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433 My Ange Postecoglou Ball

Recreation / adaptation of Ange's Ball. Played with Spurs, tested more than 9000 games plus simulated with the tactic previews teams. Have Fun.

By on Sep 09, 2023   14949 views   2 comments
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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - 433 My Ange Postecoglou Ball


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Downloads: 3151 / Size: 47.2 kB / Added: 2023-09-09
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Discussion: 433 My Ange Postecoglou Ball

2 comments have been posted so far.

  • Delicious The Assembler's avatar
    Unlikely i can't link anything on comments, but you should at least watch the video, after that you can even come and make some kind of argument.

    I do specific say that you can play wingers, but if you didn't pay attention to how the game develop the "huge the lines", how come you make even this kind of argument?

    I don't know what means to you "my" and "adaptation" but is quite funny that you come up with such arguments.

    if you can't understand that i did Tested more then 9000 games, which every variable, i don't even know what to say, it's like wasting time.

    You can play wingers, as i do say on the video, regardeless you gonna lose -2/3 points on average. That's is something is up to you

    If you don't know how TI/PI interact i would first ask as a question, before to act like "smart", it's true that i did put "stay narrower" but yet you don't understand that if i put Stay fairly Wide on TI that will just overdrive it.
    Why i did that? It's clearly my business i guess?

    I can agree to disagree about Roam from position (if you watched some Celtic games as well you will understand your self how the shape literally move).

    I do clearly say that i do adapt the tactics to the maximum output, since clearly if i present you a tactic that can score max 30-35 Average point you(general FM players) will lose just games and start to moaning that is tactic problem.

    Since i can't really teach to everyone how to play the game, i do make my own decision making to make at least the tactic the most possible look as the IRL one.

    I don't know what idea you have of Wingers/Inverted Wingers or Inverted Forward. To me are just "names", if i choose something is because is gonna give you better results. Roles to me on FM means nothing, is how the analysis you ponder on it that's change the outcome.

    IF you believe that IRL there are just "underlap/overlap" and stuff like that or wider and narrower, you are far away from the truth.

    You believe that Hold or Roam are something ain't moving while you advance with the ball... Once again i do suggest you to watch more games.

    And it's not just a 433 like you believe it is.



    P.S. I do really appreciate feedback even if there are negative, what i don't like are literally people act as "smart", when they literally don't know the difference between in-game and in-real.
  • Duncan1872's avatar
    Respectfully this is nothing like Ange ball simply because not only are you using inverted Wingers but you have them playing narrower too.

    Angeball has these positions hugging the touchlines to create space in the channels, so they dont roam either as they need to hold position to create this space.
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