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The Road To Become The Best

The road to become The Best Manager
Started on 20 August 2013 by Couragesand
Latest Reply on 26 August 2013 by Walter
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Good luck! Win the much needed copa libertadores right away :P
Love Brazilian teams. Good luck.


Pinto:"This is your first match in the Brazilian League with Atletico Miniero, how do you think you will fare against your rivals Cruzeiro?"

KP:"Well we should have the edge as we won the Minas Gerais State Championship against Cruzeiro, this match shouldn't be this different but I would expect a exciting match."

Pinto:"Do you have any nerves going into your debut league match?"

KP:"Well there isn't much as I am ready and confident going into this match."

Pinto:"That's all I have, Good Luck on your first match."

If you would like to see a certain player profile request it as a comment on here! :)
Great results mate! :D
Looking good football-wise so far, I would suggest cleaning up your formatting to make it easier to read. You might want to give the score up front so readers don't have to dig into your pictures to figure it out, but I've already talked to you about the inverted pyramid.

Other than that, I like that you have the squad screens so people can see what you're working with, and Brazilian football is definitely rough. Many cards in your first two matches, but not so much in the third.
Great results and a great update :P
Nice! Your u20s team looks great! Some great potentiall in there! Keep it up;)
Looks great! You have inspired me to fire up FM13 again after a few weeks of not playing! :)
An Atletico Mineiro story! Finally! Good luck, and could we have a screenie of Bernard? :P

Also, I like your style of updates, its unique.
HamoudiLFC: Bernard isn't with us as I did the transfer update latest one he's at shaktar.


June had many matches also the transfer window in the middle of it.

8 matches.

I will say this right now, I am really annoyed after this tiring month. We had so many draws, Only 3 wins. 2 Scoreless draws. Even had Guilherme get injured for 4 months. Which is a giant stump for the 23 year old winger, I hope he doesn't end up being horrendous when he comes back.

If you read this, I give my thanks as I will try to do better in writing, If people support this story I will know that I have people who want to see a story of Atletico Miniero. If so give me advice on doing better If needed. Thanks Guys! :D

Nice Update Courage along with nice signings! Great to see you at the top of the table! :D

I hope you continue to do well in the league and is Bernard still at the club or are you using pr0s update?
Nathan: I'm using Pro's update so he isn't here. I wish I had him :P
Nice story mate, will be interesting to see how you do. Keep it up!
some nice results there, keep it up mate:)

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