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Remi Garde: Reclaiming The World - THIS STORY WILL NOT GO ANY FURTHER

Started on 14 May 2013 by k1rups
Latest Reply on 8 August 2013 by Louis O.
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"You'll never win anything with kids' Prove them wrong!

Press Conference

Reporters – Jaques Goddet, Thiery Roland, Albert Baker d’Isy

Press conference participants – Remi Garde, Marc Muniesa

JG: Bonjour Remi. How are you? You’ve been in this job for about 3 months now how are you settling? There have been some good results so far and some average ones.

RG: Hello Jacques, good to see you here. Listen this is a place I love and it is in my heart so everyone knows I am thrilled to be here. You’re right things have been pretty average here but we have an amazingly young team and nothing will stop us improving so while we have had a few draws, we will bring in more wins and I’m sure the fans will be happier. We sold our star player and brought in a few that will become legends of this club.

ABdI: Marc we haven’t really heard from you since your transfer to the club but you’re now out for 3 months with an injury. It must be disappointing just as you were getting a run in the team?

MM: You’re right it’s been horrible but the manager has stuck by me even when I got injured. He saw my potential and I owe him a lot for giving me the opportunity to come to Lyon. I didn’t see a future for myself at the Nou Camp and the boss there was happy to let me go. I think we’ve had a better start here than most people can see with so many injuries and new players coming in. Tony Watt is an awesome player and he’s already banging in the goals.

TR: Remi, there is a rumour from the club that the day you sold Lisandro Lopez, you stayed all night in your office working on bringing in new players. Is this the kind of dedication and effort we can expect from you as long as you are the manager?

RG: Ah Thiery it is not a rumour it is true. I was here all night and was able to secure all the signings on a single night. I had some help through the night (I had to be careful not to mention the bottle of scotch) but nothing will stop me from taking this club to the top of the footballing world. Well that’s all I have time for right now but I’m sure we will speak soon lads, merci beaucoup.
Great press conference! :)
I swear I wanted to elaborate more on my comment but I had nothing else to say :))
2013-05-18 09:25#102101 Glenn T : I swear I wanted to elaborate more on my comment but I had nothing else to say :))

XD haha there isn't much else to comment on...just yet :p
This story is very well written, and you can see the improvement as you post more and more.
2013-05-18 09:46#102120 Akash : This story is very well written, and you can see the improvement as you post more and more.

Thank you Akash :) means a lot! I've learnt a lot with writing styles by reading lots of stories recently and I'm enjoying writing this a lot more than my first story now
69th reply, because I can. ;)
2013-05-18 09:53#102127 Glenn T : 69th reply, because I can. ;)

I wasn't expecting anyone else to hve the 69th comment except you Glenn :p

Yoann Gourcuff

Son of current FC Lorient manager, Christian Gourcuff, Yoann joined Rennes in 2001 and played 66 games for them. He moved to AC Milan for €4.58 million and played 35 games in 3 years at the club. It was rumoured Yoann lacked discipline while at Milan and he refused to learn Italian and Carlo Ancelotti had criticised the player, saying he had psychological issues. Once touted to be a world beater like Zidane, Yoann was falling from grace and very quickly. He joined Bordeaux on loan in 2008, playing 37 games and then signed on a 4 year deal after impressing for €13.6 million.

His time at Lyon began in August 2012 for €22 million. He has so far played 49 games for the club and was expected to be a key part of my plans but having kept an eye on his career from the start I was never a fan of the boy and decided immediately he was the first player I wanted out. He is on massive wages of €92,000 a week and I transfer listed him but clubs only wanted him on loan. He has joined AC Milan on loan and so far played a measly 2 games, 1 as a sub. I would go so far as to say I saw Gourcuff as a rubbish player and never worth the unbelievable money paid for him by Lyon or the wages he is earning. He will never play for my club but I need to find someone to take him on a transfer. I know nobody will pay even €10 million for him but with his wages off the clubs books we can put that money to good use instead of it being wasted as it is now.
He is indeed quite a shit player. Good luck getting rid of him.
I really like your writing skills, keep it up.

Got to this milestone a lot quicker this time but I just hope everyone has enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it so far!
Congratulation on 1000 views. I just read all this story and it's very well writen so far :)
Keep it up!
Good job Krupesh, deserve every single one :)

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