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Undiscovered Talent - Series 1

Started on 27 January 2012 by SlapDashFluky
Latest Reply on 30 July 2012 by NickSFC
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SlapDashFluky's avatar Group SlapDashFluky
12 yearsEdited
So, the first season of Undiscovered Talent has officially kicked off, here are you participants:

Boris Kawaski (SlapDashFluky) - CB - Ukrainian
Mitch Leathem (promitch) - LB - Australian
Shane Swanston (toonman8589) - ST - Australian
Denzil Waller (Kiwi) - CB - Scottish
Tanté (Tante) - AMR - Portuguese
Andy Bone (andyb1690) - ST - Northern Irish
Alphonse Elric (phinam51) - CM - German
Bob Bobbertson (DEMBA!) - CAM - American
Daní Atreidas (Atreidas) - GK - English
Mike Harris (Mikethemanc) - DMC - English
Charles Adí (sumzyo8) - RB - Nigerian


With all players starting aged 14, lets see who gets picked up first and who picks them up!

Update coming soon!
SlapDashFluky's avatar Group SlapDashFluky
12 yearsEdited
11th June 2011 - 11th August 2011

Mitch Leathem is the first to sign for a club, on the 14th June, making a move to Bentleigh Greens in the Australian Lower Leagues. He signs a £45 a week contract until 31/5/2014 and his value moves to £35,000. He is considered a hot prospect for the future.

Next up, Daní Atreidas, makes his move to Barnet on the 16th June. The Barnet staff consider him a hot prospect and he signs a £55 a week contract that will expire on 30/6/2013. His value increases to £30,000. The young goal-keeper wil be happy with his move to an established league side.

The 9th July sees the young Northern Irish Striker Andy Bone move to the Scottish side Buckie Thistle. He signs a £5 a week youth contract until 31/5/2014 and his overall value moves up to £7,000. Though the young striker is nearly guaranteed game time down with this low league club, he will find it hard to get noticed. Though in Buckie Thistle's First Round match in the Challenge Cup later in the month, Andy sets the record for the youngest player to ever play in the Scottish Challenge Cup, sadly though his team lose 2-1 to Alloa.

Although the young Nigerian right-back, Charles Adí, is without a club he sets the record for the youngest ever player at the Under 20's World Cup as he is represnting Nigeria there at the age of 14. Surely this will help him get recognized. Throughout the month, Charles goes on to make 4 appearances in the competition, helping them to the Quarter-Finals where they face Cameroon on the 14th August.

The shock transfer comes on the 27th July as Mike Harris who was gaining major interest from the MK Dons moves to Hull City on a £55 a week contract until 30/6/2015. His value rockets to £850,000 after the move and the young central defensive midfielder can only be delighted to start his career at such a club.

Oddly on the 2nd August, Swane Swanston decides to reject a contract offer from the Adelaide Cobras even though he is without a club still. The young Australian striker's decision is a bold one.

The 8th August sees Denzil Waller agree to join Peterborough, after rejecting offers from Scottish sides Stirling Albion and Albion Rovers, he signs a £55 a week contract until 30/6/2015. His value shuffles up to £700,000, and he joins Mike Harris in the Championship though they will both probably be playing with the Under 18's for the time being.


Additional News:
- So far Boris Kawaski, Shane Swanston, Tanté, Alphonse Elric, Bob Bobbertson and Charles Adí have yet to be signed. Though no major worry as they are all free agents and can be snapped up at anytime.
- Also to let you know I have all the leagues active, so players could sign for quite literally any club.
- If you guys want any screenshots, just request them!
Awesome! Can't wait for more! I'm following this story all the way!
SlapDashFluky's avatar Group SlapDashFluky
12 yearsEdited
11th August 2011 - 11th September 2011

Mike Harris has moved into the Hull Under 18s squad and already notched up 5 appearances with them, grabbing himself 1 assist and 2 yellow cards along the way. His performances have been impressive with an average rating of 6.96 though the same can't be said for his team-mates as they have lost four of their six games of the season so far. They lie in in 10th place of the English Under 18s Group 5 and have been knocked out of the Under 18s Cup.

Denzil Waller also finds himself in the Under 18s and he is thoroughly impressing with an average rating of 7.47. The young Scottish centre back has managed to get 2 assists from the back and 1 MotM award! He has helped his Peterborough team to 7th in the English Under 18s Group 2, also moving into the 2nd round of the Under 18s Cup.

