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Champions League skin for FM14 v1.1

A great looking skin with the Champions League aura all around it. A flexible dark skin that will enhance your Football Manager 2014 experience.

By Updated on Nov 30, 2013   118677 views   39 comments
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Downloads: 31704 / Size: 11.6 MB / Added: 2013-11-17
FM 2014 Skins - Champions League skin for FM14 v1.1
The “Champions League skin” is now back with a version adapted for FM 2014.

Released: 17 November 2013 - v1.0
Updated: 27 November 2013 - v1.1

I didn't release my version for FM 2013 as I wanted to create a sidebar version, but that was unfortunately impossible.
The versions for FM 2011 and FM 2012 were mostly based on the classic Steklo X1 skin for FM 2011 made by Tom Dixon. The original header is still used in this version, but it looks very different now in FM 2014.

I added custom graphics as well as "Extended Information Panels” which I got to work with this skin. Adjustment of many standard panels were made, which resulted in bigger player pictures, mostly 180x180 size, bigger pitch in tactics screens and logo's.

MASSIVE recognition goes to "Bergkamp" from His creative work with panels is amazing and almost every skin that is released uses panels created by him.
In this skin I also implemented some graphics effects and panels from "Flut" for which I want to give recognition, especially the "ticket" in the match preview screen caught my eye and I think it makes the skin look even better.


This is version 1.1, available since 27 November 2013.

v1.1 Details

Version 1.1 a "must have" for all of you who are using the first release of the skin.
This update includes:
  • slow performance issues resolved
  • more 180x180 player faces in screens
  • an opacity/background selector
  • in-game editor button added
  • darker match scoreboard (it should look darker now, so better visibility of buttons and text)
  • commentary bar standard in game that replaces the footer
  • panels optimized for low(er) resolutions included in separate download
  • many graphical updates to enhance the FM experience
  • bug fixes and other adjustments, based on your feedback
When installed, detailed installation guide below, make sure you completely DELETE the old skin if you have the previous version of the Champions League skin installed.
Don't overwrite the old skin as files that remain in the skin folder will cause problems with this updated version.


The opacity/background selector which you will find in the the top left corner of your screen allows you to easily change the backgrounds and change the opacity.
It is now very easy to customize how transparent the backgrounds will be and switch between backgrounds.

If you want to use your own favorite background(s), just copy them to ".....\cl2014\graphics\backgrounds and replace the existing ones.
(they are named 1....6.png so rename your pic and after reloading the skin yours should be available)
Click on the "20%" text and you will see the opacity change between 20,40,60 and 80.

There is a file named "overlay.png" in the backgrounds folder.
This file makes the background look less bright, if you want you can delete it and your backgrounds will now look much lighter/brighter.


There is also an alternative "footer.xml" available in the "cl2014/panels" folder.

If you like to get the original footer back: replace "footer.xml" in the panels folder of the skin with the original file, now named "footer.xml.alt". After that rename the "alt" file to "footer.xml" and reload the skin again.

This "real footer" appearance changes with the colour of the header and it adds something different to the skin. However, this element will remove the "commentary bar" from the match screen. This is a matter of preference, some users feel the commentary bar is annoying and takes away from a "real match experience", others like to have it in there, so here it is!

Alternative profile panels

I have included alternative personal profile panels created by Bergkamp.

The panels included in the skin are the one with Kevin Strootman.
If you prefer the Daniele de Rossi panels, download and unpack the file "alt. player profile panels.7z" in the "panels" folder and overwrite existing files when prompted.
After reloading the skin you will have changed the player profile panels.

Lower resolutions

This is a dark skin, optimized for high(er) resolutions, my computer has a resolution of 1920x1080. If you have run with a lower resolution some graphics like the "titlebar scoreboard" and "match in between highlights" might become too big. So I prepared special resolution panels are a separate download: DOWNLOAD LOWER RES PANELS

Remember that even when some graphics have been adjusted to look better on lower resolutions, it will be impossible to have the same amount of information on your screens as is the case with the high resolutions.

ATTENTION: completely DELETE the existing "panels" folder before extracting the new files into a new "panels" folder, otherwise it won't work properly.
After unpacking the 7z file, as always, reload the skin with caching option "un-ticked" and the logos, player pictures, kits and other enlarged portions of the screens should now look smaller, so better, on lower resolutions.
This has not been tested extensively, so there could still be some issues with lower resolution PC's.

Start Screen

Some people don't like the Jose Mourinho picture on the "start screen", you either "love" or "hate" the guy......LOL
If you want to replace it, I have added a file in the folder "cl2014\graphics\main menu" called "manager.png.alt" You can delete the "manager.png" and either delete it or replace it with the alternative picture.

Feedback is appreciated as always!

Installation instructions

Step 1

Download the skin and extract the file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

Step 2

Move the extracted folder "cl2014" into your skins folder:

Win Vista/7/8: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\skins
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\skins
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/skins

Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.

Step 3

Start the game and go to Preferences screen and Interface tab.
You should see "Champions League Skin" as option in the skin drop down of the Overview box.
Hit the Confirm button.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.


This skin was created by a31632 and originally posted on SI forums.

Download Now
Downloads: 31704 / Size: 11.6 MB / Added: 2013-11-17
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Discussion: Champions League skin for FM14 v1.1

39 comments have been posted so far.

