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European Leagues Flipped / FM21 Scenario

All playable European leagues were flipped, so the lowest division teams go into the top leagues. A custom scenario for FM 2021.

By on Dec 15, 2020   10104 views   3 comments
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Downloads: 487 / Size: 74.3 kB / Added: 2020-12-15
FM 2021 Fantasy Scenarios - European Leagues Flipped / FM21 Scenario
As the title suggests, I swapped all playable European leagues.

The teams from the lowest divisions got into that nation's top division. If there were more teams in the lower divisions, the ones with the lower reputations go into the top leagues.

Also, I replaced every single club in the Champions League, and in the Europa League with random unplayable non-league teams (even the ones from the unplayable countries), for some reason, Astana, Apoel and Qarabag stay in the Champions league, even though they were replaced by non-league teams from their countries. I don't know what causes this to happen.

B-teams were relegated below the main team, because it would cause issues if they are in a higher (or same) league as the main team, so there aren't any B-teams you can play with. They were replaced with the highest reputation teams from the lower divisions.

The big teams will still play in the cups (and probably will win them) so they will still get Europa League football.

If you find some issues with my mod, please report them, so I can try to fix them.

Thanks for using my mod :)

Here are some fun save ideas:

-Gloucester or Southport (English Premier League): The two best teams in the Premier League. You will get an insane amount of money from this, but you are still a weak Vanarama North/South team. Because the English League Pyramid has 7 leagues in the game, you will be one of the weakest sides in the Champions league. Also every year, stronger and stronger teams will get promoted. Can you lead any of these traditionally small teams to glory?

-Hungerford (English Premier League): They are the weakest side in the Premier League. Surviving is a challenge, and if you manage to do it, next season, 3 stronger teams will get promoted, so you will need to beat them to survive again. If you get relegated, you will play against better sides, so surviving in the championship will be really tough.

-Everton, Leicester, or Wolves (Vanarama north/south): They find themselves in the 7th tier of English football. You will need to beat the big 6 in the first season if you dont want to spend a lot of time in the 7th tier, while trying to keep your team together on the journey of getting back to the Prem.

-Tottenham or Arsenal (Vanarama north/south) the same thing as Everton, Leicester or Wolves, but beating Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and Man United is much easier with them.

-Zenit (Russian First division): Russia only has 2 leagues in the game. This means that if you get promoted, and you win the Russian Premier league, you will have a season without any big team in the Champions League (apart from that 1 that will probably win the Europa League). You will have 1 big challenger to beat.

-Ajax (Keuken Kampionen Divisie): Holland has only 2 leagues as well. Ajax is in the same situation as Zenit. Can you use that 1 year without the big teams, and make Holland the new powerhouse of Europe?

-Celtic or Rangers (Scottish League 2). You are in the 4th tier of the Scottish football pyramid. You will have 4 years without Champions League football (unless you somehow win the Europa League). Also, only 1 team gets automatically promoted, so if you come second, you need to play with the third and fourth placed team for that promotion spot, and these teams will be the teams from the Scottish Premiership.

-Malmö (Swedish second division North Svealand): They are in the 4th division as well. Getting promoted is much easier, because you will only have 1 team from the Swedish Premier Division to compete with. Once you get promoted to the Premier Division you will find Sweden's football in ruins, and it won't be easy to rebuild it.

-Barrow (English League one): According to a study, Barrow is the most depressed town in England. They got promoted to League 2 for the firs time in their history. Their manager left them, and they are struggling. Howewer, here, they find themselves in League 1, and they are predicted to win it. Can you get to the top, get strong enough to beat the big teams, and bring some happiness to Barrow?

-Any small team in the Italian Serie C, or Spanish Second division B.: Because the spots in the second divisions ran out, some third division teams stayed there, and now they have to compedte with teams Barcelona, or Juventus. (there are even 4th division teams in Spain that got into the third division, because I had to replace B-teams. They are a tough challenge)

-Any small team in the Swedish 4th tier.: It is even crazier than in Italy and Spain. Some of these teams are amateur teams.Also the groups have teams from the first, second and third division as well. You might win 4-0 and get beaten 9-1 the next week.

-Szeged (Hungarian Second Division): I live in Szeged, and they are my team. There is nothing interesting about them, I just include them here because of this.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 487 / Size: 74.3 kB / Added: 2020-12-15
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Discussion: European Leagues Flipped / FM21 Scenario

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • Beci1111's avatar
    I did it this way because I wanted the leagues to be somewhat the same strenght, because lot of the premier league teams are in the south of England, the Vanarama South would be a much stronger league than the North, so I won't be changing that, sorry, but if you notice any other strange things (apart from Apoel Qarabag and Astana still being in the Cl, because even the I replaced them, they are still there), please report them, and I will try to fix them.
  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    Hi just loaded up and I’m looking at the national leagues North and South and you need to sort them out lol. You have teams like Blackburn and Burnley in the south league and Southampton and Bournemouth in the north. Maybe look at the 43 clubs and pick the 21 northern teams and the 21 southern teams and split them then the extra club put in the north but make sure it’s the 22nd northern team
  • RogerF81's avatar
    This sounds like a lot of fun :D
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