Young Australian, Mitch Leathem, has already at the age of 14 managed to break into the Bentleigh Greens first team, he has played one league match and two friendlies with an average rating of 6.57. It may be lower league football but it is still impressive at such a young age.

Goalkeeper Daní Atreidas still remains in the Barnet first team, though he isn't making any appearances or the substitutes bench, he continues to train with the first team though. His Barnet side have had an awful start to league season as they place 22nd of 24 after 6 games and are already out of the League Cup, although they progressed in the Johnstones Paint Trophy against Southend.

Promising striker, Andy Bone, has broken into the first team at Buckie Thistle making one friendly appearance and playing four games in the league so far, though his performances could be alot better as his average rating is 6.10 with zero goals so far. I cannot find out where Buckie Thistle are as they are such a low league team the league they're in doesn't feature on this game.

Young free agent, Charles Adí, helped the Nigerian Under 20s to the Semi-Finals of the Under 20s World Cup where his side were beaten 2-1 by Mexico and then in the 3rd place play-off they were battered 4-0 by Brazil. Charles though at the young age of 14 set the record for youngest ever player at an Under 20 World Cup and finished with an average rating of 7.59 and gathered 1 MotM award.


Additional News:
- Both the leagues which Andy Bone and Mitch Leathem play in are un-able to be seen by me as they are too low but I can still let you know about the way they are playing.
- Sadly, all the other players are still yet to be signed though they all do have interest in them.
11th September 2011 - 11th October 2011

Andy Bone broke another record this month as he became the youngest ever player in the Scottish Cup, though again his side Buckie Thistle were knocked out after losing 2-0 to Formartine Utd. Andy also continued in the first team making one more friendly appearance and then another league appearance before sadly picking up a hip injury which will leave him sidelined for 2-3 months.

Goalkeeper Daní Atreidas continues training with the Barnet first team though still making no appearances at all. His Barnet team are knocked out of the Johnstones Paint Trophy 3-0 by Colchester but they do move up to 18th in the league.

Mitch Leathem had an excellent month, as he became the first Undiscovered Talent to score a professional goal. He scored in the Australian Cup and also managede to notch up two assists also and all from left back! Overall thise season he has played 8 games with 1 goal and 2 assists. His average rating is 6.64 which is impressive for someone so young against older opposition.

Central defender Denzil Waller is still impressing with the Peterborough Under 18s, this month he playted in two games and in both he gained the MotM award. So far this season Denzil has played 7 games and gaining 3 MotM awards, 2 assists and 1 yellow card in all. Though his Peterborough side have fallen to 10th in the Under 18s Group 2.

Mike Harris has had another solid month, picking up 5 more appearances for the Under 18s and grabbing himself another assist. Though he also picked up another yellow card, he has been touted as the next Owen Hargreaves by the media which is a massive statement. It is also known that he is being tutored by a senior member of the squad though details of who haven't been released. Mike's Hull sit 12th in Group 5 of the Under 18s.


Additional News:

- Sad news as for some reason Charles Adí has retired from football at the age of 14! I didn't see the reason why, but I'm gutted. He looked like he was going to become a great player.
- Still no other players have picked up a club.
SlapDashFluky's avatar Group SlapDashFluky
12 yearsEdited
11th October 2011 - 11th November 2011

Shane Swanston agreed on the 15th October to go on trial to the Canterbury Dragons, though sadly during this trial period he picked up a hip injury that ruled him out for 2-3 months and so the Dragons didn't take Shane on.

Young defensive midfielder Mike Harris played 4 more times for the Under 18s this month and notched up another assist and a yellow card so now his overall showings this season are 15 appearances, 4 assists, 4 yellow cards and 1 MotM award, with an average rating of 6.76. Mike is having a solid season with the Under 18s considering his age. He has helped the Hull Under 18s up to 11th in their group.

Denzil Waller is improving month after month, this month he managed to grab his first ever goal. He has now made 14 appearances for the Under 18s this season with 1 goal, 3 assists, 4 MotM awards, and two yellow cards. His average match rating of 7.34 is impressing alot of people and he has been compared by some to David Weir, the Scottish legend. Denzil was part of the Peterborough Under 18s team who were knocked out of the Under 18s Cup.

