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FM22 Basic Training Schedules by FCC

A set of 5 training schedules to use for different circumstances in FM2022. Simple training method & tips on how to approach individual training, what coaches to sign, and general training advice.

By on Dec 17, 2021   87405 views   14 comments
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Downloads: 28769 / Size: 189.0 kB / Added: 2021-12-17
FM 2022 Training Schedules - FM22 Basic Training Schedules by FCC

Football Manager 2022 Basic Training by fc.cadoni

Hello everyone!

We are back, this time with training. A simple training for all styles and types of tactics which can care — treat like plug and play.

Some hints

Player Development affected by:

- Ambition
- Determination
- Professionalism
- Age
- Rest PA (Potential Ability)
- Injury Prone (lower, means will receive softer injuries)
- Coaches
- Training Facilities

Players which is older than 24 years, development rate is slower or not at all. Typically, these players have already reached their PA or have a little space to grow — it depends of the position & weight of attributes for each position.

For example, a Central Defender cost more CA points for marking from the finishing one.

Regarding Coaches

Make sure to have the below workload for the best results:

x1 General Fitness Coach (Quickness & Strength)
x1 Quickness Fitness Coach
x1 Strength Fitness Coach

x1 General Goalkeeping Coach (Shot Stopping & Handling)
x1 Shot Stopping GK Coach
x1 Handling GK Coach

x1 General Coach (Defend, Attack, Possession)
x1 Defend Tactical Coach
x1 Defend Technical Coach
x1 Attack Tactical Coach
x1 Attack Technical Coach
x1 Possession Tactical Coach (Mental & Tactical Attributes)
x1 Possession Technical Coach (Mental & Technical Attributes)

Regarding Individual Training

Assign Players to train according to your tactic. For example if you have a IWB in you tactic, assign your LB,RB to train as IWB.

Additional Focus: According to attribute weighting, I will assign a CD focus in Marking, Decisions, Positioning (Defensive Positioning Focus).

For Intensity Level: Automatic, but go to the Rest Tab in Training and assign the below scheme.

Regarding Scheduling

I have changed the scheduling via Preferences.

Open Preferences > Match > Match Scheduling Options > Use Saturday & Wednesday Matchdays

With this option, I am avoiding 3 games per week or matches to be moved from Saturday to Sunday which will destroy the design-training scheduling.

Using my training schedules

Save Files to:
\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\schedules

How to Load:
Training > Schedules > Dropdown > Custom Schedules > Get More > Select the Schedules > Once Opened Click Save

How to Use:
Training > Calendar > Dropdowns per each week

That’s all! I am hoping to have good results.
It’s not something exploit or make your 80 PA player to grow like Messi — it’s not possible.

Download Now
Downloads: 28769 / Size: 189.0 kB / Added: 2021-12-17
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Discussion: FM22 Basic Training Schedules by FCC

14 comments have been posted so far.

  • TRANE's avatar

    Hey, man. This training schedules is good for my youngster team?
  • bigmen's avatar
    Hey dude, i saw your HGF 451 Training in the knap post. Do you recommend this training or the one posted there?

    I guess the rest of the hints/config works for both trainings right?
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    You will have matches being played in Wednesday & Saturday only.


    No, not all positions having the same weighting in attributes. Defensive Positioning Focus it's good for CD position. For ST is Quickness etc.
  • Wolfuns's avatar
    Hi, thanks for the tip again :)
    But you wrote that :

    "According to attribute weighting, I will assign a CD focus in Marking, Decisions, Positioning (Defensive Positioning Focus)."

    Do i have to apply that to all players? or Just Central Defenders?
  • 1984nikos's avatar
    if you change Saturday & Wednesday in cgampionw league you ll play only in wednesday?id never done this
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Hi @AngGet ,

    If you follow correct the steps you will be able to load it in PC version. Not sure about outside from PC version how it works.

    Thank you!
  • AngGet's avatar
    Hello. I try to upload in the game this training schedules but in loading miss step get more and I can`t do it. Why happen this way?
  • mukiblejlok's avatar
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    Ignore them, it's just cosmetic. If you increase "quickness" will increase the risk of injury; plus next week or second will complain about "tactical". So, ignore it.
  • mukiblejlok's avatar
    hi, i have lot of players wanting more quickness training, any suggestions?
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Hi @Rekoshooter,

    Take a look here:
  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    Sorry, but I did not find "per each week"
    As you noted above:
    How to Use:
    Training > Calendar > Dropdowns per each week
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    Match Review does not effect something from my tests. Why not preparing for the next one? Hehe
  • TrickedBall's avatar
    No match review after matches?
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