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Undiscovered Talent - Series 1

Started on 27 January 2012 by SlapDashFluky
Latest Reply on 30 July 2012 by NickSFC
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- At Barnet the substitute goalkeeper is unhappy at a lack of first team football and looks set to leave and as the eagle-eyed of you may have noticed from the screenshots above, Daní Atreidas has been moved back to the first team.

- Alphonse Elric and Boris Kawaski are getting major interest now the season is over.
Am i going to be a first team player? Or going up to leagues to train with someone else? Who knows. But this is gonna be fun :P
The way I'm reading it, you'll be going to train with the first team and be backup GK. As you're being tutored by Dean Brill who is currently the first choice GK, it makes sense.
Waiting for the new season :) Hopefully my player will get some games. Btw, can you set favourite clubs for players?
#40767 phinam51 : Waiting for the new season :) Hopefully my player will get some games. Btw, can you set favourite clubs for players?

Yes, you can set favorite clubs for players (and staff).
#40774 yuttra52 : #40767 phinam51 :
Waiting for the new season :) Hopefully my player will get some games. Btw, can you set favourite clubs for players?

Yes, you can set favorite clubs for players (and staff).

I think he meant is SlapDash doing it?
I could've done that when I made the players on the editor, but its too late now!
It's spot on the way it is mate :)
Can I ask how you managed to start all the players without a club..?
Are you using the official editor or FMRTE?
Official editor. What is this FMRTE? I hear alot about it.
It's an editor that you can use during the game. I don't see the point in it tbh...
11th May 2012 - 11th July 2012


A really quiet start to the transfer window with literally nothing happening and all the players are just coming back from holiday and settling into pre-season and training regimes.
SlapDashFluky's avatar Group SlapDashFluky
12 yearsEdited
11th July 2012 - 11th September 2012

Daní Atreidas has had by far the most interesting start to the second season. He started the year well, after training with the first team all pre-season as the former substitute goalkeeper was sold. Then after a few games of the season had gone by, Dean Brill, who is Barnets number one, was struck down with an injury mid-match and young Daní had to come on and make his first ever professional appearance. He came on in the 42nd minute and helped Barnet to a 3-1 victory and he collected a match rating of 6.7 overall. Then as Dean Brill's injury turned out to be a damaged cheekbone, Daní has played the last two matches though they were both loses, he did manage to break the Johnstones Paint Trophy record of the youngest ever player to play in the competition. So a good start to the season!

Young Australian left-back, Mitch Leathem has kicked off the season in style and pushed on from his impressive debut season. He is already the first choice left-back for the Bentleigh Greens and has so far this season made 4 appearances with 2 assists and 1 MotM award adding along an impressive 7.25 average match rating. Though he recently picked up a fractured rib and is possibly out of action for 2 months.

Andy Bone hasn't quite had the start of the season he'd been hoping for, as his goal drought has been publicly noted in the media. He has played 5 games this season though 4 of those games were coming as a sub, he hasn't contributed anything to his team so far. Though on a better note he has played his first game for the Northern Ireland Under 19s as he came on in a 2-1 loss to Slovakia.

Striker Shane Swanston has had a decent start to his first ever full-season, he has notched up 1 goal in 5 appearances and also 1 MotM award and a yellow card. His average rating of 6.82 overall has shown he is improving and settling into his new team.

Mike Harris has picked up where he left off by turning in some good performances for Hull Under 18s. He has managed an average rating of 6.71 so far. Though his Hull team are yet to even win a game in their group. Mike has helped with 2 assists in 8 games, though as has become custom with Mike he has racked up 1 yellow card already aswell. The reported interest from Manchester Utd and Everton has fizzled out.

Young winger Tanté has overcome injury to gain a place in the Naval Under 19s side. He has so far played 8 games and bagged 2 assists with an average rating of 6.57 overall. Hopefully he can keep hold of his place in the side and string some matches together in an attempt to impress the coaches at Naval. His Naval Under 19s side sit top of their Under 19s group after winning every game so far.

Denzil Waller never ceases to amaze, his start to the season has been superb to say the least. He has played in 10 matches while picking up 5 MotM awards already, whilst somehow also chipping in 2 assists from the back. More recently though, he joined up with the Scotland Under 19s, whom he has now played 2 matches for.


Additional News:

- Boris Kawaski and Alphonse Elric somehow still don't have a team, even though they have constant interest in them.
How's Harris doing?? Has he made it to the big time yet??
SlapDashFluky's avatar Group SlapDashFluky
12 yearsEdited
11th September 2012 - 11th December 2012

In the past few months Navals manager has been sacked and Tanté has impressed the new manager by scoring 2 goals and adding 2 more assists to his tally for the Naval Under 19s, who still sit 1st in their Under 19s group and are a massive 8 points clear. Tanté's average rating of 6.67 is good for a young player havin his first full season.

Mike Harris has continued to put in good performances for the Hull Under 18s, and as of now his stats read 22 appearances with 3 assists and 1 MotM, but as has become the norm with Mike he has bagged 5 yellows and 1 red card. Though his average rating is 6.62 overall, which reflects well.

15 year old striker, Shane Swanston has had a good start to his White Eagles career, even tough recently its been hindered by news he'll be out for up to 2 weeks with fractured ribs. He has managed more appearances and another goal before the injury hit. His stats stand at 12 appearances with 2 goals, 2 assists, 1 MotM award and a solitary yellow card. His match average rating of 6.95 is impressing people in the Australian Lower Leagues.

Andy Bone has earned himself a regular place in the Buckie Thistle and more importantly ended his much talked about goal drought. He has managed to bag himself 3 goals since the manager started showing more faith in him. His average match rating has also improved to 6.62 overall.

Young left-back Mitch Leathem has made an amazing return from injury! He has banged in 3 goals while also gaining a MotM award in 6 appearances since his return from a fractured rib. His average match rating sits at 6.87 and he is quick becoming one of the Australian Lower Leagues hot property's at the age of 15.

Daní Atreidas' continued in the Barnet first team for 3 more matches until Dean Brill returned from injury. Overall in the end he played 6 games and conceded 8 goals with 1 cleansheet and an average rating of 6.10 overall. Admittedly, he could of performed much better but the experience he gained will do him wonders in the future. He now warms the bench, which is quite an achievement for a young 15 year old goalkeeper.

Scottish defender Denzil Waller is having an even greater season this year than his first year. He so far as notched up 22 appearances with 4 assists and 8 MotM awards. His average match rating of 7.46 is by far the most impressive though and this has helped his Peterborough Under 18s to 6th in their group, a group in which they have the 3rd best defence.


Additional News:

- Sadly, both Boris Kawaski and Alphonse Elric retire. Its a shame as they had constant interest but never a solid offer.
- Roll on 2013!

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