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Debski's World Of Hairstyles - Regens Hair Pack for FM15

Brand new hairpack for FM2015 with over 1600 new fresh styles for your regens/newgens! Updated 5th December 2014.

By on Dec 06, 2014   242629 views   16 comments
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Downloads: 19086 / Size: 40.9 MB / Added: 2014-12-06
FM 2015 Misc Graphics - Debski's World Of Hairstyles - Regens Hair Pack for FM15




Christmas come early this year! Just days after the hotfix 15.1.4 for FM15 was released, making the game much more enjoyable, my buddy Emil Debski over at SortItOutSI has finished up his work on this amazing new addition to complete the FM experience.

The pack includes over 1600 new fresh looking hairstyles from all over the world, to make you never wanna play the game again without it! Try them out yourself, and see what I am talking about, it will make you wanna keep even the most rubbish of newgens, just because they look so good !

Everything tested on light and dark skins, working like a charm.

Save game compatible, and goes perfectly along other installed graphics (hairpacks, logos, kits and so on).




30.11.2014: Add-on pack for replacement/optimizing default hair


In order to complete the hairpack, I recommend you to download this add-on as well, which replaces the default SI hair with a much cleaner looking version. In my opinion many of the default hairstyles are poorly cut-out, looking messy when using specially dark skins with white pixelation left around them. On top of this, the default FM styles will be wearing the same shirt like the ones from the main pack, making all players wear the same style, giving them shoulders as well avoiding to make them look like heads on sticks figures.

5.12.2014: Alternative white kit with dark blue collar pack


This alternative version of the Debski's WOH v1.0 hairpack was made after receiving a few request to make the shirts look similar to the OLT ones. If you use that pack, mine will now blend together to make all regens look equal shirt-wise.

5.12.2014: White kit with dark blue collar default hair replacement add-on pack


This add-on pack for the alternative white shirt/blue collar version of the Debski's WOH v1.0 hairpack cleans the default SI hairs in game, which are poorly cut-out and have white pixelation around them on dark skins. Futher more they give them the same blue and white shirt like the rest of the main pack.



Installation Instructions

Step 1

Extrack the folder "DEBSKIS WORLD OF HAIRSTYLES 1.0" into the following directory on your harddrive:

[YOUR FM GAME FOLDER]\data\facegen\hair

Step 2

The above mentioned folder (hair) should now contain minimum 6 folders. The "afro", "asian", "euro", "hispanic" and "mixed_race" standard folders by SI, alongside with your new "DEBSKIS WORLD OF HAIRSTYLES 1.0" and eventually other custom graphics you might have installed.

Default places to look for the "[YOUR FM GAME FOLDER]\data\facegen\hair" folder:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015

Step 3

Open up your game, go into preference > interface and click the "Clear Cache" button. When done, close the game. Run again, and everything should be up and running.



Download Now
Downloads: 19086 / Size: 40.9 MB / Added: 2014-12-06
EmilDebski's avatar
About EmilDebski

Passionate about design and Football Manager when it comes to computers. Even better when i can mix the two together. Playing since 94, skinning since 14. Follow my work if you are into a much more beautiful FM experience.

Please support my work on Facebook:

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Discussion: Debski's World Of Hairstyles - Regens Hair Pack for FM15

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • EmilDebski's avatar

    No. SI have chosen to mess up the regens this year, so both the 15 and 16 packs don't work anymore. I was making a pack for 17, but you can't even make long haired or bearded hairstyles, as they are all cut off at the bottom. So i won't bother this year.
  • redmanftw's avatar
    Emil can i use it for fm17?
  • EmilDebski's avatar
  • 21maxwell's avatar
    @RickCisco, they do however, they don't fit the newgen. Do not fear though as Debski has confirmed their will be new hair pack coming for FM16. Stay tuned!
  • RickCisco's avatar
    Does this work for FM16??
  • InvertedWingbacks's avatar
    anyone know how to install this on a mac?
  • Hariskal's avatar
    how does this work for xp????please answer
  • evilation's avatar
    To install, copy the "DEBSKIS WORLD OF HAIRSTYLES 1.0" folder into:

    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Football Manager 2015 \ data \ facegen \ hair

    It is best to do it when you aren't running the game.

    If it still doesn't work, make sure you reload the skins in preferences when the game is loaded up.

    Copy the folder, don't overwrite the files already there.

    Hope this helps.
  • benedu3095's avatar
    is this compatible with OLT Expanded Hair Pack??
  • Gonzo's avatar
    I also can't installed this. Someone to explain better how to install
  • vladoII's avatar
    p.s. In this text you can find 3 downloads file, but only 1 step-by-step instruction.
    And on some place I read that you must have it OLD facepack.

    It's really complicate.

    I think someone will write step-by-step instruction for new update FM15.2.0.
  • vladoII's avatar
    Hi there,

    I have problem with this pack for hairstyles for FM 15.2.0.
    Please, can someone write here instruction step-by-step.

    I'm not first time on fmscout, and it's not my first time to use add-s for FM-series.
    It's really complicate because you can't find good instruction.

    Because of it, must someone write great step-by-step instruction.

    Thank you!
  • lmckimm17's avatar
    what happens if i accidentally replaced the original. How would I get the original folders back?
  • mike_c's avatar
    really good work but the Alternative white kit with dark blue collar pack doesn't work, the file type comes up as file and doesn't give any options to extract.
  • Ursulla's avatar
    Many thanks,I was waiting for it...One question though...If I'm using one of the alternative files where do I put it?...I didn't see any instructions inside the file where it should be placed...Looking forward for your updates...
  • lfc5391's avatar
    Will this make loads of regens have bright coloured (red,blue etc.) hair? I'm not too sure if I want that lol
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