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FMRTE for FM2011

Popular in game editor and scout tool for Football Manager 2011 - Now patch 11.3 compatible!

By Updated on Mar 17, 2011   689151 views   78 comments
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Downloads: 151206 / Size: 10.0 MB / Added: 2010-10-24
FM 2011 Data Editors - FMRTE for FM2011
FM Real Time Editor is the first app to become available for FM 2011! Football Manager Real Time Editor is an in game editor and scout tool available for Football Manager 2011.

FMRTE has been available since FM 2008 and we have seen it evolve greatly since then. It is mostly known as a popular save game editor that lets you change finances, stadiums, kits, players, heal injuries, contracts and lots more with ease, while the game is loaded.

Updated: Mar 2011 - v4.4.0
Released: 24 Oct 2010 - v4.0.101

This version is compatible with:
STEAM Version with Patch 11.1 or Patch 11.1.1 or Patch 11.2.1 or Patch 11.3
DVD Version with Patch 11.1 or Patch 11.1.1 or Patch 11.2.1 or Patch 11.3
Direct2Drive Version with Patch 11.1 or Patch 11.1.1


If you don't know if you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed please download FMRTE installer version, or run the application "NET-Detector" that is inside FMRTE Folder, it will check if you need to install .NET 4.0 or not.

Official Patch 11.1
To use this version of FMRTE you must have your game updated at least with the 11.1 Patch.


Want to see more screenshots?

Languages Included:

  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Need more?

Important Notes

Latest version 4.0.115 does not work with FM 2011 DEMO. It works only with the STEAM and DVD version of FM, other Digital Download versions are not supported.

Some changes are not visible until you continue your game for a few days.

FMRTE may have bugs that can crash your game, use it at your own risk, and make sure you backup your savegame!

Bug reports:

PLEASE if you see any weird attribute, DO NOT CHANGE IT, and let the developer know here. This is where you should report any other bugs as well.

Editing Players/Staff names:

  • If a player name has for example 8 letters, you can only type a name that has at max 8 letters too!
  • If you edit a player/staff name, there is a huge possibility that all (or some) players that have that name will be changed as well.
  • If you want to type a bigger name, you can do it, by first changing the player/staff name with the old method, and then edit the new name to the one you want.
  • Clubs and stadiums names - Unfortunately this is not possible as FM will reload clubs and stadiums names from the game database the next time you load your savegame, so editing those items names is useless.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

F4 - Load game data
F3 - Sets focus on Search textbox, so you dont need to select the search textbox to search for players
F5 or CTRL+R - Reloads the FMRTE current screen (same as click refresh button)
CTRL+S - Saves FMRTE current screen (same as pressing the Save button)
CTRL+F - Opens FMRTE Search Filter Window
CTRL+M - Opens FMRTE Mass Edit Window
CTRL+SHIFT+W - Closes all tabs
CTRL+NUMBER - Adds a new tab with the gamer club, if are playing with two managers, you can use CTRL+1 and CTRL+2


This application is created by Ruci and this is his official site.

SPECIAL THANKS: To all users that have helped this project with donations!! And to all other users that helped with suggestions and bug reports.


4.1.2 to 4.3.0
  • Changed the way versions are numbered, now the minor version number will match the latest game patch
  • Added support for 11.3 Patch STEAM and DVD version
  • Fixed some bugs in players freezer, that was causing, in some cases FMRTE to load attributes on wrong players
  • Removed DeskMetrics analytics system
  • Fixed a bug that was causing FMRTE to "corrupt" some values like wages, player value etc, this was affecting users that changed wages to montly/yearly in FMRTE settings
  • Fixed a bug with Players that have player and staff attributes, now fitness/jadeness can be edited without problems
  • Fixed a bug in clubs players list that was preventing FMRTE to show players with player/staff attributes
  • Fixed a bug thas was causing FMRTE to forget some settings

