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FMScout Kit Of The Week Competition

Kit creating competition!
Started on 26 August 2013 by Louis O.
Latest Reply on 23 April 2014 by Tallery
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For all teams. Check the rules.

Our first World Cup KOTW is now over! Let's have a look at the results.

3rd Place

The team was Argentina, and in 3rd place we have some kits symbolic of both World Cup wins - completely mad. The home had the traditional sky blue and white stripes with a big and black No.10 on the front, and the away was black with light blue slashes down the sides of the kit. The 3rd was blue, reminiscent of the kit worn by Diego Maradona at USA 94 just before failing his drugs test where he did that crazy celebration where he ran into the camera and you could really tell he was on drugs but also that goal that he was actually celebrating because he actually scored was such an amazing goal because it... why am I doing this? These kits belonged to Pompeyblue.

2nd Place

Then, beating it by one vote to gain second place, was this: Set 4,as made by Nick! The home was sky blue, with five of the traditional white stripes. The away was navy blue, with the No.10 placed all the way up on the shoulder in white, despite collar and cuffs having gold detailing. The 3rd was white and had both sky and navy blue at the top, manufactured by adidas, but having no adidas 3 stripes... I wonder why? :P

1st Place

And our first World Cup Winner! And our first entry from this particular member. Made by adidas, the home shirt was white and blue with a navy No.10 and predominantly white sleeves only interrupted by the adidas trademark 3 stripes. The away was traditional Argentina, navy blue with sky blue trim, and diagonal gradient lines across it. Then the third was sky blue again, with white telegraphic designs. These kits got 8 fully deserved votes and were made by a KOTW Newcomer - Rywilson.
Get in haha! First time of asking wow, not expecting that!

World Cup 2014 - Week 2

This week's team doesn't have a huge World Cup history. Their first World Cup was 1974, in West Germany. They failed to qualify for the World Cup again until 2006 - held in the reunified Germany. Then finally, in 2010, they qualified again in South Africa, and guess what - began their campaign against Germany. They've only once been able to get past the group, losing to eventual winners Italy in 2006, in the Round of 16. Could this year be the year?

Australia Key Players: Robbie Kruse, Tim Cahill, Mitchell Langerak, Lucas Neill
2014-02-02 17:52#158215 Louis
Could this year be the year?

no, no it won't.
Congrats rywilson!
Thanks to everyone who voted for me though :)
Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
8 yearsEdited

World Cup KOTW - Week 2 - Australia

The results are in - here's how you fared with the Socceroos.

3rd Place

In 3rd place was Set 7 claiming 3 votes out of the 20 cast - you can see why it got the votes too, with a yellow home featuring a smart green collar, a blue change strip accompanied by a yellow chest band, and finally, a brilliant turquoise number for the third - using Nike as the brand and their Netherlands World Cup 2010 font for the number. These kits were made by pompeyblue.

2nd Place

And then in 2nd was this - with one more vote - Set 5, as manufactured by Nike. The home had a telescopic pattern hidden in the yellow, with green and white trim, the away being blue with small navy circles and a big yellow collar. Then, the one that divided opinions. The third was both blue and green, with a huge yellow lightning bolt separating the two halves of the kit. 2nd place was ZapdosTheGreat.

1st Place

Kit of The Week entrants and observers looked around in disbelief - Nick did not win the first World Cup KOTW! But then Rywilson forgot to enter, so yeah, he won this time. The home was simple, yellow with a green collar and cuffs, and the other kits followed the same design, the away in blue and yellow, and the third in white and green. This gained the 5 votes that Nick needed to win the 2nd World Cup KOTW.

World Cup KOTW -Week Three

It seems like we're going in alphabetical order, so far, having gone A-A-B. But we aren't, actually, we haven't done Algeria. Anyway:

The other Red Devils in Football (besides Kaiserslautern :P) may not have been successful as their neighbours and rivals in chief, The Netherlands. Whilst Dutch football is decorated with top class players such as Cruyff, van Basten, the De Boer twins and these days Sneijder and Robben. Belgium has stars in it's own right though, in Jan Ceulemans, Michel Preud'homme, Enzo Scifo, and now Eden Hazard too. As yet another bonus, with players (this list'll go on) such as Romelu Lukau, Jan Vertonghen, Christian Benteke, Kevin de Bruyne, Vincent Kompany, Thibaut Courtois, Marouane Fellaini and even more alongside Hazard. This could be the year.

