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FM22 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe

This FM22 leagues megapack by DaveTheEditor will give you the most realistic experience in Football Manager ever. All Nations are made via the advanced editor.

By Updated on Dec 19, 2021   34590 views   27 comments
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Downloads: 5567 / Size: 455.0 kB / Added: 2021-11-30
Football Manager 2022 League Updates - FM22 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe
Long live football! These are the words of a madman who owns the latest Football Manager every year but hardly ever plays it, spending most of his time in the editor instead. If something already captivates me as much as Sports Interactive's editor, I might as well use this passion to give the community a little present.

The passion of a footballer is indescribably great, almost as great as the choice of countries to conquer when it comes to where to start the next save. Do I stay at home, do I make the journey to a smaller country or do I spend my time right away in countries like Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, a country that only has three football clubs?

Since I like to see people despair (no, I don't ...), I make this decision even more difficult with the help of my megapack. Say goodbye to your friends and family and immerse yourself in the incomprehensibly diverse world of football. Whether England, Georgia or Burundi. Everything is allowed and everything is fun ;)

The FM22 Leagues Megapack

As in FM21, my goal in FM22 is to make all the countries included in the Football Manager playable for you. With all 6 continents, the already known additional files and the planned new additional files, you will end up with over 200 files. A considerable sum.

Therefore, I ask for your patience until all files have branched out into the depths of the internet. To make the wait for certain files more bearable, there is a little release information for each pack.

What's currently included

  • CAF (coming in Version 2)
  • AFC (coming in Version 2)
  • UEFA (20)
  • CONCACAF (coming in Version 3)
  • OFC (coming in Version 3)
  • CONMEBOL (5)

Now we come to the further drivel that hardly anyone will read.

Realism is written in capital letters for me, because without realism the fun of the game suffers extremely and the FM is supposed to be fun.

In order to guarantee realism, all files have been and will be created in the extended rules of the editor and mainly contain changes in the following areas:
  • Squad registration rules (foreigner rules, age restrictions).
  • Realistic league formats, for example Apertura/Clausura and whatever else the football associations have come up with.
  • Realistic TV money*
  • Realistic prize money**
  • VAR (Video Assistant Referee) added
  • New clubs - if the researchers have messed up again
  • TV broadcasts added
  • Added academy leagues in countries where it is necessary (mainly Africa and Asia)
My work is still closely linked to that of @Daveincid. His Megapack is fully compatible with mine and its use is highly recommended for complete play enjoyment.

* Real values if sources where available. calculated values according to a Nations average expenditure (Wages etc.) to ensure, theese Clubs are represented financially as realistic as possible.
** Real values if sources where available. calculated similar to TV-Money to ensure balance.

Leagues Included


Don't forget to check out our combined Discord server (AroundThe Globe & Increase Realism). It's certainly worth keeping an eye on. - Realism ModFM

I wish you all a merry pre-Christmas season and lots of fun gaming! Stay healthy! :)

Download Now
Downloads: 5567 / Size: 455.0 kB / Added: 2021-11-30
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Discussion: FM22 Leagues Megapack - Around The Globe

27 comments have been posted so far.

  • Preco's avatar
    Hey sorry for what could be a dumb question, if we download this pack now. Whenever you do updates, we would need to redownload with the updates correct? If so what happens to the old file, it would just store, would we need to delete, or would the new files replace the older ones + add?
  • TheFMGaffer's avatar
    Thank you! That makes sense, I really appreciate all the hard work you do, this is my favourite edits, allows a proper realistic hexagon challenge among other things.
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    Thank you very much. I fixed it and it will be in online in the next update.
    About Version 2 und 3: I know it's taking longer this year... This is mainly because most countries have reduced the information on the league, cup, etc. due to Corona, and this affects Asia and Africa in particular.
  • TheFMGaffer's avatar
    Small comment but in the Andorran second division you have set up FC Santa Coloma, UE Santa Coloma, Engordany and Athletic Club D'Escalades' B team as proper b teams but Sant Julia's B team has been set up as another team with the ability to get promoted.
  • M0xl3y's avatar
    romania is another another megapack on here iphone so if it doesn't end up in this one it's in that one.
  • TheFMGaffer's avatar
    When can we expect updates 2 and 3?
  • iphone4567s's avatar
    I don't know how to use Discord.
  • jordanmillward_1's avatar
    @iphone4567s Apparently you're not able to read, but in case that's not correct, and you're not able to look down about 5-6 posts, Dave has already responded to the Romania request:

    "If you are Romanian, or at least fluent in Romanian, feel free to contact me on Discord (link is above) or on Twitter. Then I'm sure something can be done. But without someone who knows Romanian or knows where to find the information, I'm not going to do it."
  • iphone4567s's avatar
    Romania when?
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    Its online. ^^
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    AroundTheGlobe Megapack - Version 1 - Update 1

    Albania: Brian's AF was moved to the lower league container; FK Partizani Tirana II was dissolved.
    Kosovo: The Cup will now also take place in 2021, as this was not clear at the time of creation.
    Latvia: The squad rules have been adapted to those of SI.
    Malta: The second division groupings are now true to reality.
    Moldova: The foreigner rule has been removed.
    North Macedonia: The reform of the 2nd division was added.
    Ecuador: The 2nd division play-off has been removed; the 2023 Supercup will now also be "drawn" in 2023; the creation of the league chronicle has been revised.
    Paraguay: The Supercup was added.
    Peru: The 2nd league has been brought closer to the now published data of reality; the Cup now also has the format true to reality from season 2; the squad rules have been minimally adjusted.
    Venezuela: The creation of the league chronicle for League 1 and 2 was revised.

    The link in the initial post has been updated.

    Have fun with the file and see you again for the release of version 2 ;)
  • makis604's avatar
    new update on the weekend?
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    The files must be DIRECTLY in the Editor Data folder, they must not be in any subfolders. I guess this is your problem.
  • capusaku's avatar
    its very great that i can play as Pirata fc from my home country Peru in liga 2, if you need help with anything peru related i will be glad to help
  • asapbrandon's avatar
    cant wait for el salvador league to be added
  • eron1234's avatar
    Hello. It is not working for me. Where should I place the file, and what should I do with it?
  • JoeP95's avatar
    @DaveTheEditor Sure, I believe in the Moldovan Premier league there is a no foreign rule which is not in your version. As is if you go as Sheriff all players are classed as foregin so its impossible to play :(
  • iphone4567s's avatar
  • 3r3tn3k's avatar
    Thank you for the whole project Dave! Can you add the hungarian lower leauges? I can help with the rules, teams, or anything you need to make it.
  • jayjayny's avatar
    Great work Dave, thank you!
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @wfm18 - Sorry, I had unfortunately overlooked your question before. - I'm not sure about that either. :(
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @wfm18 - Haha. Sorry. At least the countries are named in English this year and no longer in German. :D
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @likeastar20 - If you are Romanian, or at least fluent in Romanian, feel free to contact me on Discord (link is above) or on Twitter. Then I'm sure something can be done. But without someone who knows Romanian or knows where to find the information, I'm not going to do it.
  • DaveTheEditor's avatar
    @JoeP95 - I'm afraid I don't know what you mean, I don't see any error in the FM. Can you please be more specific?
  • wfm18's avatar
    Would be great if the filenames could be named Dave_Around_the_Globe_[country].fmf instead of [country]_by_Dave.fmf so my editor files folder isn't such a mess :D

    Apart from that, well done again! Does adding more and more leagues (without turning them on) affect the performance?

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