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Sky Sports 2 - FM17 Skin

Last year's Sky Sports skin back & better for Football Manager 2017. Based on Sky Sports News user interface. Both high & low res versions available.

By on Dec 04, 2016   110329 views   40 comments
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Downloads: 21150 / Size: 92.9 MB / Added: 2016-12-04
Football Manager 2017 Skins - Sky Sports 2 - FM17 Skin
During the construction of this skin I changed computer and in turn resolution. So whilst I regard the high res. version as more polished I have catered some of the later work to complete the low res. version I had initially set out to make (with one or two allowances).

Released: 4 December 2016

Sky Sports 2 Skin Features

  • Hidden Sidebar option - copy across the panels folder from Hidden Sidebar folder in _skin_options_ folder (make a back-up of client object browser and sidebar menu panels if you wish to revert back to the standard sidebar options in future)
  • High Sidebar option (titlebar shifts to the right) - within client_object folder in panels just rename this clearly labeled option client object browser
  • TV logo selector in-match
  • Background selector (stable)
  • Instant result button

Sky Sports 2 Skin Preview

Sky Sports 2 - Download Links

Choose your preferred version below:

  1. High res version, optimal at 1920x1080, zoomed 125%
    (same link as the red "download now" button)

  2. Low res version 1366x768

How to install the Sky Sports 2 Skin in FM17

  1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folder "Sky Sports 2 (high res or small res)" to your skins folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\

  3. Run Football Manager 2017 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see "Sky Sports 2” as an option in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.


  • theBantams, Andromeda BLK '15-'17 for long-term inspiration and content
  • Pikawa, CFM Skin '17 for content
  • Wannabrewchup '17 for content
  • Emil Debski, Vitrex '17 and his team for inspiration and content
  • Flut '17 for content
  • Gunzo, GZ skin '17 for content
  • Sirwill, Clinched '16 for content
  • Bluestillidie00 TCS '17 for content
  • Artdektok '16 panel content
  • Wkdsoul and the rest of the forum for contribution and inspiration
  • And particular thanks to Ivan/Bossland (yacs2 '16) for contribution and inspiration and Michael Murray for content and forum contributions

Graphics: trophies, stadium, city, logos, kits and facepacks found on fmscout or sortitoutsi. Ivan's flags contained within skin download.

Download Now
Downloads: 21150 / Size: 92.9 MB / Added: 2016-12-04
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Discussion: Sky Sports 2 - FM17 Skin

40 comments have been posted so far.

  • Shinsuke's avatar
    please re-upload the low res of this skin, or if anyone has it please contact me!
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    The hi res. version is built to be used on 125% zoom. If you don't use zoom and/or don't want to and you have a hi. res system then it's probably not for you. I never intended to build this skin for hi res. initially however but due to computer issues it was somewhat forced upon me. I find the text on a standard hi res. setting too small and difficult to use let alone skin for so I personally use the zoom function and the skin I released reflects this. It was only ever really viewed as a bonus though tbh.

    There is a low res. version too, which was always my initial intention, that may or may not be more appropriate.

    It depends on your system and what zoom setting you prefer but a lot of skins don't account for 'zoom' whereas I've gone about it the opposite way.
  • aziz21official's avatar
    Hi DLo, I've downloaded your skin, it's so fantastic, but I have problems; 1) there is no formation screen beside player name and 2) the club's detail only has 2 colomn, whereas in your picture has 4 colomn. please fix them, thank you.

    PS: sorry for random pictures' name.

    [img] [/img]
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    You will need to extract the base panels using the resource archiver (guide on SI skinning hideout forum if needed) Obtain the kit icon panel from the generic folder and likewise place it in this folder within my skin.

    Find this line and add the bolded bit:
    <widget class="label" id="bNAM" size="12" alignment="top, centre_y, can_scale" style="bold" font="fonts/YOUR FONT NAME">

    Add whatever font you prefer to the font folder and make sure its name is reflected in the code above.

    Clear cache and reload skin for changes to take effect.

    NB: This is just for the name. The number involves editing 100 individual graphics. It's a ton of aggravation.I won't bother explaining that unless you specifically ask.
  • mayday's avatar
    I love this skin and I ve made some colour changes by myself but i have 2 questions:
    How can i change the font in the kit behind the player's profile photo?
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    Guys you're really going need to help me out. What resolution are you using? What settings? i.e. zoomed, windowed. Have you read just below and elsewhere that there's windowed versions of this panel? (in the tactics folder, labeled in capitals)

    I've used the high res. version myself, zero problems. Just tested the small res. version again, no problems. All I will say is the game won't allow me to test low res. in windowed (probably because I have a high res. computer) so I cannot provide support for such a specific low res. setting, I would advise anyone who insists on this setting and has problems not to use the skin.

