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FMScout Kit Of The Week Competition

Kit creating competition!
Started on 26 August 2013 by Louis O.
Latest Reply on 23 April 2014 by Tallery
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Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
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FMScout Kit Of The Week Competition

Welcome to the FMScout Kit Of The Week competition! In this competition, you will make a set of kits (Home, away, and third if the club has it), for a designated team which will be chosen every Sunday. You will have until Thursday to make the kits. Then you must send me a Private Message the kit,180x180. Voting lasts until Friday, night.

Rules of The Competition

  • You may use any program to create the kit.
  • The kit must be a fantasy kit.
  • You can not submit two entries for the same week.
  • You must use the same brand and sponsor on each kit in your set. You can however, use a different version of a sponsors logo.
  • If using Smart Shirt Designer to make your kits, you must use the lighting mode D.
  • You must use the club’s traditional home colours. You can make slight variations, and you can model your kits slightly on an old kit of the same club, though you must provide a link to when the model kit was used.
  • Each kit must be a separate image.
  • You may not show anyone else your kits until Thursday.
    Please save your kits as .png with no backgrounds.
    Kits must be in SS style, like the kit used in the logo above.

Kit Pack

In this competition, we will go through all of the teams in certain leagues. The winning kit maker will have their kits for the team their kits were for into a fantasy kit pack. This means that the whole community will vote for what kit goes in the kit pack.

If you win, you even get a special site badge! Good luck!

Looking forward to this :)
Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
8 yearsEdited

This week, you will be making shirts for Swansea City. You will make both home and away kits. The club traditionally wears all white with either black or red trim. Recently, to celebrate the club’s 100th anniversary, they used a gold badge and gold trim on the shirt.

Current Kits

Note: The competitions will usually start on Sundays, however, this week, it will start today. You will still only have until Thursday to make the kits, and voting still lasts until Saturday night. If you would like feedback on your kits, please PM or PC me. I will not give any feedback in General Chat or on the forums.
You can use any sponsor you want, right?
2013-08-27 06:18#131670 ebEliminator : You can use any sponsor you want, right?
Yep, you can use any sponsor as long as you use it in each of your kits that week, but you show no one else the kits until Thursday.
Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
8 yearsEdited

Week One - Swansea City

3rd Place

Set 10
In third, we have the favourite, who had a custom kit thread for a long time on this site, the moderator Justice! His shirts featured a golden trim in the home and an elegant black and grey shirt with pink lining, which worthily gained a great 12.5% with one less vote than 2nd place.

2nd place

Set 3
In 2nd place for the first ever FMScout Kit of The Week Competition, with a white and black adidas design for the home accompanied by the blue and gold away, was AlexTHFC! He managed 7 votes, accounting to 14.6% of the total.

1st place

Set 2
It seemed there was never any doubt over who would take the first place ribbons. The home shirt, featuring a black stripe and a gold stripe by the top, was accompanied by a purple and gold ensemble for the change strip. Made by Diadora and sponsored by Charity Invest in Africa, the first ever winner of Kit of the Week was Lucas! He somehow got more votes than 3rd and 2nd combined, with 18, and 37.5%, nearly half of the total votes. Lucas will now see his creations in our FM14 fantasy Premier League kit pack, and will also gain special recognition with a new site badge.
Yay ^.^ Thankyou to everyone that voted my kits, it's an honour to be the first winner :D
Never expected a vote, let alone a second place! It gives me something to work on for the next set, whenever those are revealed :D
Can't wait for the next set of kits to come :D gonna try and take this by storm :D

Week Two - Southampton F.C.

This week the club is Southampton F.C. and you must make a home and away shirt. The club's kits are traditionally red and white stripes. However in the last two seasons the shirt has been predominantly red, which gives you freedom to do what you want. The club's away kit is also usually yellow. However, this week, you will only give me each kit once, in 180x180 size.

Current Kits

Saints historical kits

Get making!

Week Two – Southampton F.C.

3rd Place

In 3rd place, we have a tie! Set 1, which gained 3 votes with it’s multiple shades of red on the home kit and the black explosion for an away kit, was last week’s second place, AlexTHFC!

But since Alex couldn’t quite manage enough votes to win 3rd place fully out, there is another set in 3rd and that belongs to the 510 Series, with a red and white Nike home shirt complete with a yellow away, sponsored by game developers Koei.

2nd Place

In 2nd place we have a fairly simple Nike home shirt with a white chest band, sponsored by Dyson, and a black away with red trim. These kits were made by Jamie, a newcomer to Kit of the Week! He managed to take 17% with 6 votes.

1st Place

He may not be a regular member but he certainly knows how to make a kit, and that is proved by the astonishing 37.1% with 13 votes! The home was a fairly straightforward red and white striped kit, with a black and white design on the away kit. Made by Macron and sponsored by Phillips, our winner was Cornfed! His kits will be featured in our fantasy Premier League kit pack. Let's get ready for next week!
I'm now the only person who has been in the top 3 both rounds :D

Well done to 510, Jamie and Cornfed, all amazing kits :)
Jamie's avatar Group Jamie
8 yearsEdited
I log into fmscout today for the first time in three days and I discover that I'm in 2nd place. Well done to Cornfed, Alex and 510.
Thanks everyone. Good job to Jamie, Alex, and 510. Best of luck for everyone next week.
The 510 Series's avatar Group The 510 Series
8 yearsEdited
Well, I didn't expect that! :))

Anyway, well done to Alex & Jamie.

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