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fm genie scout 10 with fm 09

Started on 10 December 2009 by noah08
Latest Reply on 6 January 2013 by Blue
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Can i run fm genie scout 10 with fm 09 - are they compatible with each other? I still have fm09 and would like to run genie scout.

Or is the genie scout 09 still available to run with fm09/

dont think scout 10 works with fm 09.
just get the scout 09 for fm 09.
right. didn't see the link till after I posted.

in genie scout what is jdns?
jadedness, if somone has been training hard and/or playing constantly in a long period of time he gets jaded and will need a bit of extra rest. but if you give the squad the occasional rest you shouldnt have a problem with jadedness.
I live in America so some of these positions aren't normal to me.
Whats an FB, FS, and TS?

Also, can you put pounds to $ in genie?

Any detailed would be well appreciated as I'm confused:D
full back, fast striker, target striker.
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ok got it thanks :)

I have two preety decent keepers(for BSS quality:ave) but for Player A his potential is highest on club but the other isn't nearly as high. However, the potenial rating in-game is higher than player A for Player B. Which is more important?

I feel overwhelmed by all the information so ( I know this sounds silly:O_o) but do you have any stategies to help me navigate and use all the info well? This applies to using fm with genie effectively too.

Thanks for any help!
2013-01-05 01:34#75459 jago : ttt
Was there really any need to dig out a 4-year-old thread for that?

You are reading "fm genie scout 10 with fm 09".

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