right up to the opposition players when they get the ball. This can stop or put off a player trying to take a long shot on goal.
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tq very much~! :yes
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Make sure your players have High Anticipation and High Tackling to do this.

As i found out, if you tell your striker to he will kick 2 sh*ts out of the opposition players and get carded lol :yes
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i got a problem...

i got this coach who's attacking is 20, and tech is 17... and the shooting is still 6 stars... any reason why????

ps: it was all fine last season... the same guy was with 7 stars... now shooting and Ball control stars have gone 1 down
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Needs 18 or more Tech rating.
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ya... but the crazy part was the coach had 18 tech rating last season...

how can the coach ratings go down????
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I think its like the players when they get to a certain age or if they are not training players using that stat they go down?
Come on Bole_ you must know? :p
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i just signed Sinsa Mihajlovic as a Assistant manager...

this guy got super stats...

and also... for Assistant manager i got by man management...
well, i dont know.
staff are like players,of course their attributes changes.
but i really do not know why.
if he is on attacking training ,then attacking should not decrease,but any other attribute can decrease.

about age,well i do not believe in that,except he have 89years :)
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if then... its well strange... this guy is jus 49... dont know why it went down...

thanks for the tips guys...

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