4.1.0 to 4.1.2
  • Fixed a bug in Clubs Information screen that was causing FMRTE to hide "Manager Status" (11.2.1 only)
  • Fixed some minor bugs on user interface
  • Fixed a bug with Human Managers (11.2.1 only)
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Improved the Freeze feature, now you can choose if you want FMRTE to allow your player attribute to grow, you can also, select attributes that you don't want FMRTE to freeze
  • Added 4 new buttons in players search results (Select All, Deselect All, Export to CSV, Export to XML)
  • Added a new position named "Wide Midfielder" in "General Ranking"
  • Added some new progressbars to let the user know what FMRTE is doing when it freezes (like when you load the game data)
  • Added some missing attributes (Clubs Corporate facilities, youth recruitment) in Search and Mass Edit windows..
  • Added match preparation to nations (tested only on 11.2.1)
  • Added stadiums built date
  • Added an option in FMRTE Settings, that allows you to choose if you want to see wages per week,month or year

4.0.120 to 4.1.0
  • Added support for the 11.2.1 Patch (users with 11.2.0 must install the hotfix patch)

4.0.117 to 4.0.120
  • Added support for Football Manager 2011 Digital Download (tested with Direct 2 Drive) thanks to Devis
  • Fixed a bug in Loan Contracts, the agreed price wasn't working
  • Fixed a bug in Players, Days in Current Country
  • Fixed a bug in Swap Staff feature
  • Fixed a bug in the Mass Edit feature, FMRTE wasn't saving some staff options
  • Fixed a bug in the Mass Edit feature, Staff Personality attributes wasn't working
  • Added support for increment/decrement attributes in Presets, now you can create a preset to increment/decrement the actual value of some attribute, instead of changing it to a fixed value. To use this, you just need to type the '+' or '-' sign, for ex, to increment 10 to some attribute you just need to type +10
  • Improved Mass Edit increment/decrement attributes feature, in mass edit it was already possible to use this, but only for some attributes, now you can do it for almost every attribute, like Players/Staff ages, intcaps, CA,PA.

4.0.114 to 4.0.117
  • Fixed a bug in the swap staff feature that could cause FM to crash
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Added support for 11.1.1 Patch

4.0.111 to 4.0.114
  • Fixed a bug that affected Windows XP users, where it was difficult to see the tick in checkboxes
  • Fixed injuries now they are editable again...
  • Fixed a bug in clubs kits and colours, FM 2011 has some new kits images that were missing in FMRTE
  • Fixed some other bugs...
  • Fixed "System.OutOfMemoryException" bug, reported here - This bug was causing huge memory usage
  • Improved shortlists loading time
  • Improved switching tabs speed
  • Improved game version detection
  • Added nations Agreements
  • Added to nations, Nations Treated As UE
  • Added to nations: Euro Coefficients
  • Swap Players is now possible again (use it with caution)
  • Clubs/Nations badges are visible again
  • Clubs Debts are now editable

4.0.105 to 4.0.111
  • Fixed Current Screen bug, now mini FMRTE should be working
  • Disabled some features that are not working properly yet
  • Added support for the full version of the game, with the 11.1 Patch
  • Works with the STEAM and DVD version of FM for now

4.0.102 to 4.0.105
  • Added some unhappiness motives
  • Added a new feature that allows you to edit Clubs Match Preparation
  • Added Agents relations
  • Editing Competitions is now possible (you can edit reputation and the standings)
  • Editing Future Transfers/Transfers proposals is now possible
  • Edit players retirement is now possible

4.0.101 to 4.0.102
  • Fixed some bugs in Players Contract that was causing FM to crash (INSPIRE BUTTON BUG)
  • Players unhappiness motives now works in a different way. Now its not possible to give unhappiness motives to a player if he doesn't have any motive. We can only edit the motives that he had (change the motive, start and end dates).
    Players unhappiness motives will appear as "Unknown XX" where XX is a number, until the developer figures out all motives numbers.
  • Changed the way FMRTE shows players bonus
  • Added Players Agents

Download Now
Downloads: 151206 / Size: 10.0 MB / Added: 2010-10-24
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Discussion: FMRTE for FM2011

78 comments have been posted so far.

