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Napoli - Something worth fighting for!

Started on 22 August 2013 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 24 August 2013 by Aaron
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Indeed Neal! Thought it was something different

Baggio returns!

* This just in! reports from Italy are confirming Roberto Baggio has been named as rafeal benitez' successor as Napoli manager, it is know when talks were held but they were certainly kept behind closed doors! Some napoli fans are said to be raging at the napoli board asking the question 'why would you sign someone who has played for everyone of our rivals but not us?' We're getting news his first press conference will be in about a he is!*


JR: Good morning roberto how are you?

RB: Im very good thank-you, can we get this over with i need to meet the team in 10!

JR: OK! How did you feel when Aureilio called for your services?

RB: Well actually it was about 5 minutes after it was on sky sports news and i was actually thinking of applying! he called me up and I was over the moon!

JR: Some fans have gotten slightly angry over your appointment...what is your message to them?

RB: Well first of all, you can trust me, i didnt take this job to ruin Napoli and ruin my chances in the future! I took it so i could bring success to Napoli and IMPROVE my future...And i have to say, if you cant support your manager then dont support your team because you will get no where with an attitude like that!

JR: Reports suggest you have a substantial amount of transfer budget to spend, is this true?

RB: Obviously i cant tell you exactly how much but there is money to spend yes and you can expect big signings in the coming days!

JR: Finally, how far can you go this season?

RB: Very far! *Whinks*

JR: *laughs* Ok roberto, thanks for your time!

Ergg! journalists! what is the point? They ask you all these questions, you answer and they twist your words! im not letting that happen to me! anyway must meet the boys...

First day

The lads were all huddled together talking about the season ahead and how they can improve, i was walking up to one noticed me!

Roberto: AH! Very proffesional, i hope to see more in training...

Inler: Boss! we were wondering where you were, we're all so excited about meeting such a legend!

Cannavaro: Yes! indeed! how are you?

Roberto: im fine thankyou, but thats not why we're here. we're here to train! Now lads, i want to take you to the top and by god we will get there, we can go far this season a few good signings and we can win the league! I expect proffesionalism and respect, Not just to me to your team mates and the staff! you get sent off you get sent off and well lets face it you shouldnt be getting sent off! you hear me?

Team: Yes boss!

Roberto: Right then, 4 laps of the pitch and then some stretches! im sure you all know this? then please can you organise yourself into a game of defense vs attack! the coaches will take it from there...oh and hamsik?

Hamsik: Yes boss?

Roberto: Sort ya feckin' hair out.

Team: * Hhahahahaha!! *

I walked to my office thinking in my head about tactics...which do i use? but who do i sign, someone big! like willian? or suarez? Lamela? well we have the money? why not!
Wow, I love your story writing!
Really good interview Aaron. This should be good :)
2013-08-23 14:56#130870 HamoudiLFC : Wow, I love your story writing!

thanks mate! there will be alot of updates today so stay tuned
2013-08-23 14:57#130872 The Madridista : Really good interview Aaron. This should be good :)

oh it will will do;)

A fresh start

Today, brings the new unveiling of the napoli home and away kits! The third kit will be released a day before the new season starts! here they are...



So there you are the new home and away kits for Napoli FC, stay tuned to see the third kit in just 4 weeks time!
Nice kits, although they look really similar! :)
2013-08-23 16:04#130894 The Madridista : Nice kits, although they look really similar! :)

yeah i know thinking of changing the away colours
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
10 yearsEdited

Pre-Season review

A pretty up and down pre-season to be fair, but we certainly found out how to hit the back of the net! Here are the results!

Napoli 5-2 Napoli Reserves

Napoli 4-0 Hospitalet

Napoli 1-2 Hannover

Benfica 4-4 Napoli

Verrol 3-5 Napoli

Verzim 4-2 Napoli

chunnam 1-1 Napoli

As I said we found out how to hit the back of the net but there were a few defensive errors involved in games! I think we need to make a few defensive signings this summer maybe sakho? Or rami? We'll have to wait and see!
2013-08-23 21:56#130947 Nathaniel : Just read, BAGGIO AS MANAGER :D

something different;)

Benitez' revenge?

Earlier this afternoon it was confirmed that former Napoli boss Rafael Benitez would become the next Palermo manager! Palermo were without a manager after they were relegated from the Serie A following an immensely disappointing 2012/13 campaign.
Benitez had this to say...

"I am very happy to be appointed as the next Palermo manager, obviously what is asked of me won't be an easy challenge but I hope to thrive off the pressure and bring Palermo FC back to the serie A!

JR: "What is your message to new Napoli boss Roberto Baggio and your former colleague Aureilio de laurentiis?"

"Well, first of all I'd like to wish Mr. Baggio the best of luck for the future! However my message to Aureilio is I'm coming back, I'm going to bring Palermo back to the serie A and knock YOU and every other 'big' team off their high horse! So watch out...

Well certainly some strong words there from Rafa, we're expecting a quick reply from either Roberto Baggio or Aureilio so stay tuned! more news to come...only on Sky Sports News!

Baggio's backing

Earlier today new Palermo manager Rafa Benitez came out into the open with the message to Aureilio de laurentiis "Watch out" and in the last few minutes we have received a quick reply from Napoli manager Roberto Baggio:

"I think what Benitez said is completely out of order, he has no right to speak about his former boss like that! I also wanted to say he's dreaming if he think he can make Palermo a leading serie A force! Yes, it happened with juventus but that was something out of the ordinary! It won't happen again...Aureilio has my full backing, he's been great to me, you DO NOT speak about my boss like that!"

Well things seem to be heating up between the two teams could we see a big rivalry forming?
Also we have 2 players views Abel Hernandez and new Napoli loan signing peep reina had this to say!

Reina: "I think it's just one of those things where a few words have been completley blown out of proportion it happens all the time between managers so I think we should just let them get on with it and let them act like the children they want to be...

hernandez: I don't think its my place to say anything on the matter really I just think things are certainly heating up and if they want to argue then let them...we can't stop them and its always going to happen in any league between any teams

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