Key Players: Listed above, cba to do it again.

World Cup KOTW - Week 3 - Belgium

3rd Place

Here we have Set 6 with 3 votes - and well deserved votes they most certainly were. With a red home featuring a swoosh of checks down the side and a very elegantly placed number, a black and grey checkered away with yellow cuffs and a plain white third with a half red collar, Nick's Burrda kits secured 3rd place.

2nd Place

And second place is, with just one more vote, Set 3 with 4 votes of the 20 cast. The red Nike home was similar to the current Belgium home with black and yellow lines and a KBVB logo at the bottom. The away though was black, with red and yellow scratches and collar with the KBVB logo appearing again. The third was completely different, using white as the main colour and red and black gradiented chest bands and side stripes. These kits were made by AAN.

1st Place

Despite all of the entries, the many 2nd and third places, the big Cardiff city logos all the failed attempts and the switch from SSD to Photoshop, AlexTHFC has just one Kit of The Week win to celebrate and he has celebrated it by using it is as his avatar. But his Sunderland kits may soon be replaced by Belgium ones as he claimed 25% of the votes to win Week 3. All 3 shirts had the same Nike design, one plain colour with two tone collar. The home was red, with black and yellow collars, and black and yellow Nike logo & number respectively, whereas the away was black with a predominantly red collar and cuffs, red Nike logo and red number, using yellow merely as an outline. Finally, a mustard third with black trim and red outline secured the Week 3 win.
Yay thanks voters ^.^

World Cup KOTW - Week 4 - Uruguay

See! I told you we weren't doing alphabetical order! But Uruguay have some serious international pedigree. Having come 4th in the last World Cup, people were reminded of their previous exploits, and without doubt they would have won the World Cup more had it began earlier - they instead won the Olympic football tournaments, which were then the biggest competition on the international stage. They won the inaugural World Cup in Uruguay, and then defeated Brazil in the Maracanazo to win the 1950 World Cup. Now they're back in Brazil, they may be able to do it again...

Key Players: Nicolas Lodeiro, Diego Godin, Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani,

World Cup KOTW - Week 4 - Uruguay

Only one entry missed out. It was Jozef. With no votes. I didn't realise he was that bad.

2nd Place
Since 3rd had no votes we'll skip it, and go onto the tie for 2nd.

So, set 3 came second with 3 votes overall, out of the 14 cast. Made by adidas, the home was dodger blue, with the 3 stripes on the sleeves, and the away used a white colour complemented by red dashes. Then the third quite clearly clashed but was nice anyway. These were made by Sir TANAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Then, tied with Set 3, was Set 4. Using Under Armour as brand, the home had a big Spurs-esque collar and sleeve design, and the away was white with a telescopic pattern. The 3rd was black and grey stripes interrupted by streaks of blue, and these kits were made by me.

1st Place

And our winner was Set 1, with his first KotW win... Zapdos the Great! His kits were all very simple: the light blue home with white font and white collar, and the away was white with blue font, and blue dashes down the sides. Then the 3rd was black, with white and blue trim, which secured 8 votes - 57%.

World Cup KOTW - Week 5 - USMNST

The United States Men's National Soccer Team (USMNST) doesn't really have a rich history, on the face of it. They haven't ever come close to winning a World Cup, but they did come 3rd at the inaugural tournament in Uruguay (Week 4). In 1950, the Haitian Joe Gaetjens scored the only goal to knock out the favourites for the tournament, England. In 1990 they made it out of their group, and they hosted the 1994 tournament which has had the widest audience for the World Cup even today. This is their 10th World Cup.

Louis? Can you make a fantasy PL kitpack? I'm bored of the exact same kits which I've seen in every edition since FM 2008 (since I just recycle mine. I mean, christ, my United kit still has AIG on it)
How do you enter?

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