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Football Manager Community Spotlight - October 16

James picks his favourite Football Manager content for the 2nd week of October. #WeAreTheCommunity

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FM Weekly - Football Manager Community Spotlight - October 16
With such a healthy content ecosystem in the Football Manager community now, there’s always so many blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and more to consume and enjoy. That’s why we put together some of our favourite work we have seen produced recently in our Community Spotlight series.

Read on to find out what FM content we’re loving at the moment.

Ever wondered where the defensive midfielder came from? In this article, MaddFM talks about the different sides of this traditionally destructive role and tells us about some of the players who made the role their own.

MaddFM wrote a fantastic, detailed piece about the role and importance of the defensive midfielder in Football Manager and football in general. He starts by explaining where the defensive midfielder role started and how it became influential. He then uses examples of players who were great defensive midfielders in real life and in Championship and Football Manager to show how the role has evolved over the decades. He has even gone to the effort of adding images from different Championship and Football Manager games. It is a top-class, in-depth article so don’t miss out!

Sit back to read FMWayOfLife’s newgens article with an old-school vibe. This instalment tells how Harry has progressed with MK Dons and the newgens who have helped him along the way. The blog has a familiar FM story feel that’s comforting for long-time FM blog readers.

FMWayOfLife aka Harry published an article about his favourite newgens in his MK Dons save. It is a sort of old school post in that it’s a simple article about an FM’er and his players. But it’s enjoyable to sense how attached he is to these men he’s brought with him from the lower leagues to the Premier League. It’s well-written too and there’s a nice story flowing through – he writes about how some of these players were bought when his MK Dons team were in the Championship or lower and now they are performing well in the top flight in England.

Harry seems to be the sort of manager who likes a bargain, which I can relate to, plus he has an admirable habit of signing players with potential. Read his article here.

While you’re looking forward to FM20, take five minutes to stop and look back at where we began this journey. David Black has hopped into a virtual manager’s time machine and ended up in a network game battle with his mates on CM01/02.

Football Manager 2020 is set to be released on November 19, however, there’s a game that is still being played and is still seen by many as the best football management video game ever. It’s Championship Manager 01/02, and David Black who runs, has just posted an update to his ‘Football Friends’ network save. This is the 10th and latest update in the CM 01/02series but the journey started back in August with this ‘Pre-season’ introduction if you’d like to read from the beginning.

In the latest post, the four mates have reached the year 2003 and the likes of Arjen Robben, Nicolas Anelka and Costinha are banging the goals in. If you love Championship Manager or you’re curious about the game and wonder what the fuss is about, this blog series could be just what you need before FM20 comes out.

It’s approaching winter in the Northern hemisphere so if you want to enjoy a bit of sun, samba, and sexy football, check out Trequartista’s fabulous Flamengo side in this video.

Trequartista is one of the most consistent YouTubers out there at the moment and he brought us something a little exotic with his Flamengo save, even if he has slight difficulty pronouncing their name, and I find it hard to forget that he paid £150m for Pietro Pellegri in his Man City save.

It takes some balls to manage in Brazil. They have so many games each season, I don’t think I would have the patience. But Matt has gone on an exciting journey with regular uploads and he’s built an interesting Flamengo team with some players you won’t have heard of and some more familiar names. Can he make the Club World Cup final in his last ever session with Flamengo in FM19? Find out.

For something on Football Manager that’s really original and entertaining, you should be subscribed and following DatGuy JayCee. In this Rags to Riches video, this particular series comes to a shocking end. Find out what happens.

One of the biggest breakout YouTubers of the FM19 era, DatGuy JayCee, has uploaded the final part of his ‘Rags to Riches’ series, with the teaser: “Something horrible has happened and you have to watch it here. I feel sick. I feel upset. I feel angry. What has happened to Tommy?!?!?”

Jay won the 5 Star Potential Podcast Best Newcomer of the Year 2019 and, with the hilarious scenes he acts out as part of his Football Manager videos, you can see why he’s earned praise this season.

It’s fair to say Jay Cee’s videos veer away from the traditional Football Manager content you usually see on YouTube – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jay in a comedy show in a few years he really is something unique in our community.

Photo by Marvin Ronsdorf on Unsplash.

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