In the Australian lower leagues, Mitch Leathem, has continued to play solid football on a consistent basis. He has now managed 13 appearances with 1 goal, 2 assists and 1 MotM award. He is already one of the first names on the team sheet at the Bentleigh Greens and surely other teams must be looking at the 14 year-old left back. His value has already risen to £40,000.

English goalkeeper Daní Atreidas has finally moved to the Barnet Under 18s, though has only managed 1 appearance so far. His 1 appearance though was decent with him conceding only 1 goal and claiming a 7.00 match rating. The young goalkeepers Barnet Under 18s are 9th in their group and already out of the Under 18s Cup.


Additional News:

- Andy Bone is still injured and has 2-4 weeks still on the sidelines.
- No other players have been signed and Shane Swanston is out of action for 2-3 months.
- I'll be making updates so they're every two months instead of every month.
This is exciting stuff!! So how is the winner determined? Suppose there could be a few ways in determining the ranks.
11th November 2011 - 11th January 2012

Mike Harris has consistently played at a solid level for the first half of the season for Hull Under 18s, he has notched up 22 appearances with 5 assists, 2 MotM awards and 6 yellow cards with an average match rating of 6.78 overall. He is still touted as the next Owen Hargreaves and has become 'media-friendly' recently.

Scottish centre-back, Denzil Waller, continues his amazing first season with the Peterborough Under 18s. He has managed to add 2 more goals to his tally and so for this season he has 25 appearances with 3 goals, 3 assists, 5 MotM awards and only 3 yellow cards whilst playing in defence! With also an average rating of 7.11, no wonder he is considered a promising young player.

Mitch Leathem had an average month, he once again picked up appearances for the first team and performed well, so he has so far managed 21 appearances this year with 1 goal, 4 assists and 1 MotM award. His average rating of 6.52 is very good as you have to seriously consider he is playing first team football aged 14.

Daní Atreidas bagged himself two more appearances for the Barnet Under 18s, also letting in two more goals. He has helped his Barnet side to reach 8th in the English Under 18s Group 4.

Northern Irish youngster, Andy Bone has had a really good month. He managed to notch himself his first ever professional goal and a few more appearances on his return from injury. This moved his overall appearances up to 9, with 1 goal Though he won't be majorly happy with his average rating of 6.27, which is something he can work on.


Additional News:

- Tanté has been offered a contract by Naval, who are a Portuguese Second League side.
- Bob Bobbertson sadly retired, for reasons unknown! (I hope this doesn't become a problem)
- Alphonse Elric has gained minor interest from 3 sides. One of those sides being Naval who have offered Tanté a contract.
- Shane Swanston has major interest from 3 sides and one of those sides are Mitch Leathem's Bentleigh Greens.
- Boris Kawaski has minor interest from two Ukranian teams.
#40637 promitch : This is exciting stuff!! So how is the winner determined? Suppose there could be a few ways in determining the ranks.

The winner can as you said be decided in different ways. Personally I prefer when everyone has retired whoever won the most medals/trophys during their career wins.
#40640 SlapDashFluky : #40637 promitch :
This is exciting stuff!! So how is the winner determined? Suppose there could be a few ways in determining the ranks.

The winner can as you said be decided in different ways. Personally I prefer when everyone has retired whoever won the most medals/trophys during their career wins.

Sounds good to me and also be interesting to see everyones peak value.
Can you post a screeny of my player mate?
Heres Mitch Leathem so far!

11th January 2012 - 11th February 2012

Transfer Update:

Young Portuguese winger Tanté signs up for Portuguese Second League side Naval on a contract which earns him £45 a week until the 30/6/2015, it also sees his value rise to £170,000. Tanté now needs to get his head down and start showing what he can do at his new club.

Shane Swanston also finally signs to Dianella White Eagles, though his value remains at zero he is now on a £45 a week contract which expires on the 31/5/2014. Shane has already overcome one injury problem so moving to a new club shouldn't be too much for him to handle.
Who'd you think, currently, would most likely succeed more in the future and has more potential? Great idea of starting it over here by the way!
how is shane swanston doing . still injured ??
At the moment I believe Denzil Waller is looking the most promising! And Shane Swanston has had a good first month with the White Eagles, you'll see how good when I post the update real soon!

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