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English Lower Leagues - Full Detail v0.14

Detailed English Lower League system for FM16, down to tier 10. Very early progress but playable and some teams are complete, so I'm offering it up for feedback.

By on Feb 20, 2016   21154 views   2 comments
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Downloads: 4713 / Size: 226.0 kB / Added: 2016-02-20
FM 2016 New Leagues - English Lower Leagues - Full Detail v0.14
Progress: check out the Google doc

Fully playable English league system, currently incomplete and in development.

I saw a bunch of really hastily put together databases (clubs randomly assigned into leagues, all clubs with the exact same kit, randomly generated players) so I thought I would have a go at making something more realistic.


All clubs are in the correct divisions as of the start of the 2015-2016 season, and all to tier 10 are playable. The league rules are correct as far as possible with the basic rule editor. I will need to finish creating all competitions and clubs before delving into the advanced editor for fully accurate rules.


All clubs have appropriate youth squads and academy squads and includes competitions such as the Conference Youth Alliance and others. For clubs with a total of more than 3 teams, there is a separate affiliated "Academy" sub team. These are not yet playable.


Well, you have to start somewhere. ;)


In order to keep the file size small, I'm not including the graphical assets (faces, logos, etc) just yet. These are being done alongside the editor data and will probably be released soon.


- All clubs playable in the correct divisions down to tier 12
- All squads to be club-appropriate with correct representation of reserve, U21 and U18 squads
- Full history for all clubs, as far as public records allow
- All club logos
- All kits correct
- All player faces where available
- Fully accurate cup system for all tiers


If you're the kind of person who wants to play one very long career and you very rarely restart, you should wait, since once you start a game, no future updates will be included in that saved file.

If you don't mind starting over a few times when new versions come out, there's no harm in trying this out in its current state.

Also if you want to help test the rules, the balance of the lower leagues, or anything else, trying this out and giving your feedback would be heartily appreciated!

It's very playable but most of the very low tier teams have random players and staff and inaccurate histories and finances at the moment, as well as missing logos and kits.


If you really want your local club in full detail, you can always send me a message and I will try to get it done, as long as it's tier 10 or above in the pyramid.


- Lengthened some abbreviated division names further down the pyramid because they were a little short to be useful.
- Full squad, staff and history for Alnwick (tier 10).
- Added FA Vase as playable cup with correct teams.
- Added FA Trophy as playable cup with correct teams.
- Added Southern League Cup as playable cup with correct teams.

- Added complete data for South Shields, including all players, staff and history (excluding some cup history)
- Added a bunch of extinct leagues to cover the South Shields data
- Added a few extinct or lower teams where South Shields players had history
- Added two missing divisions to tier 10, to make 17 divisions total
- All logos for clubs in tier 7, plus a few others at random, including South Shields (in required items)
- All faces for staff and players at South Shields, where possible (in required items)

- Added FA Vase First Qualifying Round history for all clubs.
- Added most players for Battersea Ironsides.

Download Now
Downloads: 4713 / Size: 226.0 kB / Added: 2016-02-20
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Discussion: English Lower Leagues - Full Detail v0.14

2 comments have been posted so far.

  • cruiseylee78's avatar
    Looks amazing. Will the Reserve and youth leagues come with promotion and relegation?
  • roronoa117's avatar
    I see a problem with FA vase, it's a same teams who play her like a FA trophy but isn't that IRL so i tell you to you can correct him, Regards
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