  • pratnala's avatar
    The link for small panels gives a 404. This one:
  • smurfstar's avatar
    like gkarl, how do you replace the stadium pics?
  • Reject X's avatar
    Really nice skin!
  • gkarl's avatar
    How do i get the stadium pictures ?
    i have the pictures,where do i put them ?
  • ch499y88's avatar

    I download this skin and its fantastic BUT FOR ONE THING...

    when iam in a game,and there is a high light the match stats etc do not fit on the screen and i can make them smaller....

    Any ideas on what i can do?

  • chandramooy's avatar
    allright, sir. Thanks

    yes, all of set pieces :)
  • a31632's avatar
    "Instant result button" is in download link just a few posts below.
    The moderators here haven't updated my download links.

    It's best to keep 100-150 pixels "free" in your screen, but also depends on your personal preference.
    I personally recommend using 1250 and 650 as values.

    Do you have the white screens with all set pieces or only corners?
    I think I know how to solve this, just want to make sure.
  • chandramooy's avatar
    here is the screenshot for a white screen when i'm want edit set pieces

    my screen resolution is 1360x768
    so, what the best to adjust the value?
    and please make a Instant Result sir :D
  • a31632's avatar
    @ Chandramooy:

    Open "match in between highlights panel.xml"

    In line 3 it shows something like:
    <panel width="1750" height="830">

    (These are MY values that work for my resolution)

    If you have a resolution on your computer of for example 1440x900 you will have to adjust these values to:
    <panel width="1300" height="750">

    And of course you can adjust to whatever you feel it should be looking like, bigger or smaller.
    Just reload the skin after you made the changes and it should look good.

    On the other issue:
    Can you show a screen image of what exactly is not showing correctly with you and let me know which resolution you are using?
    Curious if I can reproduce this or resolve.

  • chandramooy's avatar
    please resize when highlights on going
    and i have some bug.
    when i'm trying to set pieces, then edit set pieces instruction
    there's no name detected. just white
    great skin ever!
  • GaxxD's avatar
    @a31632 Ah, thanks a lot, you're a lifesaver :)
  • a31632's avatar

    that was fixed some time ago.
    i notified the moderators here but they haven't updated the page here.
    it is a minor update to 1.1 also adds an "instant result button", fixed your issue and other small things.

    download link:
  • GaxxD's avatar
    Hey there mate, great skin! Sadly I'm having a little issue with player page, namely biography and transfer info. Biography is empty for every player and so is transfer info (doesn't say his status in a team, asking price etc). Any way to fix it? I'm using polish version of FM, but when I switched to english nothing's changed.
  • a31632's avatar

    Haven't heard anything about game crashing after a game caused by a skin.
    Thousands of people have downloaded it so I'm guessing your problem is not related to the skin itself or maybe something else you installed or added is causing problems/conflicts.
    Unfortunately not able to analyse this as I never had any crashes.
  • ahmed7320's avatar
    He worked in a good way for a short period, but after a match and when you get out of the match makes the game freezes!
  • max1982's avatar
    I solved the problem lies in the panel match preview.xml, the string "boxes/plain/subtle/paper" is incorrect because it does not find the file, the exact path is "boxes/plain/subtle/dark/Paper"
  • a31632's avatar

    no I don't have the dark skin installed either, but I read that could be interfering with this.
    It could be that one of the panels in my skin is causing this, but as I can't replicate the issue I can't help you with this, this is very uncommon.

    What you could try is remove all panels from the panels folder except "titlebar.xml", "team titlebar.xml", "header.xml", "match preview.xml" and "menubar.xml".
    Reload the skin and see if the issue is resolved.
    Not all info will be visible in the screen where you have the problem, but it should show blank spaces with proper backgrounds instead of white squares.
    If resolved start copying the other panels back in and reload every time so you can see which panel, after adding it, is causing the colours to change.

    Let me know what you found it, it might help others who have the same issue as well.
  • max1982's avatar
    thanks for the reply but I do not have dark skin you installed, I could tell the panels where I can check the values
  • a31632's avatar
    I read on a post on another forum that the issue with the white texts has to do with the official dark skin being installed.
    It appears it has nothing to do with the skins itself , luckily one guy sorted it out, he wrote:

    "I was having the same problem (white text in screens) but finally sorted it out. All I did was remove the official dark skin completely from the computer via the "Downloads" option on the main screen and the steam workshop area, then cleared my cache in preferences then reloaded the skin. now working perfectly!"

    Not many people have this issue, but it sometimes pops up.

    Hope this works for you too!
  • max1982's avatar
    hi a31632, fantastic skin but I have a problem with the pre-match screen, so you understand I am attaching an image

  • a31632's avatar
    I don't have the editor installed so I don't see it.
    Had it tested by people who do have it and it should be there in the right top of the menubar, next to the ? (question icon).
  • urke96's avatar
    Where is a button for the in game editor??
  • Ma-Li7's avatar
    3rd time lucky indeed! It works prefect. Thank you for taking the time to do this for me. Honestly, can't thank you enough...
  • a31632's avatar
    Thanks for providing your resolution.
    I have adjusted the panel so it will look good on your screen.

    Download the panel and replace......3rd time lucky ;-)
  • Ma-Li7's avatar
    Thanks for replying.

    I have deleted the old file and replaced it with the new file from the lower resolution download. Loaded FM, cleared the cache and reloaded the skin and the same thing is happening.

    If it helps, I'm using a 19" monitor and full screen resolution within FM of 1280 x 1024.

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