  • Nox_Caelum's avatar
    Started playing FM11 from the disc again lately, updated to 11.3, trying to download v4.3.0 but none of the 6 links work.
    Could you upload a new link or something?
  • Ineedfourpoint1's avatar
    Could I have the link to the FMRTE that is compatible to 11.1.1? I think it may be 4.1.1
  • eduliguori's avatar
    is there a kind of manual to FMRT? or a help file?
  • en9lish's avatar
    Would be cool if you could offer an update were you can change league and cup names.
  • filip.vucicevic's avatar
    Hi,I had run the program and worked good.!
    I changed players value and saved it.
    It saved value in game too,that was good,then after few days,in the game of course,the players value back to they original state I dont know why.?!For example:Hulk original value is 6M,I changed it in real life 28M,and worked.After i load few days in raw Hulk's value back to normal.!!
    Anyone knows why this is hapening.????!
  • ElGuapo's avatar
    "Run as administrator" and FMRTE 4.3.0 will run with the 11.3 patched installed.

    Thanks to Braca for this very useful piece of software.
  • ElGuapo's avatar
    Please upgrade FMRTE to work with Directe2Drive version with patch 11.3:-)
  • therockthrone's avatar
    Hi, thanks for all your work!
  • jasonhickling's avatar
    i do every thing it says but i am getting an error message when i click on the download
  • jasonhickling's avatar
    can any 1 help me as i am trying 2 get fmrte on my pc
  • MigzTheMan's avatar
    Can you edit a player's reputation with this?
  • Biribibom's avatar
    My FMRTE doesn't load! Everytime i try to load the FMRTE an error message pops up! I tried several times to uninstall and reinstall the software but everytime is appearing the same problem (Error Message: Provide Value On 'System.Windows.Baml2006.TypeConverterMarkupExtension'threw an exception).What am i doing wrong or what can i do to fix it
  • Cenntrino's avatar
    Can I swap tow teams between Leagues in the same Country ?
  • Stam's avatar
    @kenny: Thanks for the heads up mate, I'll add it shortly.
  • kenny3's avatar
    dudes fmrte 4.3 beta released to forums. This is beta version and untested but i'm using it and works for me. dont know if stam allowed to publish it on this site...
  • Stam's avatar
    A 11.3 compatible version will be probably released next week, this is what the author of FMRTE said.
    In other news, FMRTE for MAC has become available... you could give it a shot I guess --> iFMRTE v0.2
  • Liapos13's avatar
    For vers 11.3???
  • maxleonard1's avatar
    is there going to be an FMRTE update for version 11.3?
  • brownruffryder's avatar
    If the mac community wants a mac version, please go to this forum VOTE FOR MAC VERSION and post a comment. The more votes that the forum gets, the more likely it is for them to start making a mac version. So stop complaining and start acting
  • Stam's avatar
    No, there is no FMRTE version that works with 11.0 because 11.1 was released on release day.

    Why would you ask that on this page?

    I believe because you probably had FM 11.2.1 and your FMRTE wasn't compatible with that. Try the latest FMRTE version 4.1.2, it should work with latest patch on Direct2Drive.

    Just try it for yourself, but keep in mind that FMRTE may have bugs that can crash your game, use it at your own risk, and make sure you backup your savegame!
  • Walsall_Craig's avatar
    is this FMRTE worth it? what do people suggest about it? because I'm debating whether to download it or not....
  • dinko's avatar
    i cant get FMRTE to run for my direct2drive game... it keeps saying "FMRTE is unable to find FM11 running.." what do i need to do
  • portarx's avatar
    What's the hotfix patch for the 11.2.0 version?
  • 6294's avatar
    Is there a version that works without any patches?
  • Stam's avatar
    This is the wrong page to comment about FM11SX. Anyway, if you have latest patch 11.2.1 FM11SX is not yet compatible with it.

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