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Carlo Ancelotti's AC Milan FM20 Tactics by RDF

RDF tries to replicate the playing style Carlo Ancelotti used at Ac Milan during the years 2004-2007. Possession-based football as they knocked the ball around patiently waiting for an opening.

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Football Manager 2020 Tactics - Carlo Ancelotti's AC Milan FM20 Tactics by RDF

RDF’s Ancelotti (A.C Milan 2004-07) Systems Recreation

What's included in the pack.
  • 2x tactic variations (xmas tree + narrow diamond)
  • 1x training schedule

The Christmas tree 4321 - was considered a defensive system at the time, as it heavily focused on being structured and solid, not leaving any gaps for opponents to expose and difficult to break down.

The back for was shaped pretty much like a flat 4 with the wing backs having the license to get further forward and offer natural width for this very narrow formation.

The Midfield trio, which at the time was Guttuso, Pirlo and Ambrosini, we’re seen to be a 3 man holding midfield. These 3 men were key and all have very different roles, Pirlo was the playmaker for the whole team and was allowed to roam around to effect the game.

In order for this to be allowed to happen, both midfielders on each side of him had to be solid and able to win the ball and also cover. Guttuso was more the ball winning midfielder whilst Ambrosini was very smart tactically, able to cover positions and help out with defence.

The 3 front were almost shaped as the triangle at the top of the tree. The two AM’s must be able to provide quality in the final 3rd, to be able to drag defenders out of position by drifting wide also to provide width for the team. These 2 AMs had the freedom to express themselves.

The lone striker was the main goalscoring threat, not being involved too much with the build but always looking to get in behind the defence and keep them occupied.

Ancelotti played a possession-based football as they knocked the ball around patiently waiting for an opening, often using the playmaker to build from the back.

But not just the playmaker was good building from the back, the two central defenders were also very capable with the ball at there feet, giving an option for them to bring the ball out of defence if the playmaker was no available. Milan had very good decision makers in the team. They also played centrally for most periods, which would be natural as the playmaker is placed in the middle of a narrow formation.

Having creative players was key in this system to break down defence as they never had much off the ball runners causing problems, they liked to approach attacks in a patient manner. When defending, Milan were packed centrally, making it very difficult for the opponents to break this system down.

The Diamond - This shape is very similar and game style is identical. The main difference is having the AM pushed up to the Striker role, this tactic is aimed to recreate Milan in the 2005/06 season where they became runners up in the UEFA Champions League. This system is viewed more attacking than the “Christmas Tree” system

Ancelotti Tactics - Video Analysis

Ancelotti Tactics - Key Roles

DMC - The Pirlo role, the main playmaker in the side. Will need great playmaking skills - Vision, Passing, First Touch, Decisions, Composure, Positioning and Teamwork
AMCs - Again, need to be really good at playmaking also dribbling - Long Shots is a bonus but also to have good goalscoring ability
CMs - To be very good ball winners, able to have the energy to get up and down the pitch. They will need very good concentration too

I recommend building strong relationships on the pitch. Decisions, Teamwork, Work Rate and Anticipation should be important with all players.

Ancelotti Tactics - Shouts

Only used shouts with midfielder. Told them to be creative, demand more or encourage depending on the situation

Ancelotti Tactics - Tweaking Tips

  • “Work Ball Into Box” can be removed if you want to take advantage of great technical players shooting
  • “Run At Defence” can be added to be a little more direct
  • “Focus Through The Middle” can be added to increase the mentality of the Regista

Opposition Instructions - NONE

Ancelotti Tactics - FM20 Testing w/ AC Milan

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Downloads: 5011 / Size: 106.0 kB / Added: 2020-06-28
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Discussion: Carlo Ancelotti's AC Milan FM20 Tactics by RDF

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