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Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 for FM15

The most prolific and modern 4-4-2 ever. High quality football and domination to use in Football Manager 2015.

By on Jan 04, 2015   43612 views   9 comments
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FM 2015 Tactics - Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 for FM15
Key Phrase of Arrigo Sacchi when they called him to introduce himself:

I'm used to let my work speak for itself instead of making announcements myself. The role of a coach has to be direct, specific and clear. The coach is the one who leads the team with respect and dignity and the one who must inspire others with his character and personality. It's the person who helps the group to advance and not the one who expects the attraction of others.

What Sacchi made is not the establishment of some specific formation or training philosophy, but a combination of all of these embroiled with inspirational and passionate approach towards the game. It's a change which was made thanks to his overall philosophy through football. This philosophy includes psychology, pedagogy, human values apart than rigid coaching methods or tactics. He used to be very direct and this was translated into "aggressiveness", impulsive behaviour and dogmatism.

But "sacchianismo" is not a way of playing but a way of understanding life. It's not an one way pattern, but an inspirational way which helps you to have your eyes open, to know to hug people for achievements, to praise others and to believe strongly your ideas by supporting them with arguments. It's a worldview which burns whatever is not right, correct, shiny and clear. It's a fire which gives light to the one who works and believes in these values and a flame which destroys hypocrisy, cheap irony and lies.

Ladies and gentlemen this is Arrigo Sacchi.

The FM15 tactics

I announce here publicly that various personal issues cannot allow me to post and to respond immediately. Not even to make a full season in FM 2015 properly. These reasons currently are very serious and it's a mix of family and health issues. Every person chooses freely his life-path and currently it's a big luxury to make long viewed analysed tactics. I apologize for any inconvenience but I cannot tolerate any further question considering my way of posting. There are some priorities which are urgent like in this case for instance.

All these tactics are highly worked and tested with one of the most difficult and undisciplined clubs in Europe. PSG hollywood, otherwise the kingdom of monarch Zlatan. A team which is permanently in nerve and identity crisis and which is impossible to maintain even the simplest principles of team spirit. A club which has the luxury to abandon Carlo Ancelotti, to pay Leonardo who is practically absent and to allow to 45mil. players like Lavezzi to shame the club's coach publicly and later on to make extended holidays illegally. A club which has the privilege to have 45.000 viewers as judges in their home stadium despite the team is leading ahead in the league table. A unique and rare phenomenon of a rich club that leads, invests heavily but suffers from introversion on and off the pitch.

A tanker of big money spending and enormous arising troubles. It's not an easy club at all. I stand by what I said and I give you food for thought. Search for scandals in PSG the last 2 decades. Much before the taking over from rich Arabs. Just to know a bit what is going on.


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Downloads: 9301 / Size: 81.0 kB / Added: 2015-01-04
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Discussion: Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 for FM15

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  • Stam's avatar
    @legendsat @LykoYNWA: SI wanted to eliminate .tac files (as well as slf, pft, dbc and tsh) and keep only the .fmf one. After the 15.3.0 update, .tac files no longer work. If the .tac file was from a previous version (before 15.3) the game isn't going to recognize it.
  • LykoYNWA's avatar
    Can someone please answer Legendsat's question as i have the same question. Thanks
  • eddow's avatar
    Hi Mr. Mancini,

    I really like your tactics on fmscout. Could you create and share Rafa Benitez' 4-2-3-1 tactic on fm15 too? I would really appreciate it.
  • LaVolpe's avatar
    But in FM it is really easy to manage a team like PSG in an easy league like the Ligue 1.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Nothing is easy and granted in this life.
  • LaVolpe's avatar
    Isn't it easy to win with a team like PSG?
  • Mr_Black101's avatar
    Nice tactic ..when to tightly mark opponents ? how do you setup a plan to counter opponents ?
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    I work seriously so this tactic is strictly for fm15 version .Alternatively download this simmilar tactic from fm14 tactics section .
  • legendsat's avatar
    Hello mates...just a question...all the tactics are .fmf files...
    How can i insert them in tactics file and use them, as the FM can read .tac files.
    Thank you.
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