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Canada Pro/Rel (Level 6) / FM21 DB

For those who want to play in Canada on FM 2021 with a Promotion / Relegation here is your file.

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Football Manager 2021 League Updates - Canada Pro/Rel (Level 6) / FM21 DB
Hey All... Working on a Canadian Database... With all of the editors out there, this database is a bit different then all.. Before I go into details on the database. Myself and JimmyBronx have made this file from scratch. The following is how the Two Database will beak down.

Downloadable pack includes Logos and both Database files.

Canadian Premier League

Consist of 12 Teams (8 CPL, 3 MLS Teams and 1 Random Canadian Team)

Season runs from March to August

12 teams play each team 4 times (44 games)

Top 2 teams play for the Championship

12th team get Relegated

11th team plays in the relegation playoff (Team from Division 2)

Canadian Elite League

Consist of 12 Teams

Season runs from March to November

44 Games

Top team gets Promoted to CPL

2nd and 3rd team playoff (Winner plays the 11th place from CPL with the winner staying in CPL, loser gets relegated to CEL)

12th place team gets relegated to Canadian National League

11th Place team plays in the Relegation Playoffs (plays playoff team from CNL)

Canadian National League

This League consist of 20 teams 38 teams plays each team twice
Top team promoted to CEL
2nd and 3rd playoff to see who plays 11th place from CEL
17th to 20th place teams get relegated to Canadian Provincial League (Provincial Teams consist of PLSQ, League1 Ontario, AMSL and PCSL)

Each League Above will come with a U21 Reserve League to develop their youth intake.

Provincial Leagues

1st Team each league gets promoted to Canadian National League
Bottom 2 teams get relegated to Canadian Provincial League 2
PCSL - 11 teams 20 games twice each
AMSL - 15 teams 28 games each team twice
PLSQ 15 teams 28 games each team twice
League1 Ontario 20 teams 38 games each team twice

Canadian Provincial League 2
Ontario Soccer League (18 teams 34 games play each 2 times)
League1 du Quebec (17 teams 32 games each team 2 times)
Prairies Soccer Championship (12 teams 22 games each team twice)
League1 Pacific (11 teams 20 games twice)
1st team in each team gets Promoted
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th play in a Promotion playoffs

All Teams from Above Leagues will Compete in the Canadian Championship

U-Sports Leagues
Each U-Sports League will be in the database.
Atlantic University Sport (PEI, NB, Newfoundland Area) - 10 Teams 36 games play each other 4 times. March to October
CWU Pacific (British Columbia Universities) - 7 Teams x 6 Games Each = 36 games March to October
CWU Praire (Alberta/SK) - 6 Teams x 7 games each) = 35 games March to November
OUA West (Ontario West) - 9 teams x 5 games each = 40 games March to October
OUA East (Ontario East) - 9 teams x 5 games each = 40 games March to October
RESQ (Quebec University) - 7 teams x 6 games each = 36 games March to October
U-Sports Championship - Qualifying round (32 Teams) then 2 rounds before u reach Quarters, Semis and Finals (Runs January 6th to January 21st)

If you want to play as a U-Sports School (aka Canada NCAA for those who are from US or outside of North America start in Season 2. Reason for that is because if you start season 1 with all of the players it has to create within the databses if you have playable players selected it will not create enough regens)


MLS 24 teams 46 games
USL East Conference 17 teams 32 games
USL West 18 teams 34 games
USSL Division 1 (11 teams 20 games)
It also has USSL D2 as well

MLS Academy League - 26 Teams x 2 Games vs each team. Each team plays 50 games
MLS Academy Cup - Involves all 26 Teams some teams join in the 1st round and some join 2nd round. It has 1st round and 2nd round before you hit the Quarter, Semis and Finals. Cup runs during the Month of January

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Downloads: 913 / Size: 6.7 MB / Added: 2020-12-06
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