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FM23 DeeBeeDark v1.4 Skin

Official DeeBeeDark Skin for Football Manager 2023. A beautiful dark Skin with Instant Result Button. Updated on December 6th.

By Updated on Dec 06, 2022   54134 views   33 comments
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Downloads: 14676 / Size: 4.5 MB / Added: 2022-10-31
Football Manager 2023 Skins - FM23 DeeBeeDark v1.4 Skin
After successful skins of the last two years, I'm offering my skin here for download this year.

Download Now
Downloads: 14676 / Size: 4.5 MB / Added: 2022-10-31
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Discussion: FM23 DeeBeeDark v1.4 Skin

33 comments have been posted so far.

  • arturs123's avatar
    How to make this skin a little bit transparent, because I have a lot of backgrounds and I always enjoy it?
  • caloides's avatar
    Hands down the best skin I have ever used on FM, big thanks for DeeBee80!
  • peireweust's avatar
    Actually, just delete the inset...
  • peireweust's avatar
    @broken_vigs @van Nistelrooy @Linus_A @DeeBee80

    About the broken stars for current and potential ability on the player profile page in certain resolutions: you can easily fix it by changing the following code in this file:

    * panels/player/player additional attributes panel.xml
    => under <!-- Current Ability --> and <!-- Potential Ability -->, change scout_stars_label widgets by changing the <layout> tags insets to "inset="0,0,0,75"

    I really really really love this skin, but I do have another bug/issue happening in the match screens:

    When I choose for stuff like my assmans comments or lots of the other options to appear in the boxes, nothing appears in them, seems to be broken. Any help in fixing this would be greatly appreciated. If you set me on my way, I may even get there, myself.
  • DeeBee80's avatar
    @MADmanMike585 yes, click on the edge of the info boxes. then you can move them
  • MADmanMIKE585's avatar
    @DeeBee80 is there anyway to move the information boxes during the game so i can watch highlights of goals?
  • DeeBee80's avatar
    @tiag457: Of course you have to download the corresponding pictures...
  • tiag457's avatar
    Hello is this normal that i don't have any image below countries like you have for germany ?
  • DeeBee80's avatar
    @ilyes92300: settings
  • ilyes92300's avatar
    @DeeBee where please ??
  • DeeBee80's avatar
    @Jay_Bro: you can move the windows, so more displays are possible
  • Jay_Bro's avatar
    This skin is great! By far the best looking FM23 skin I've used so far - thanks DeeBee80. Is there a way to get more information in the match screen - I don't seem to be able to choose average position maps, shot xg maps etc.
  • DeeBee80's avatar
    @ilyes92300: In the settings, select only icon on sidebar
  • ilyes92300's avatar
    Hello is it normal that concerning me I do not see all the stars of potential?
  • DeeBee80's avatar
    @Mik_Fe new club overview and background selector
  • gimn85's avatar
    @DeeBee80 - looks like you forgot to add credits in your post ;)
  • Mik_Fe's avatar
    @DeeBee80 one question, which is the changelog in the 1.4 version?
    thanks man for your work!
  • van Nistelrooy's avatar
    @DeeBee80 I'm using the skin on a screen resolution of 3000 x 2000 which my be causing the issue. Is there a way of adapting the skin screen for this resolution, or do you know the parts of the config which need to be amended of the player profile screen? Thanks for any help.
  • Linus_A's avatar
    Also really like this skin.
    I've got the same problem with the stars, but it's only when i have the zoom at 85 %. When I use any other zoom option it's correct.

    I normally like the 85% the most, is this something that can be corrected?
  • DeeBee80's avatar

    I don't know why you see it that way, it doesn't for me.
  • van Nistelrooy's avatar

    Amazing skin. Is there way on the 'player overview' screen for the date of birth area to be made slightly bigger, as on some players the full date is cut off and replaced by '...'. Also, could a scroll bar be added where there is a third row of Pros/Cons? Many thanks for any help.
  • DeeBee80's avatar
    winterizr: no, it's not included
  • winterizr's avatar
    Are there supposed to be a background selector panel? I can't seem to find the panel in-game, but there is a folder and xml-files supposing there should be?
  • DeeBee80's avatar
    broken vvings:

    1. I see more. Is your team too bad?

    2. not with me. Did you perhaps enable panels overwrite in the settings?
  • broken_vvings's avatar
    Awesome skin!
    I faced with few bugs on the profile page
    1) Potential ability always shows 1,5 star
    2) Panels are not saving after choosing other panels then Plans. When you left the profile page and then return - you will see a lot of Plans panels again

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