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Napoli - Something worth fighting for!

Started on 22 August 2013 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 24 August 2013 by Aaron
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Return of a legend

Once again, the bright orange sun had fallen for another night. the reflection of the ocean painted the sky a pinky red. there was one man...who was fed up of the same daily routine. he'd had enough of the orange sky the calm sea the sandy beaches but it wasnt the rain, the cold, the snow he was after! ooooh no! he was after the passion! the glory! The thousands of fans chanting one name,the one name that would scare defenders so much. Baggio...
Great start Aaron! :D
Great start mate, keep it up!
Thanks guys! Means a lot!
Good luck
Good luck ;)
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
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Return of a legend - Part 2

Usualy, I and the lads would leave for the Regine Caffé a classy restaraunt not far from the stadio delle Alpi...we would go for dinner and a few drinks after a big match! I miss those days so much, I guess the dream was no dream job at all, you miss it a lot after you retire! Believe me. I've often thought about management but where,who...would I succeed? Surely not?

I found my self walking back home from what was supposed to be a nice day out with my family...I found myself on my own for my birthday, my kids seem to be moving on to bigger and better things! I sat slumped in my chair and switched the sports news on, it's about as close as I get to football these days, then suddenly newly appointed manager of Napoli Raffa Benitez has been fired? I just sat and laughed it was quite funny actually he's tried twice to manage in Italy and failed I think he should just go back to Liverpool! I bet i could do his job ten times better! What if I apply? I have my coaching badges! The buzz of my mobile interrupts my deep meaningless thoughts...

RB: Hello?

ANON:Hello Roberto?

RB: Speaking!

ANON: Good evening Roberto! Have you had a good day?

RB: To be honest no but...sorry,who is this?

ANON: Well the Chairman of Napoli of course! Roberto we need you! We need you to come save Napoli...bring them back from the dead!

RB: Ur,! Of course! Thank you for calling! To be honest I can't believe this where do I sign?

ANON: Haha! Roberto you are funny guy my friend! Lets say we meet at a place called Regine Caffé...I know it's not exactly near Napoli but I hear it has centemental values of one Roberto Baggio yes?

RB: Yes! I'd love to meet you there!

ANON: Ok me there 9:30 sharp tomorrow morning!

RB: See you there!

Woaah? Did that really just happen? catch the next train to Torino!
Good Luck at Napoli! :D
Napoli..didn't Maradona play for them? Great stuff so far!
2013-08-22 16:05#130572 corbmiester : Napoli..didn't Maradona play for them? Great stuff so far!

he did indeed my friend! He did indeed! I thought it be best if i did Baggio because maradona has already been done and I've never seen Baggio in a story!
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
10 yearsEdited

The arrival

must get on the blower right away if I'm to reach the station in time!

Paolo the taxi driver: hello?

RB: hello? This is Roberto Baggio calling my good friend paolo?

Paolo: Ahhh! Roberto how are you my good friend? It has been long time!

RB: haha! It sure has my friend! Listen, I need a favour, can you come pick me up from my house in let saaaay oooh? An hour?

Paolo: Sure thing my friend anything for my faviroute striker!

RB: see you soon Paolo!

Paolo: see you soon!

So that was that! One quick phone call to my old mate Paolo and the journey to Napoli begins!
So I packed my suitcase and waited for Paolo! I didn't intend on telling anyone where I was headed...considering how they treated me, on my birthday of all days! Not even my wife turned up! So I left them to think about what might have happened...soon they would see me on national tv anyway, if everything goes according to plan that is!

That'll be him! Better run! I pulled the blinds too and locked the door took on last look and didn't turn back.

Paolo: ahh Roberto top bloke it is good to see you!

RB: you to,can we get in the car please? I need to tell you something! No one else can know.

Paolo: Sure thing,hop in!

*Slams door*
RB: Paolo I need to get to lerazzi station right away, I have an interview with the chairman of Napoli, please! Hurry!

Paolo: ON IT BOOOOY! *flores it* just like old times hahaha!!

