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Cypriot leagues down to level 3 for FM22

Created the Cypriot leagues down to level 3 including youth championships down to level 3 as well. Database for FM 2022.

By Updated on Dec 31, 2021   19114 views   23 comments
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Downloads: 1780 / Size: 21.1 kB / Added: 2021-11-11
Football Manager 2022 League Updates - Cypriot leagues down to level 3 for FM22
Created the Cypriot leagues down to level 3 including youth championships down to level 3 as well, if you have any suggestions for improvements leave them in the comments, mainly league formats and squad selection rules.

Cyta Championship: 12 teams, league splits into Championship and Relegation groups after 22 games, 2 relegations. / 14 teams, 3 relegations starting from 2022-23 season

B' Katigoria: 16 teams, 2 promotions 2 relegations / 14 teams, 3 promotions, 3 relegations starting from 2022-23 season

G' Katigoria: 14 teams, 2 promotions 2 relegations / 14 teams, 3 promotions, 2 relegations starting from 2022-23 season

STOK Elite Division: Inactive, only for promotions/Relegations

Coca-Cola Cup: 23 Teams, First round > 14 teams, Second round 16 teams, 7 previous winners + 9 entering teams > Quarter > Semi > Final / 28 teams starting from 2022-23 season

Super Cup: Winner of Cyta Championship vs Winner of Coca-Cola Cup/Runner up of Cyta Championship

Youth Championship A' Katigoria: 14 teams, 4 relegations

Youth Championship B' Katigoria: 14 teams, 4 promotions, 2 relegations

Youth Championship G' Katigoria: 14 teams, 2 promotions, no relegation

Special thanks to @123plamboru for providing me with the Squad Selection and Registration rules.

*December update
Fixed the Coca-Cola Cup registration bug

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Downloads: 1780 / Size: 21.1 kB / Added: 2021-11-11
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Discussion: Cypriot leagues down to level 3 for FM22

23 comments have been posted so far.

  • Bluebirds's avatar
    C:\Users\[__USERNAME__]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\editor data
  • giannischytas's avatar
    hello!how can i add the league in football manager?
  • RealSmokePL's avatar
    @phanos8 You're right, an huge oversight by me, I've changed it and it should work now, you'll see only "Only players registered for this competition can play" without the one also stating for league matches. I've also added an additional squad selection date which fixes the inability to select your squad if you're starting in the second round, I though the game would just make those teams use the one from before the first round but guess it doesn't.
  • phanos8's avatar
    Just wanted to ask if anyone else encountered the bug, where none of your players are registered for the Cypriot Cup, and you can only play under 22s. There is a rule that says that only players registered for league matches can play, and a different rule that says that only players registered for this competition can participate, but there is no registration for the cup
  • zeus1921's avatar
    you sure with the rule of max 5 foreigns?
  • RealSmokePL's avatar
    @andreas259 I've no clue as I've not used his file, if you want to know the difference you'll have to compare both files. All I know is that we both made our own Cyprus leagues.
  • andreas259's avatar
    What are the differences between this pack and the pack by pr0?
  • HRBL's avatar
    Thanks, just tried again with the latest file and it's like you say - I can sign anyone. Weirdly with the older file it had the same transfer policies showing but the game would not let me sign foreign players...
  • RealSmokePL's avatar
    @HRBL Hey, it seems to just be a UI bug as with Omonoia Psevda I just signed a Danish goalkeeper and Finnish center back with no issue.
  • HRBL's avatar
    Thanks for the reply!

    I'm not sure what's happening then for the third division teams - they all have restrictions and can only sign Cypriot players, and this seems to be tied to each team, please can you look into this?
  • RealSmokePL's avatar
    1: The only rule is that the Third Division clubs can't use foreign players, thus non-cypriot, non-EU and non-EU Free Trade Association, so they are still allowed to use players within the EU.

    2: That does sound wrong, I'll change it to 4 yellow and then every 3 yellows cause 2 and every 1 is indeed very little.
  • HRBL's avatar

    All the teams in the third division cannot buy non-Cypriot players? Is this tied to the teams or is this a league rule (i.e. if you get promoted will these rules still apply?)

    Also the rules for yellow cards make this unplayable at the moment - one suspension after 2 yellows and a suspension every single yellow card after that...! Is that correct?
  • Sheriff7's avatar
    This the best file I found for fm22 and Cypriot leagues. Keep up the good work.
  • RealSmokePL's avatar
    @123plamboru If you could send me the pdf I'd work on implementing the registration rules into my file.
  • 123plamboru's avatar
    The player registration rules for the cypriot league needs some amendments to mirror the real rules... I have found the official rules from the cyprus football league but its only in greek.. if you want i can sent you the link (there you can view/download the pdf). Msg me if you need further help
  • RealSmokePL's avatar
    I've just updated it, thus all divisions having 14 teams starting from 2022-23 season.
  • Gentryth90's avatar
    @RealSmokePL Thanks mate!

    Also both 1st and 2nd division will likely have the same format from 2022-23 onwards. 14 teams, split into 2 after 2 rounds (First 6 then bottom 8) with 3 relegations - promotions although that is subject to change until next summer as they will discuss it again but for now that is the plan CFA announced
  • RealSmokePL's avatar
    @Gentryth90 Thanks, I'll change it tomorrow.
  • Gentryth90's avatar
    Thank you for your work!

    Just a note. For the 2021-2022 season 4 teams will be promoted from the Cypriot 2nd division and the 1st division and 2nd division will both go back to 14 teams from 2022-23 onwards
  • Benziniho's avatar
    @RealSmokePL Amazing. Thank you very much!!
  • RealSmokePL's avatar
    @Benziniho Yes I do, 2 levels most likely.
  • mhajiloizis's avatar
  • Benziniho's avatar
    Hello, Do you have any plans to make the Kazakhstan leagues. Thank you :)
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