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Cities megapack for FM 2016 v4.0

Beautiful city pics from clubs all over the world. Megapack of 5500+ cities created for Flutskin and Football Manager 2016.

By Updated on Apr 19, 2016   152734 views   28 comments
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Downloads: 37600 / Size: 1.6 GB / Added: 2015-05-06
FM 2016 Misc Graphics - Cities megapack for FM 2016 v4.0
Hi FM fans

In my last update of FlutSkin I introduced a new Club Overview Panel and a new Club General Overview including the pictures of club cities.

This is new in FM skins.

With the collaboration of other FM fans (thanks to all of them) it was possible to do the most part of the citypics from clubs all over the world.

We have now the fourth MEGAPACK for FlutSkin.

This pack includes all citypics made before April 19, 2016 (over 5500 citypics of clubs belonging to 116 countries).

We hope you enjoy it.

How to add pics of cities in club overview on FM 2016

Create a folder named citypics and put it in the following path:

documents > sports interactive > football manager 2016 > graphics > pictures

If you already have a folder named Backgrounds (inside the Pictures folder) with your stadium packs you have to organize the folders in order that the citypics folder will be read by the game BEFORE the backgrounds folder (don’t forget the game reads the folders in alphabetical order).

You need to have a Flutskin for this to work.

Download Now
Downloads: 37600 / Size: 1.6 GB / Added: 2015-05-06
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Discussion: Cities megapack for FM 2016 v4.0

28 comments have been posted so far.

  • Waltencyr's avatar
    tem como fornecer outro link para a citypics. o que está sendo feito pelo mega está dando zica.
  • Flut's avatar
    okay. Good. Problem solved :-)
  • Qvordrup's avatar

    just found another picture :)
  • Qvordrup's avatar
    how do you do that??
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Qvordrup: It seems the config is okay. Look at the extension of the picture. It should be .png or .jpg and not .PNG or .JPG (with capitals doesn't work).

    As you can see, it works
  • Qvordrup's avatar
    I have encountered a strange problem.... :s.... I would like to add a city picture for "rc paris" id=85036458, but no matter what I do I can't get it to work....could someone please try to see if it they could get to work

    <record from="85036458" to="graphics/pictures/club/85036458/background"/>

  • Flut's avatar
    Download link fixed
  • IsthmianCorinthian14's avatar
    Something is wrong with the download link
  • DAZS8's avatar
    That is because they use the same id in the config files
    As Flut says this has been aswered probably a hundred times.
    Personally I make stadium backgrounds and wish we could use all together
  • felixeverfelix's avatar
    Does anyone have an alternative download?
  • Flut's avatar
    @RKH : I answered you in the other post you put in the skin post.
  • RKH's avatar
    i just do not understand why i cannot have both stadium pics and city pics in FM 16 when using any skin? I realize the citypics require a FLUT skin to show up, but I can never get them to show up together with stadium pics. Never had an issue in '15 with this. When I use the default skin, the stadiums do not show up at all. When I use the stadiums in the FLUT skin they show up, but not in the stadium window, but instead in the city pic window. is there any way to have city and stadium pics like i see in these screenshots, or is it simply one or the other? Thanks!!
  • Flut's avatar
    Here is the Italy pack updated

  • Flut's avatar
    Hi @joecondor:
    Thanks. I will make a folder with your pictures and as soon as I did it I will put a link here.
  • joecondor's avatar
    Sorry a mistake in the previous link, this is right:

    Link download Italy City
  • joecondor's avatar
    Hi @Flut.
    I'm from Italy and I have some pictures that you miss. There are also some pictures that I think you should be replaced.
    Link download Italy City
  • IsthmianCorinthian14's avatar
    For some reason Chrome will not allow me to download files with mediafire... but it seems not a problem when I download with the MEGA-client.
    How can I get around their security blocking?
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi @alibabaissofat. Unfortunately the first answer is no. Concerning the second one, if you followed strictly the instructions I put in the pdf, I really don’t know why it happens. Sorry ;-(
  • alibabaissofat's avatar
    Hello @Flut
    Brilliant skin, I run the dark version of your skin and it is absolutely beautiful, but I have two problems. On the top right corner of the skin there is a 'bs' button that changes the background, but everytime i restart fm it changes back to default, is there any way to save it? Also, i can't seem to get the citypics running, I have the folder configuration Football Manager 2016/Graphics/Pictures/Citypics, and i followed all your instructions on the pdf instructions. Is this a problem because i'm playing on mac? thanks and excuse the crappy english.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi michaelandrews

    Please read the tutorial I included with the skin.

    Here is the Tutorial
  • michaelandrews's avatar
    and how should the background and citypics folders be organised ?

    Right now I have the following inside the graphics folder: FMC Stadium Megapack folder, Pictures folder and Stadium Backgrounds folder. Inside the Pictures folder I have a trophies folder and citypics folder. Is this correct as it is ?
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi downloadkct

    Here is the MEGA link (this is the Megapack 2.0v with 112 nations).


    Citypics Megapack v. 2.0
  • downloadkct's avatar
    Lol whats bad about Mega ? I simply LOVE Mega o0
    Mega is the only website i can download with my full 14MB bandwidth

    BTW thanks for the pack, downloading with 2MB/s :(
    Ps.: couldnt you leave the Mega link as well ? :D
  • Stam's avatar
    @Onyewu: You don't need that app. There's an option to download directly through the browser. At any case, flut has now moved the download link to mediafire.
  • Onyewu's avatar
    I'm removing this Mega app from my doesn't download the zip files for these photos

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