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Andromeda FM 19 Skin Final

Andromeda dark skin for Football Manager 2019. High resolution ONLY (1920 x 1080). Feature-packed as always (background selector, dozens of custom panels, various tweaks).

By Updated on Jan 30, 2019   375089 views   113 comments
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Downloads: 100508 / Size: 140.0 MB / Added: 2018-12-08
Football Manager 2019 Skins - Andromeda FM 19 Skin Final
Andromeda FM 19 Skin Final

High Resolution only (1920x1080p). Small sidebar version included. Just add both Andromeda files to your skins folder

Add this by the genius that is Flut to get the kits working on player overview

If you want to change the attributes colours or remove the boxes then here is a mod pack with instructions and images

To add your club/nation logo to always be present on the centre of the screen then
Open the skin, Then panels folder, then open the client_object folder. Now extract the rar file in that location into that folder. Over write when asked, Clear cache then reload the skin

Credits & special thanks:
In the preparation of this skin, I used xml & gfx files as well as ideas of various skinmakers. Therefore I would like to thank them and credit their work and creativity.
My good friend Henrik Reinholt Lund
Flut, Vitrex, CFM, Wannachup, Clinched, OPZ, GZskin, Neub Skin, YACS, michaeltmurrayuk, TCS, Art

Also, I would like to thank The tester and the Andromeda community for helping me and reporting any issues. Thank you! & a big thank you to them that donated, Much appreciated

Download Now
Downloads: 100508 / Size: 140.0 MB / Added: 2018-12-08
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Discussion: Andromeda FM 19 Skin Final

113 comments have been posted so far.

  • 6Times's avatar
    Will there be an FM20 version?
  • rologas13's avatar
    i have question why this skins does not suport greek language???please make andromeda for greek language the best skins[img][/img] see photo not greek :( :( :(
  • llainen's avatar
    WHy wont it show up in the "skin menu" ingame? I have done everything correct, i have downloaded many other skins and they work. but not this...Playing on mac. thannks
  • Sobek's avatar
    How to restore standard settings. reset does not work after installing andromeda
  • Sobek's avatar
    i need delete Andromeda FM 19 Skin Final, i change.reset but all time see this skin mods
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    How to delete Andromeda scoreboard?

    I want to change the default.
  • JEP0405's avatar
    Can it sim games? :)
  • BigfootBillbo's avatar
    Does Cities Megapack work with this?
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    1。can you tell me how to change Andromeda's scoreboard?

    Replacement to five major leagues, Champions League, Europa League, you can and switch scoreboards freely.

    2.How to make the sidebar transparent?

    Thank you
  • DiXiT's avatar
    Hello everyone,
    Does anyone know how to install this skin on Mac please ? It looks amazing but, after following the instructions (cache etc...), I still can't see the andromeda skin in the overview of the interface preference.

    I'm on macOS Mojave Version 10.14.3

    Thanks for the help mate !
  • thedex's avatar
    Very good skin, thanks for the really good work.

    One question, how do I put the colors of the default boxes? [img][/img]
    Thanks again.
  • claucla's avatar
    Hi, amazing skin!! I start to use it, but after 2-3 hours my computer go in crash.
    I don't know why, i've an Alienware 32Gb ram with AMD Radeon HD8970M with 4GB dedicated, with other skins no problems...
    Any solution?
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    In your screenshot, the sidebar color is the same as the club color

    How can we use this version? The sidebar is the same color as the club
  • wallyDluffy's avatar
    would this work on 1366X768
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    In the Europa league

    The game's scoreboard does not see the Europa league icon@thebantams
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    Would you please send a screenshot of the logo in the middle?

    I used the metal team logo and the standard team logo which are not shown in the middle
  • thebantams's avatar
    Yanzhihh928 is it possible you could change to a new logo. I did the same with English premier league but works ok now I have changed it,

    richbell82 Sorry buddy if you can download the skin again this will be gone

    Aethelbeorn Thank you :)
  • Aethelbeorn's avatar
    Not one for leaving comments , but have to say by far the best skin have used , loving able now to have city pics add-on as this skin allows me to use that one too...
  • richbell82's avatar
    Awesome work!! Is it possible to remove the club logos displayed centrally on the background screens please?
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    In the Europa league

    The game's scoreboard does not see the Europa league icon@thebantams
  • thebantams's avatar
    No mate the separate one is just to add logo on centre screen
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    The file“client_object browser” you uploaded in mediafire is the same as the one in the skin???
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    very good skin
    thank you very much
  • JordanMilly's avatar

    Confirmed that there's an issue with selecting a position that is not a player's default one, and scrolling through position roles, messes with the text because the default text isn't removed when you switch, it just tries to put the new text over it and makes it unreadable.
  • swat71's avatar

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