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England Tier 10 - FM23 Database

Unlock England's lower leagues down to level 10 with cups. English football pyramid for Football Manager 2023.

By Updated on Nov 11, 2022   34689 views   16 comments
Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 7054 / Size: 17.6 kB / Added: 2022-11-10
Football Manager 2023 League Updates - England Tier 10 - FM23 Database
Taking FM23 down to the 10th tier of the English Football Pyramid for anyone wanting a long-term lower-league save.

First release: 10 November 2022

How to unlock the English Lower Leagues on FM23

1) Download the .fmf file.

2) Drag the file into your "Editor Data" folder. located at \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\editor data. If this folder doesn't exist, create it.

3) Open Football Manager 2023 and start a new career, In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure "English Tier 10 Database" is selected.

4) Click "Advanced Setup" in the bottom right.

5) Once the database has loaded, click "Add/Remove League", then tick "England". The league will then be playable.

Recommended Settings

  • It is highly recommended to tick "Add Players to Playable Teams" under advanced options, as well as unticking "Do Not Add Key Staff". This will ensure the database is populated with players and staff at all teams.
  • Playing with an advanced database is also recommended. To do this, on the league select screen, click the "Database" option in the top-right, under Approximate Player Count, then click "Advanced". Under "Nations", click the "Add" dropdown, select Europe and tick England. Tick all boxes that appear, the click OK.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 7054 / Size: 17.6 kB / Added: 2022-11-10
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Discussion: England Tier 10 - FM23 Database

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • MDW300C's avatar
    Any chance to update this for the new Match Engine 23.3.0
  • dennisknox04's avatar
    I had the same issue @Galdor 1. I had to use the Stream Workshop for my Mac and it seemed to work fine.
  • Galdor1's avatar
    Hi all,

    This sounds a great database - thank you for your hard work Sandbag. I've saved this down into the editor data folder on my Mac but it isn't appearing in game. Anyone know any fixes or anything I may be doing wrong?

  • scaleh's avatar
    Brilliant work Sandbag. Extremely impressed with the work you have done. Just a quick question though, please can you advise when you are able to offer players a part time contract? I have started off at Portishead.
  • jamie1983xxx's avatar
    Sandbag you have done an amazing job to get this out so quickly. I usually wait for Dan off twitter to get his lower league database he is another that does amazing editing for the FM community. I have your database as part of my saves now so thank you and i only wanted to point out about the promotions etc it does not bother me keep up the good work mate.
  • Sandbag's avatar
    @jamie1983xxx Hi and thanks for downloading. Just so I'm clear here, I made this over 5 to 7 hours, and its not gonna be 100% perfect but I fixed the main issues that will arise like league shrinkage and fixture congestion, discipline rules, and promotion/ relegation with promotion and relegation playoffs. The point you make is an issue I've actually brought up to SI before as all clubs in the database have a longitude and latitude however about 95% of the clubs aren't implemented in this way, and it makes sense as a realism feel to fit league structures through this method, however its additional effort on their part. This means modders like myself have to delete the whole English league and cup structure (entirely) and rebuild everything from the ground up which takes about a month to do (for every iteration of FM). I ain't doing that and I make these mods every year for myself so this year I shared it. If you want to go ahead and take this mod apart, be my guest ha:)
  • jamie1983xxx's avatar
    Sandbag amaznig job turning this round in under a week, however i ran a 3 season test and although everything works, teams get promoted and relegated into the wrong divisions, southern teams end up in northern leagues and vica versa.
  • dhaísa's avatar
    @Sandbag no problem, thanks for your hard work
  • Sandbag's avatar
    @dhaisa There is no transfer windows in the nonleagues other than between march and summer players cant be signed. It's very close to what football was like in the 90s. I can include this transfer window in my next update but I made this over 5-7 hours so it won't have every small detail.
  • dhaísa's avatar
    hello tier 7+ transfer windows are stuck at -(minus) 100. Is it a bug, or do these tiers don't have any transfer windows?
  • Slav85's avatar
    The level 7 league names are out of date, they should be The Pitching In Northern Premier League, The Pitching In Southern League Premier Central, The Pitching In Southern League Premier South and The Pitching In Isthmian League. Could you take a look when possible?
  • Benjamineyriey's avatar
    Some of the criticisms are a little hard considering how this database literally had a two day turnaround. Keep up the good work, Sandbag, excellent database.
  • vrc's avatar
    What about Isuzu FA Vase Cup? And why FA Trophy starting from second round? No FA Cup First Pre-eliminary round.
  • Jordan1993's avatar
    Just an observation I may be wrong and I hope so but the maths for tier 10 promotion don't work if its 2 promotion spots from 17 leagues into 16 leagues, am I missing something? UPDATE My apologies looked at things through the editor I see what's been done to fix the numbers
  • Stam's avatar
    @dennisknox: It's the same game on Mac, so the same addons work there too. You just need to find the correct folders to place them.
  • dennisknox04's avatar
    Is this database compatible with Mac computers??
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