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Mesut Ozil: A Gunner

Started on 14 September 2013 by LFC
Latest Reply on 14 September 2013 by LFC
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A New Chapter

London. It wasn't the first time I had set foot in the English capital but it WAS the most exciting time I had. Since agreeing my move from Madrid, I couldn't stop thinking about Arsenal. On the flight home from Germany (where I was having my medical) all I could think about was Arsenal. It was a real honour that Arsene Wenger had chosen me as his summer signing and the fans of Arsenal seemed pleased that I was joining from what I had seen on the news.

Of course it was not easy for me to leave Madrid. They were my home for many years. But I had to put that out of my mind. Arsenal were my team now and I had to show that I was ready to make the switch. With Gareth Bale coming into Madrid, there was no room for me, but I am grateful that they decided to sell me, rather than just keep me on the bench.

I hope that in my time with Arsenal, I can help them back to their former ways and hopefully help them in the Champions League as well. That would be the one thing I missed from Real Madrid. Being genuinely feared when you played in the Champions League. Maybe we can do well. Maybe not. But for now, I don't care. I am just pleased to be here and to be given another chance.

Since my first training session, I have felt instantly welcomed by the team and the fans. Especially Olivier Giroud. He has really welcomed me and has taken me out to places in London to make me feel at home. He has also let me stay with him until I buy a house in the area. I am yet to sell my house in Spain, so my partner is still there keeping the house in order until we buy a house. Then she will fly here to the UK and we can live together in the new house.

Authors Note

Thanks for reading. Since the discussion about player stories earlier, I have also decided to start one. I will try to update as often as I can and will make the updates as interesting as I can. Thanks.
lol strugglers :P
OzilIsAGooner! good luck!
Thanks Seni and Louis, I couldn't think of another word :D
Good luck mate!
Good luck, he'll need it at Arsenal :P

Training Success

My first week in training since joining Arsenal had been a successful one. Each morning, Olivier woke me up early so that we could prepare for training. I could feel the difference in temperature the moment we stepped outside. From a miserable day yesterday, to a beautiful summers day today. This must be the British summer I hear about. The first person to greet me at the training ground each morning is Per Mertersacker. He and Olivier have really helped me settle. Olivier has just been really good to me but I find the company of Per very useful. We speak the same language and have played multiple times together for Germany, so it is so helpful that he is already here.

I speak to Arsene after each training session this week and he says that I am doing well, but I need to get my fitness up.. However, he understands that I have only just recently came back from playing for Germany so he says he will allow time for me to ease back in to training. Arsene is a great guy. From the minute I met him, he was so warm towards me and also gives me good advice about where to find a house in London. I am very happy with the training facilities here.

I have been specifically training alongside Tomas Rosicky and Santi Cazorla, who are my main positional rivals. However I am fairly confident of starting most matches, if I keep up the good standard I have had so far in training for Arsenal. Now I cannot wait until the friendlies start so I can show the fans just how happy I am to be here.

Santi Fractures Ribs

My chances of starting matches were given an extra boost today. Unfortunately, Santi Cazorla fractured his ribs in training. This gives me a chance to prove myself in the pre-season to Arsene. Of course, I didn't want it to happen to him, but it has and he is out for 5 weeks now. We played a match in training and Per and Santi challenged for the ball in the air. Per gave Santi a little nudge and he fell onto his chest from quite a height. I am sad to see that he is out but this means that he will miss the start of the season, so I will be given a chance to show myself off. I spoke with Gary O'Driscoll, the club physio, and he says there is nothing that they can do to help Santi recover any quicker so he will have to just sit out. I wish him a speedy recovery and will definitely try to help him back onto his feet. I feel that we have both played well together in training so far, and I feel that he was my only threat to the position, with Tomas Rosicky getting older and not performing well enough in training. But there is a chance that my game will slip, so I will have to ensure that that does not happen.

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