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Do It Like Greeks FM 2017 Skin v.0.9

Following last year's success with FMTGW Skin, the first greek skin is up. Dark Skin for FM 2017 with Background and Logo Selector, IR Button and other mods.

By on Dec 20, 2016   56412 views   15 comments
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Downloads: 9600 / Size: 23.6 MB / Added: 2016-12-20
Football Manager 2017 Skins - Do It Like Greeks FM 2017 Skin v.0.9
Do It Like Greeks is the very first greek skin that have been created for Football Manager. This is the following of FMTGW Official FM16 Skin from the same creator, alexmorak, graphic designer and streamer of FMTheGreekWay channel.

The concept is to create a simple, minimalistic skin directly from the greek community with a lot mods like background selector, tv logo selector and instant result button.

Of cource, in the future there will be updates with new additions, such as possible bug fixes and new graphical design on some of the game menus.

If you want to see our skin before trying it, you can check our skin guide which shows the main features of the skin:

All features until v.1.0 :
  • New main menu with motion.
  • Added shortcuts for our facebook pages at main menu.
  • Instant Result.
  • Kits for tactics menu.
  • Background selector with 7 backgrounds to choose from.
  • New colours for player's attributes.
  • New titlebar.
  • New sidebar with background.
  • TV Logo selector with 7 main logos to choose from and another 72 TV logos from around the world.
  • New stadium overview and presentation inside fixtures menu.
  • New club overview menu.

Thanks and credits to:
  1. Sky Sports 2 - FM17 Skin
  2. CFM Skin 2017
  3. OPZ Elite FM 2017 Skin
  4. Wannachup FM17 Beta Skin

DO IT LIKE GREEKS 2017 Preview

1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as WinRar for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

2. Move the extracted folder "Do It Like Greeks 2017 v.x.x" to your skins folder:
User\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\

3. Run Football Manager 2017 and go to Preferences > Interface.
You should see "Do It Like Greeks 2017 v.x.x" as an option in the skin drop down of the General options section.
Hit the Confirm button.

About FMTGW and Do It Like Greeks
FMTGW is the first greek youtube/twitch channel. It started from only one person and now it has a very big audience and our community grows faster and faster and we are very proud of this.

Do It Like Greeks is the new project by alexmorak the graphic designer of our team.

Check out the Facebook pages of our channel and our skin and watch our streams at Twitch.

Download Now
Downloads: 9600 / Size: 23.6 MB / Added: 2016-12-20
alexmorakgaming's avatar
About alexmorakgaming

YouTuber, Streamer & Caster
Creator of FMTGW Official Skin
Creator of Do It Like Greeks Skin

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Discussion: Do It Like Greeks FM 2017 Skin v.0.9

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    @agge350 there are instructions inside the folder. :)
  • agge350's avatar
    how can i make ote sport default channel?(because every time it turns to fmthegreek way)
  • restet's avatar
    @alexmoran for what? i use Vitrex skin in FM17
  • Asterix.7's avatar
    Hi. Is there a way I can increase the size of the players picture in the attributes panel? I'm using the exclusive '10 facepack. Thanks.
  • chitemm's avatar
    i want to add stadium icons for the top clubs in Europe how do i do this
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Then keep playing FM 2016.
  • restet's avatar
    FMTGW Skin for 2016 was much better IMHO
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Good to hear it mate :)
  • Reidar84's avatar
    Works fine now, dont know why, happy holidays:)
  • Reidar84's avatar
    Cant get it to work.. i have checked multiple times and done what i should in preferences... it works wih original skin. i run fm in window mode can that be the reason? Skin is absolutely mint, best by far this year so i really want it to work:)
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Of course not. Any graphic works with the skin. Check out your file locations. Happy holidays!
  • Reidar84's avatar
    @alexmorak, Yes i found out. But i struglle making logos work, i see on your screens that you have logos but i cant get it to work. i have footbee and original logos tried but no result. is there a special logo pack to work with this skin?
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Logo Selector has nothing to do with club logos. With this mod you can change TV Logos during the match.
  • Reidar84's avatar
    Skin looks great but where can i find logo selector? tring to get footbe logos to work with skiin
  • redmanftw's avatar
    very good skin keep up mate
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