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U.C Sampdoria: The Resurgence

Started on 6 September 2013 by Poachy
Latest Reply on 22 September 2013 by Jer
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2013-09-11 05:21#134504 tbendis : It looks to be a good challenge. In my save, Sampdoria win the Serie A after a few seasons, although my save is full of all sorts of shenanigans. Best of luck. Will you be going with the tactic of selling academy products and buying foreigners/Brazilians? Or?

Cheers, my ultimate goal is just make us competitive and hopefully challenge for honours every year. I want to make us into a hard working team, lots of players with high work rate, team work, stamina etc... and ground out results likes that. I prefer watch teams who get stuck in! It will be interesting to see how it pans out

We do have a few gems in the side, hopefully they can flourish in the following seasons

October & November Review

Souness - It's a good improvement

Souness - "The players have really got stuck in the this month and dedicated themselves in training and its good to see it paying off in the matches. With 5 wins in 8 games, I am very happy with the return of points. I'm not so worried about the losses to Parma or Napoli as they are strong sides and certainly will be challenging for the top spots at the end of the season. I think we may need to strengthen in January to help the lads out currently here and there is money available for that."

Reporter - "What do you make of the news S.L Benfica are looking to sign your central midfield star Andrea Poli?"

Souness - "I'm not really interested in talking about it, if indeed they are interested then we will see if they table an offer. Andrea is currently a key part of our team and we would not be looking to sell him in the near future. If S.L. Benfica put a bid on the table and its something worth looking at then I will consider it"

Serie A Table
Nce touch with the interview. Some good results too :)

December & January Review

Souness - The hard work is paying off

Souness - "I'm really pleased with the way we have played this month, we are are now sitting just in the top four and the fact I have been here only 6 months is a credit to the lads and the faith they have in my tactics and methods. Its really starting to gel well as we have made it all the way to the Italian Cup Final against Juventus which takes place at the end of the season."

Reporter - "How do you feel your players will react in the second half of the season, it normally goes two ways, will they either crumble or push on?!"

Souness - "All I can ask is the lads carry on doing what they are doing, it seems to be working so far and if we can make it to the end of the season in the top 6, that would be a great achievement. Anything above that is a bonus. The media predicted we would finish in the bottom half in 14th position so we are far excelling that prediction. If we can reach the promised land of Europe it would be a great achievement for everyone involved in the club and the supporters"

Serie A Table
Great performances mate! 4th place with Sampdoria is very good! Keep it up!
2013-09-12 15:56#134624 AAN : Great performances mate! 4th place with Sampdoria is very good! Keep it up!

Cheers mate, really starting to enjoy it, the players seem to be really getting stuck in, especially with the amount yellows cards my players get! ha!

Febuary & March Review

Souness - We're up with the big boys!

Reporter - "Graeme, are you starting to get excited at the prospect of what a season this could turn out to be in your first year here at the club?"

Souness - "Its very surreal as I certainly didnt expect to be up at the top of the league, especially with the amount of strong teams in this league. It appears Napoli are going to run away with the title this year but it seem we are in a fight for that second spot. It could turn out to be a very special year as we are in the Final of the Italian Cup aswell."

Reporter - "How do you think you would fair in Europe if indeed you make it into one of the spots"

Souness - "I definitely will have to strengthen the squad through the summer, some players may leave and some players may come in, we will have to wait and see what happens, but at the moment I am just focusing on the job in hand, one game at a time."

Serie A Table
I really like the look of this story! Excellent start mate! :)
2013-09-12 20:52#134701 Nathaniel : I really like the look of this story! Excellent start mate! :)

Thanks, its turning out to be good fun :)
Poachy's avatar Group Poachy
10 yearsEdited

April & May Review

Souness - Souness creating history!

Reporter - "Graeme, you've done it, you have finished 2nd in the league this year and qualified for next seasons Champions League, how do you feel?!"

Souness - "Its been an absolute mammoth effort by the players this season and to finish off strong and come in 2nd is a great achievement. Napoli deserved to win the title this year as they were undoubtedly the strongest and most consistent team out there and well done to everyone at Napoli. As for us here at Sampdoria, I never expected we would finish top 8 let alone 2nd. Just a great day for the fans and lets hope we can continue this into next season!"

Final Serie A Table

Sampdoria win Coppa Italia

Reporter - "Well how about that Graeme, did you ever expect that in your wildest dreams?!"

Souness - "What a fantastic day for Sampdoria football club, to win the Coppa Italia in my first season as manager is a dream come true and its a magical day. I thought we had an outside chance of winning it, but thought Juventus would be too strong today but we managed the upset and I am delighted for all the players as all the hard work has paid off"
Never realized you won the Coppa Italia, well done! Btw, I hope this is still going :)
Really like this story, tons! Love it, thinking of getting Icardi, is he any good?

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