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[FIFA 13] A.C. You Baby, Shaking That Ass.

Join me as I embark on something completely new and different - a Fifa 13 story. It's not going to be easy but I want to take Milan all the way - and you to follow my journey.
Started on 18 August 2013 by Rablador
Latest Reply on 9 January 2014 by Louis O.
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Introduction – Fresh Ideas

So, as some of you may know, due to the situation with my computer at the moment, I am without FM (and may well be for quite a long time), and as such are unable to continue my Oviedo story.

So, why am I starting another manager story? I guess it’s just my love of writing, especially for this site, that’s prompted me to do this. However, this is not your average FM Scout fact this story will feature nothing FM-related whatsoever! This story will be entirely based around a FIFA 13 Career Mode, something, as far as I’m aware, that has not even been attempted before.
So, maybe I’m venturing totally into the unknown with this, maybe I’m just crazy – and maybe it will flop. I can’t guarantee it will last, I can’t even guarantee it will be good, but I’m certainly up for trying it.

How’s This Gonna Work, Then?

I will aim to make this exactly like an FM story in every way possible – expect one; screenshots will not be included in this story, as without using a shoddy camera, they would be hard to include!

There will still be a strong element of story to this; I will attempt to include just as much detail as I had in my previous stories. As I’m playing matches, I will take note of goalscorers and incidents to be included in later updates as best I can. Transfers will also feature the same style updates as they receive on FM stories and, well, other than that, I don’t really know what will happen. I’m just going to roll with it and see how we do.

Of course, FIFA and FM are two completely different games, so this is not going to be easy, but with FIFA 14 just around the corner, maybe this is just a trial of the idea; the start of a new style of story on this site. Who knows?

What team are you going to be, and why?

For this story, I have chosen the once great AC Milan
For several years, Milan were a team still riding on former glory. Their team featured several veterans, legends, if you will, but they were still a shadow of their former selves. Sure, they still brought home the famous Scudetto in 2011, but it was clear to everyone that the Milan team was aging – it was time for change.

And it was at the start of the 2012-13 season that this change finally took place. Ultimately, it was the young - yet massively experienced – managerial genius Massimo Allegri that made these changes, some of which shocked and upset the Milan faithful.

Club legends like Mark van Bommel, Clarence Seedorf and Pippo Inzaghi were all released by the club, paving the way for new, unknown talent like Stephan El Shaarawy, M’Baye Niang and Mattia De Sciglio to come through into the first team.

And, while the new team struggled at first, the youngsters – combined with the remaining old guard – eventually started to gel as a team, with the new kids particularly shining, and ultimately providing some shock results, such as the first-leg win over Barcelona in the knockout stages of the Champions League (although Milan would ultimately lose the tie on aggregate).

Despite this, Milan were still nothing compared to the dominant force of Juventus and the emerging talent in Napoli, and it is that which I will aim to change.

Having these kids is also a massive advantage when playing FIFA career mode; young players grow very quickly and in a few seasons time become world-beaters, whilst older players decrease at rapids levels even with plenty of playing time.

Hopefully, I can use this young-team as an advantage and, while early successes may be limited, I will just have to hope that the fast-growing youngsters coupled with whatever signings I can make will bring me success.

However, in the Serie A, nothing is easy, so there’s no doubt we’re in for a long, bumpy ride.
Nice writing Rabster and a unique idea! I hope it lasts and use De Scig, El Sha and Niang from the start! They will turn into beasts, but you knew that!
Good luck, a very unique idea, be interesting to see where you take it.
Ah, I should've done that.. WHY AC MILAN? Might do one after all, bro stories?
There will be a bunch of these stories knocking about soon, just you watch. You shall be remembered as the founder if so :) Can't wait to see how this goes
I was thinking about one of these, but mine would be iPad FIFA because it's easier for me :P
Hahaha, nice idea Rab! Will be interesting to see this, it's unique!
Good luck Rab nice idea but like Paddy said there will be loads of these soon :D
2013-08-19 09:42#129283 wellsy1498 : Good luck Rab nice idea but like Paddy said there will be loads of these soon :D

Myself probably included ;)

Good luck Rab :)
Good luck Rablador - A FIFA 13 career mode is a great idea, Ask me if you need help with anything related to Career mode btw :d
Good luck, will be interesting to see how it goes!

Day of Chaos for Milan; Zambrotta Appointed Manager

Last updated: 31/06/13 22:31
By Mohammed Lester

It’s been a crazy day for many an AC Milan supporter, with a series of heated talks with board members, including Honorary President and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, resulting in several staff members walking out on the Italian giants, notably former title-winning manager with Milan, Massimiliano Allegri and his assistant, club legend Mauro Tassotti.