Paolo: Ok Robbo! Get on that plane...and LISTEN! Go get 'em, take the serie A by storm! Ill be with you every step of the way! And I want my flight tickets out to Napoli in a month!

RB: haha! Sure thing lad!

My great friend Paolo...known each other since we were kids, anyway, must catch that train!

*tickets please*

RB: here you are!

Ticket officer: oh my god it's Roberto Baggio!

RB: shh!! I can't have anyone know I'm here! Which football club do you support?

Ticket officer: Napoli?

RB: Your name?

Officer: Mario Cesar?

RB: listen Mario! Don't come into work in sick and keep sky sports news on all day! I have a surprise!

*tshh, doors opening*

Uurgg! Finally, hopefull I won't keep getting stopped! Next stop...Regine Caffé

A new start

So, the last stop, the Regine Caffé! *looks at watch* 9:30...just as he said.
i walked in and headed straight for the bar, a latté please...thank you.
i looked around the room, but he was no where to be seen. I walked upstairs and there he was right in the corner looking over the street. I assumed he had already seen me coming, he looked up at me it's a faint smile I smiled back wanting to make a good impression. Obviously I didn't know what he was like, for all I know he could be abramovich's brother!

Aureilio: there you are my dear boy, I was beginning to think you weren't coming!

My dear boy? I'm older than him? Anyway...

Roberto: Hahaha, neither did I before 5:00 this morning! And by the way could you of given me a few extra hours sleep?

Aureilio: haha! You're funny guy Roberto!

So people keep telling me...

Aureilio: anyway enough of the chit chat Rob, let's get to business! Tell me, where do you see Napoli in 5 years time under the management of one Baggio?

Roberto: Well, tough question! I see Napoli as a team that has already won the Serie A at least twice and a champions league contending team!

Aureilio: I like where you're going with this! What about this season?

Roberto: We can challenge for the title. And mount a challenge for the domestic cup! And I think we should be aiming of knock out stage UCL football!

Aureilio: €60M says you will do this for me?

Roberto: €60M + youth/training facilities and an affiliated club says ill do this for you!

Aureilio: Roberto...I...

Roberto: Or not at all!

Aureilio: I was going to say I LOVE YOU!! Hahaha!! I like your thinking! Please sign here robbo!

Roberto: Done!

Aureilio: You meet your squad tomorrow, your staff tomorrow and they will all agree to mutual termination of their contract should you wish to sign up your own staff! Impress me Baggio!

Roberto: I will, goodbye!

Well wasn't that something he seemed nice enough! I walked out of the Caffé sorting my cuffs, I felt on top of the world...Ok so I need to ring Paolo, and the Hotel inn! Right hotel first, Paolo next?


RB: hello, yes...I'd like to rent a room for the week!

*Ok €300 and you have a room for the week!*

€300? Jesus Christ I thought!

RB: Ok,done! Goodbye!

Paolo is he in for a treat!


Roberto: paaaolooo! It is me Roberto! How are you man?

Paolo: I'm a good thank you, how did your interview go?

Roberto: surprisingly well my friend! I got the job with a 60M budget!

Paolo: that is great news! Have you booked my tickets yet?

Roberto: all in good time my friend, i need a place to live first and I have no money! Soon my friend soon!

Paolo: I have to go now my good man some prick wants a lift to Bologna! Urg!
Background: *Hey, what you call me!*

paolo: oh shit, I have to go! Goodbye!

*forgets to hang up*

paolo: listen you sack of shit I am speaking to Roberto Baggio! The great want to mess with me?

Roberto: pa..Paolo? Hang up?

Paolo: OH SHIT!

*hangs up*

ohh Christ, what a day hopefully now I can just rest! I trudged up the stairs to my room, why didn't I take the lift? Urgg! I unlocked my room door and through myself onto the bed where will Napoli take me? Mummamia this will be hard!
Great start mate! :D
Thanks thanks mate! It means a lot you read my story so much!
Baggio, legend :)

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