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5 of 11 Substitutes Leagues & Cups V1.2 (22.1)

A collection pack of leagues and cups for Football Manager 2022 where you can do 5 of 11 substitutions.

By Updated on Nov 11, 2021   40868 views   27 comments
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Downloads: 5498 / Size: 574.0 kB / Added: 2021-11-10
FM 2022 Fantasy Scenarios - 5 of 11 Substitutes Leagues & Cups V1.2 (22.1)
Leagues collection created by me.
5 of 11 substitutes in all national leagues and cups

*Added France (1 & 2 Division activated)
*Added Netherlands
* Added Belgium
* Add Argentina

For versions 22.1 22.2 I am only going to create scenarios for the most important leagues.
The rest of the countries will be for the last version of this year. 22.3 or 22.4.

Currently, France (lvl 3). and Portugal need official arrangements.
When it is possible to edit, I will upload them.

Recommended add-on:

International cups (Europe & South America)
5 out of 12 subs for all UEFA Competitions and more
Created by waxon-waxoff

France + No foreign players limit (National French not activated) require an official fix.
Belgium + No foreign players limit
Argentina + No foreign players limit
England + No Brexit + No foreign players limit
Italy + No foreign players limit
Spain + No foreign players limit

Recommend addon: No Borders 22

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 5498 / Size: 574.0 kB / Added: 2021-11-10
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Discussion: 5 of 11 Substitutes Leagues & Cups V1.2 (22.1)

27 comments have been posted so far.

  • adrian09s's avatar
    Hi, this file still working? I'm trying to start a game in Spain and it say that the file need to be verified in the game edior..
  • Tirix's avatar
    where to place the file or where should i put the file location?
  • marshy2017's avatar
    These don't work anymore since the winter update any plans to update soon when start new game it won't load it up due to being new update
  • Kikas's avatar
    Add Portugal pls
  • Tzeentch3's avatar
    @Ivaylo V
    I have same problem, but i used fmrte (choose Tomori->Move to Club (example Monza) and again Move to Club (Milan) and now Tomori can play :)
  • tripleking's avatar
    Please we need Portugal my friend, hugs from portugal
  • Ivaylo V's avatar
    Hello, I have installed that pack + UEFA 5 subs pack but first season with Milan I cannot register any non EU player for example Tomori. I did not bough another non EU. I tested even with new game in the beginning. Starting new game without data packs I am allowed to register gim for Serie A.
  • newhere's avatar
    sry where to place the file is
    or where should i put the file location at realy new at this thanks in advance
  • twentysete's avatar
    When does next update come??? With portugal thanks
  • antoshkeshka's avatar
    hello, now it gives problems with u19 to deactivate that league?
  • twentysete's avatar
    @dandy can you realese new version of the pack with portuguese league, i think it can work with fm new version
  • twentysete's avatar
    @dandy can you realese new version of the pack with portuguese league, i think it can work with fm new version
  • DANDY's avatar
    Now I remember, what was the problem last year. I think I eliminated the promotion playoffs for the third and second division, I don't remember if it was for the first division as well, but I'm not sure if it will work for this problem this year.
    I'll see it later, if I don't fix it I'll deactivate the third division.
  • antoshkeshka's avatar
    For me when i tried it gives error with Parent on third division North and south, every year in FM theres always a problem with lower leagues in Portugal, i cannot find how to fix that part, i managed to get in advanced rules but after gives me that error
  • DANDY's avatar
    My idea was to do it for Portugal in the first versions, but when I tried it I could even enter advanced rules.
    Then I have not seen it in the last update.
    I have it pending together with France.
  • antoshkeshka's avatar
    Hello Dandy, can you make the 5 0f 11 for Portugal, i have tried for 3 hours but something wrong with third division in Portugal. I would love to continue more seasons but it is more helpful with these subs
  • DANDY's avatar
    It works well. You must start a new game and select the database.

    Season 23/24
  • br's avatar
    It doesnt work me in the 2nd season of spanish league, do you know why can be?
  • DANDY's avatar
    Only for the first versions I will create for the most important leagues in the world.
    And for the latest update, 22.3 or 22.4 for the others.
    It is because in each update stop working.
    I don't have enough time to keep them all up to date.
  • exicky's avatar
    hey mate, can you make this for Turkey as well?
  • DANDY's avatar
    It is exactly like that.
    5 substitutes, no limit and no brexit
  • maxsmooth's avatar
    This file would be useful with the 5 subs without No foreign players limit and No brexit.
  • Sam1410's avatar
    i like it. where do i put this file ?
  • izagooner's avatar
    can you do 5 subs for england but keep brexit ?
  • DANDY's avatar
    @Thor73200 @Hazon
    Hi guys,
    It is a scenario, it does not seek reality or simulation.
    That's what the official databases are for.
    I only edit rules for those who want to play like this.

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