However, the havoc did not end there; recently retired Italy hero Gianluca Zambrotta was surprisingly announced as the new manager of the famous San Siro club, with fellow recent-retiree and former Milan star Mark Van Bommel chosen as his assistant manager. A whole host of other Milan legends are already said to be ready to join the coaching team.

The mayhem has gone on throughout the entire day, and Sky Sports monitored it all. Here’s our timeline of events:

10:03: The day began normal enough. All Milan players and coaches turn up for a regular day’s training. All is normal so far.

10:31: Sky Sports exclusively hears news that manager Massimiliano Allegri is set to hold talks with board members, presumably regarding transfer budgets and season targets.

11:35: More than an hour later, Allegri is spotted leaving the club’s training ground early, in his Audi A8. Journalists mob the vehicle for the slightest bit of information, but Allegri pays them no attention.

11:41: Players, fans and coaches alike are drawn towards the press, confused and still fully unaware as to what has happened. Tassotti claims, “We have been told nothing.”

11:57: Milan schedule a sudden press conference to be held at 12:30, everyone stays around eagerly anticipating the news – whatever it may be.
12:30: Adriano Galliani is at the helm for a nervy-sounding press conference, saying the following:
”It is with great sadness and regret today that we, AC Milan, announce the departure of former head coach Massimiliano Allegri with immediate effect. After lengthy talks, it was clear that Allegri’s ambitions and views on the younger generation of players definitely did not me that of ours, and so he has mutually agreed to the termination of his contract. We can only thank Massimiliano for all the joyous memories, wonderful football and great success he has brought to the club in his few years in charge here and wish him the very best in his and his family’s future outwith the club.”

12:39: Some media reports claim that this was indeed the case, however others immediately suggest this is merely a cover up by Silvio Berlusconi over allegations of a heated argument between the controversial former Italian Prime Minister and Allegri himself, perhaps foremost related to the club’s recent below-par performances in the Serie A TIM and in continental competition.

12:58: A whole host of club legends are thrown into the mix regarding Milan’s next manager; Dida, Gennaro Gattuso, Allesandro Costacurta, Franco Baresi and even veteran Cesare Maldini, father of Paolo and out of managerial work for a decade, since leaving Paraguay.

13: 32: Several of Allegri’s backroom staff hand in their resignations, notably long-serving Milan assistant Mauro Tassotti and goalkeeping coach Valerio Fiori. The mood in the team camp is reported to be hostile.

13:55: Former Internazionale manager Roberto Mancini is heavily linked with a sensational return to Italian management – with Inter’s fierce city rivals AC Milan. Sky Bet places odds of 7/4 on Mancini to be appointed.

14:26: Zenit St Petersburg boss Luciano Spalletti is widely thought to be the frontrunner for the Milan hotseat, after leaked media reports from within Italy appear to announce that talks are ongoing and Spaletti is set to be revealed as boss within the hour. Several major bookmakers suspend betting on the subject following the leak.

15:10: Spalletti, still in St. Petersburg, dismisses any reports of talks between him and Milan as “nonsense.” The hunt for a new manager appears to be still ongoing.

15:39: Berlusconi claims he hopes to have his new man by the end of the day, strongly hinting at an upcoming appointment that evening.

16:03: Gianluca Zambrotta is briefly spotted by a French journalist in the back of a black, tinted-windowed Chevrolet, attempting to enter the complex via the players’ entrance.
Media report that Zambrotta is “set to hold talks with the board” about the possibility of becoming the next manager in the legacy of the famously successful club.

16:41: An emergency press conference is called, to be held at the San Siro at 17:00. Large crowds make their way to the stadium, some journalists already writing their scoop.

17:00: Zambrotta is formally announced as the preferred applicant for the vacant managerial position, with Mark Van Bommel to become his assistant. The pair had only recent left Milan, and both had been linked with clubs in order to continue their playing career, so this appointment comes as a massive shock to the footballing world.

Goalkeeper Christian Abbiati says he is both “surprised and delighted” regarding the appointment of two of his former team mates. He continues, “I’m sure they have a lot to offer us, and in my opinion, the club have made the correct choice.”

And so, that signalled the end of what had been a frantic day for everyone concerned with European football – particularly the Milan players, fans and staff, who were said to be left “in the dark” about any goings on during board meetings. However, the general mood following the appointment of two national legends is said to be “hopeful, ambitious and welcoming”.

We were unable to receive a comment from either Zambrotta or Van Bommel on the night.
We all know the real reason behind Allegri's resignation was the fact that Berlusconi didn't invite him to his infamous Bunga Bunga Party. :P
Nice update there Rablador :)
I love Paddy's sig. that's why Im here. Bye, good update

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