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FMSCOUT FC: Journey to the top

This will be a story where I'm managing FM scout
Started on 4 April 2013 by Seni
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Full Name: Paul Bolsens
Nationality: Belgium
Second Nationality: None
Key Attributes: First touch, Technique, Finishing, Composure, Passing, Crossing
Weight: 75 kg
Height: 185 cm
Position: M/AM/S RLC
Preferred foot: Both
Place of Birth: Vilvoorde
Number: 8
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Full Name: Adam Walker
Nationality: English
Second Nationality: Scottish
Key Attributes: First Touch, Crossing, Passing, Finishing
Weight: 46 kg
Height: 165 cm
Position: AM(RLC), ST
Preferred Foot: Right
Place of birth: Southampton
Number: 22
Full Name: Nick Dabool
Nationality: Irish
Second Nationality: Israeli
Key Attributes: Finishing, Passing, Crossing, Technique, Shooting, Dribbling
Weight: 80kg
Height: 180cm
Position: MC/AMC/AMR
Preferred foot: Right
Place of Birth: Jerusalem, Israel
Number: 20
Name: Jason Lippitt
Nationality: English
second nationality: Canada and USA
Key attributes: Passing, Crossing, Technique, Influence
Weight: 79kg
Height: 184cm
Preferred Foot: Left
Place Of Birth: Leamington Spa, England
Number: 13
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Breaking News From Stamfield Road

Just hours after their founding, Team FMScout have already found 15 young players, and one chairman to be part of this new club. The chairman is called Stam and is full of money. He released a statement for us.

"We have signed a load of brilliant players and staff. We may start in The Blue Bet Square North, but with these wonder kids, we will be in the Premier League in no time."

Ambition from the chairman there.

We will bring more as it comes but here are the players signed, and their position and number.

Goalkeepers :
Henri Ho (lolbaconboy) - 1 - GK
Alex Murray (The FMCanary) - 31 - GK

Defenders :
Harry Seddon (sedsosedso) - 3 - RB/CB/LB
Adam Stubbs (WeAreFev) - 4 - CB
Jason Lippitt (jasonvilla4ever) - 13 - RWB/LWB/LM/RM

Joe Dowley (joethequin) - 8 - DM/CM/AM C
Matthew Sellers (FMatthew) - 44 - AMC/ST
Seni Oyewumi (Seni) - 10 - AMC/AMR/AML/CM
Delroy Wilberhand (Chris) - MR/ML/MC/DM
Adam Walker (edam22) - 22 - AMR/AMC/AML/ST
Paul Bolsens (Caelis) - 18 - MC/AMC/ST
Nick Dabool (Glenn T) - 20 - MC/AMC/AMR

Mark Kolatowicz (MarkKolatowicz) - 9 - ST
James Heyhoe (BaggiesFan4598) - 45 - ST/MR/ML
Donat Qorrolli (Donatt) - 7 - ST/AML/AMR

Note: Italics mean that this can be changed as you have not put in valid information here
Name: Akash Vidyasagar
Nationality: English
Second Nationality: Belgium
Key Attributes: Tackling, Anticipation, Acceleration, Positioning
Weight: 72kg
Height: 183cm
Position: LB
Preferred Foot: Left
Place Of Birth: London, England
Number: 6
Guys only 4 key attributes
2013-04-04 13:07#89829 Seni : [size=40]Guys, just to remind you only 4 key attributes![/size]

Bit of a BBCode error there. Use heading two

A New Youngster

Unknown youngster Akash Vidyasagar has joined FMScout FC on a free transfer. He is 20 years old, much like his teammates and looks to have a bright future. Here are his stats:

Akash Vidyasagar (Akash) - 6 - LB
Name: Matthew Wells
Nationality: English
Key atributes: Passing Speed Crossing Dribbiling
Weight: 60kg
POB: Burton upon trent
Position: Left Mid/ Left back
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Name: Enzo Kyler
Nationality: San Marino
2nd Nationality: Germany
Key Atributes: Speed, Dribbling, Finishing, leadership
POB:San Marino
Foot: Right
Position: Poacher/forward
Name: Louis Ostrowski
Nationality: English
Second Nationality: Polish
Key Attributes: Rushing Out, Reflexes, Eccentricity, One on Ones
Weight: 33kg
Height: 156cm
Position: GK
Preferred Foot: Right
Place Of Birth: London, England
Number: 33
Name: Samuel Walker
Nationality: English
Key Attributes: Pace, Agility, Speed, Shooting
Weight: 24 KG
Height: 149cm
Position: ST
Preferred Foot: Right
Place Of Birth: Portsmouth, England
Number: 11
Full Name: Daniel Harvey
Nationality: English
Key Attributes: pace, control, crossing, shooting
Height: 158 cm
Place of Birth: Middlesbrough, England
Position: ST
Preferred foot: right
Number: 2
The deadline for applications to be in FM Scout FC is 12 midnight. This gives everyone a fair chance to sign up.

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