    I would ask the above and whether you've downloaded the correct version for your computer and whether you are using the skin at its optimal settings? (i.e. high res. at 125% zoom)

    I can't help if you don't help me with more information.
  • aburfitt11's avatar
    Great skin, but I seem to have a bit of an issue - when I go to my tactics page I cannot actually see a pitch with my tactic!! Any suggestions?
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    @Maedhros1989, I see what you mean, place this is in the player folder in panels and over-write file when prompted:
  • Maedhros1989's avatar
    Great skin, so far. But I think I've got a bug, since the attribute analysis of the goalkeepers just simply doesn't appear. Its like I didn't scouted even my goalkeeper. Is there any solution to that, @D_LO_
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    What resolution are you and have you downloaded the correct version?

    I've done the tactics screen 4 times for different resolutions and scenarios (i.e. windowed mode) which leads me to think you may have the wrong one as it's one I've thoroughly tested.

    (low res. link provided within post)
  • packiechan88's avatar
    No wait, the pitch on the right hand side of the tactics screen isnt visible, theres nothing at all there, pity
  • packiechan88's avatar
    The writing under the players pic is a pain to read, wages, height etc......all bunched together, other than that an excellent skin!
  • packiechan88's avatar
    The writing under the players pic is a pain to read, wages, height etc......all bunched together, other than that an excellent skin!
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    Thanks for the support and I'm glad you enjoy using it, it's definitely a niche-type skin but those kind of comments eclipse the hate.

    There's very few limitations tbh with what you can do re. fonts. Several file types are accepted although there might be an element of trial and error, I'd just encourage you try out a few and see how it goes. You will see there's an Opentype Font File named signature within my skin so you just need to replace this with your preference. Name your new one 'signature' and you won't even need to touch the code. As I say there's so many options, Googling font websites might be a good place to start unless there's a kind of font you have mind which you can search for more specifically. There's many which provide free font downloads. You'll soon learn what file types are supported that's the only real consideration to be aware of.
  • portvale1994pvfc's avatar
    @D_LO_ yes the signature font what sort of websites is there where i can get good fonts from i really do love the skin you have done a great job on it i had the other sky sports skin from fm16 from day 1 you made it :)

    @MeDaveT If you don't appreciate other peoples hard work then don't bother posting horrible comments to the creator he's put his heart into making good skins like this i'm a massive sky sport fan and these are the sort of skins i like to use most.....
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    @MeDaveT - Happy new year to you too! So lets get this right you start the new year by creating an account and coming on here just to slag off someone else's hard work? How pathetic, what does anyone gain from your comment? I look forward to seeing your contribution to the skinning community after spending months working on a skin for free for everybody.. Thanks for the personal consideration you've shown and the very constructive comment though, invaluable.

    @portvale1994 - do you mean the signature font? On player and club overviews? You can delete the signature.xml in the font folder fairly straight forwardly if it's not to your taste or even replace it with an alternative if you have one in mind, as I say not too difficult at all to remove/replace. I haven't changed much else in the way of fonts...

    re. an update I'm quite happy with the released version, I held off release on purpose to incorporate everything, near enough from the start. There's a few optional updates on the SI forum thread though... I've been working on a few things for my personal skin and been keeping in mind whether they would add value to this skin so I've not completely ruled it out it will just depend how worthwhile it'll prove to be. So far it's mostly cosmetic so content-wise I'm struggling to improve it substantially... I'll keep everyone posted of any potential updates.
  • portvale1994pvfc's avatar
    i do like the skin iv'e had it from day 1 but i just can't get used to some of the Writing on it
  • @MeDaveT's avatar
    From the screenshots it looks absolutely horrible
  • portvale1994pvfc's avatar
    Will there be a update at all for this skin as i really struggle to read that strange joined up wrighting
  • BobDaRasta's avatar
    One of the best skins I have used in a long time, just wondering if there is any way of contacting you regarding the use of your skin?

    Cheers in advance mate and keep up the great work!!
  • Jonner's avatar
    Jonner7 years ago
    FUCK YES!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! Thank you for this bad boy! Been waiting on this! Good work boyo, good effin work!!
  • bolloxology's avatar
    I sorted that problem I had. Its working perfectly now. Thanks very much for your work.
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    @strudel that is not skin related. That's because your team is not well supported, dictated by in-game factors such as performance and the way SI have coded that team. My screens are from Arsenal v Man Utd reflecting 60,000+ stadium The Emirates. A Romanian league game is not comparable.

    @God like, I've uploaded a couple panels on the official SI forum which you can place in your panels folder so attributes without the boxes becomes an option. See: and follow instructions.
  • Strudel20's avatar
    @D_LO_ in the first photo is the teams there but behind are the arsenal suporters and some flags with the team banner , I played in Romania at some club Dinamo Bucharest , my stands are always empty , WHY?
  • D_LO_'s avatar
    Feel free ;-)

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